TFT Season 3 Eggs and drop rates...

This is probably not a bug i wanted to give feedback anyway. I've allready made a ticket on the support page (wich i knew couldn't really help me). They wer friendly enough and redirected me to repost here. I just spent 60€ for the series 3 little legends. i got 7 of the turtles / 10 protectors and ...... 2 hushtails , one of wich i bought out of necesity cause i only got the one from my 60 euro's... since i only bought the eggs to get the hushtails i am highly displeased about this outcome. I made a ticket on the support page wich happily redirected me here. I got the strawberry hushtail and the guaranteed one , both of who'm i dislike out of the set. Can we please get a way to "**craft**" the little legends we want , or buy them straight out. Save to say , this will be the last time that i spent money on little legends, as i just spent alot of money and am **clearly not happy **with my products... I would **happily "disenchant"** all my other little legends to get one-stars of the hushtails i wanted... For 60 euros , that doesn't seem to much to ask...? I know this might be a complaint/feedback that occures alot , but I can't understand the decisions surrounding this. I understand the concept behind the model , but I think it will have the oppisit effect once people catch on. I just thought a written feedback here might awaken you to the fact that you'll lose business in the long run like this.As I , a member/player since lol beta have allready giving up on the pricing model of little legends and will no longer be buying them. Over the years i've spent a small fortune on league , and have always been happy with my purchases , except this time. Anyways, big tft fan , and 60€'s is the price i'll pay to keep playing it. but that will be it as it stands... I Wish I Could be more optimistic about little legends and the concept as a whole. Kind regards. Ellusive PS. Ignore the many spelling mistakes that may have occured , English is my third language ^^ PSS. if me writing this down, would somehow get me a monarch/fae or eternal hushtail for my efforts , i'd greatly appreciate it :p
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