Jax in Teamfight Tactics

So I was thinking of adding my favorite champ to Teamfight Tactics, and I think this is how he would be. Jax would first of all be a 5 star late game champion or a 4 star champion, he would have a unique 'passive' like Blitzcrank's 'robot' and Yasuo's 'exile'. Jax's passive would be called "Grandmaster" and it would give him a 1 armor for every 1 AD that he gets from items, and respectively 1 magic resist for every 1 AP that he gets from items. Jax's ability would be to have an enhanced longer range auto attack that does bonus magic damage once he reaches full mana, or to have every third auto attack do bonus magic damage and scale with AP. Of course, as Jax levels up, his bonus magic damage from his enhanced auto attacks would go up too. Ideas for build with Jax would be Guinsoo's, since this item lets Jax proc his third auto more, and the AP would give him more damage with the enhanced auto, and he would get magic resist to deal with the late game hypercarry magic champions. Another good build would be triple Infinity Edge since he would gain 120 AD and 120 armor, so he could just be completely amazing against a fed Draven. Obviously this could be broken, so Riot could tweak the scaling on his passive to only give him maybe half as much armor per AD. What do you guys think?

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