Ranked loses all of its integrity when multi friends/club members can que for the same game.

There is an obvious way this can be used to game the system. From communicating builds and or what opponents have, to holding champs for them to later sell back, adding them to the pool once others are past hunting for them. I understand you can switch to see what others have but there isn't enough time to do this in the same way people playing as a team can and do. I even had one game in which 3 people who que'd ranked as a team just talked endless rude and hateful things in chat too whomever had what they wanted. In standard play they can play as a team but to have it in ranked just further shows it isn't skill based. Its RNG with a pinch of team play if you want an edge. I play dota underlords also and over all TFT has so much potential and i'd rather play it. It's just frustrating to deal with mechs that are easily fixed. Carousel For example is just poorly thought out system and needs to be removed. Items are the only true win condition in this game. SO you should be able to see while playing what builds into what so you know what you need and to strive for, time is short we need a easy and obvious way to allow us to make choices. Champs still afk. I understand the chess aspect and am constantly evaluating my positioning. but when Darius is in the front line doing nothing and not cc'd something is wrong .. A caster example is brand who can cast really far but stands facing the wrong way doing nothing till killed.
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