The worst comp I’ve ever faced

Honestly the person who thought of this was a genius and I’m mad that I didn't have the braincells to come up with it first. They were running a full yordle comp which is fine whatever. No big deal. It’s pretty common to see. Nobody else in our game was running yordles so they got the pick of the bunch. Well while I was busy slapping everyone to death with a brawler/demon/blademaster comp, they 3starred their Veigar and gave him shojin + hextech. For those of y’all that don’t know, Veigar ults for like 20k damage on enemy champs with a star level under his. Just some quick math, that’s like a 6600hp heal off his ult. Which he almost always had up, because of a zekes next to him also giving him bonus attack speed. We were the last two in the game and I had no three stars from resetting my comp to blademaster w/ a draven carry. And y’all no matter what I did this lil Veigar would not die. I fought this person like 6 times at the end of the game. I was at 90+ health when we hit the last two in the game and they had like 20ish. I lost it all. Their comp positioning was like impossible to break thru because the yordle passive kept my draven from getting red buff on the Veigar because the frontline just wouldn’t die (thanks to that miss %). And this person, the Einstein of tft, positioned to make it impossible to get a blitz hook onto Veigar either. I’m honestly not mad that I got second that game because honestly that comp was just such big brain and I wanted to share it with y’all if you wanted something different to run (this was my first time seeing a hex/shojin Veigar so I don’t think it’s meta?) And if the person who beat me in this particular game is reading this, gg friend. You earned that lp and my respect.

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