My ideas for additions to TFT

Here are my ideas, give me some feedback! - Synergies Toxic synergy(Teemo/Singed/Cassio/Twitch) poison damage over time from autos Mechanics(Vi/Heimer/Singed/Viktor/Urgot) Adjacent allies get damage buff or health regen maybe Summoner(Zyra/Teemo/Heimer/Yorick/Malz) Bonus health/dmg for summons Fishes(Fizz/Nami/Kench) Periodically become untargetable and regen some health - Champs Teemo(3 cost/toxic/yordle/summoner) tosses a shroom to a random empty space within 2 tiles Singed(1 cost/toxic/brawler) flips enemy to furthest corner tile Cassio(4 cost/toxic/sorcerer) enemies in a cone facing cassio get turned to stone stunning them Twitch(5 cost/toxic/ranger) after twitch ults his autos pierce though units Vi(1 or 2 cost/mech/brawler) attack hits the unit behind target Heimer(1 cost/mech/summoner) places a turret in adjacent tile Viktor(2 cost/mech/sorcerer) places gravity field on 3 tiles and stuns after short delay Urgot(2 cost/mech/brawler) doesnt have mana or auto attack but begins round with small shield and after 3-5 seconds shotgun legs on all adjacent tiles Zyra(3 cost/wild/summoner) spawns plants in adjacent tiles Yorick(4 cost/phantom/summoner) spawns ghouls in adjacent tiles which jump on enemies Malzahar(5 cost/void/summoner) spawns voidlings Fizz(4 cost/fish/assassin) calls shark to knock up and damage large area Nami(2 cost/fish/elementalist) heals lowest ally then damages an adjacent enemy then heals a different ally adjacent to the enemy hit(if no target is found then spell ends) Kench(3 cost/fish/brawler) converts percentage of damage taken to grey health when hitting 25% hp converts grey health to a shield Kaisa(3 cost/void/ranger) icathian rain damaging nearby enemies - Items Blasting wand + blasting wand = void staff(% magic penetration) + BF sword = Maw( + NLR = Spellbinder(allies in 2 tiles left and right get bonus AP) + Recurve = Nashors tooth(% of ap on hit) + Tear = Lich Bane(bonus damage on first auto after ability) + Chain vest = Zhonyas(statis for 1 second causing enemies to retarget when getting below 50%) + Null mantel = Banshee's Veil(ignores first ability targeted at unit) + Giants belt = Abyssal Mask(adjacent enemies lose magic resistance) + Spatula = Fiddle's party hat(this champ needs 1 less copy to upgrade... so 2 tier 1 units = tier 2 and 5 tier 1 for tier 3) sacrificing an item slot for an upgraded unit
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