More Viable Early Game Comps Needed

There should be around 5 early good comps (5 champ) which are roughly equal. I shouldn't feel like I'm disadvantaged because I have to play Ornn, Braum, Voli, Ren, Jax for warden, berserker comp instead of the woodland, mage comp. Currently, I see much lacking in early game comps. Inferno requires 3 for a buff, but has no front line melee, and the classes of these units do not link to front line melee. If you start off with a comp connected to inferno you're guaranteed to have to rush to higher champion capacity in early game to get a front line comp working, and you give up ground on those who are int'ing. When starting a game off on the wrong foot like that, it's best not to bother. You could potentially do a disconnected synergy in 2 wardens to help the build up, but with better game design this disconnected synergy wouldn't be necessary. 3 Inferno early is not viable when compared to other synergies, so why is it in the game? 2 warden should be dominant if this is intentional, but they're not, a comp not worth trying. Other early comps suffer under this issue of no front line, though they may not be as obvious in summoners. The synergies which are available are either not early game or not front line. Why have a 1 cost summoner when the synergy requires 3, and none of the others link to a element that is front line? Again, you're at a disadvantage losing HP when you need to be int'ing, not spending on rolling for front line and trying to level up for more capacity. Comps that have a very easy early game should maybe have it harder in late game, but that is not the case. Woodland through LeBlanc is easy to go assassin or mage, and right now one of the most powerful units in the game is Zed and Kha'zix is also very powerful. Mage is probably one of the most sought after comps in the game right now, especially in late game with elements like ocean, inferno and shadow to boost it. Woodland comps have a great advantage. There aren't that many early game elements and classes to have some not viable synergies, and this congests the more viable synergies. An easy way to relieve these shortcoming of comps is to make it easy to reach 6 unit capacity in order to allow for more creativity in comps, and this would make ranged 3 champ synergy more viable because it's less difficult to manage something like 2 wardens without having the synergy disconnected. This would also help to lessen the strength of early game comps like woodland/druid because the few good early comp units would be more easily overwhelmed. To have 3 cost units become available earlier is also something that could work well with lowering the level cost because an imbalanced early game synergy would be less detrimental to your health levels and making early game synergies less impactful to the overall game. The mid-game comp can be migrated to only once these cost 3 units are 2 starred often, as the 1 star is considered outmatched. To lower the cost of 6 capacity while not raising the drop rates of 3 cost champs may put an abnormal emphasis on 1 and 2 cost champions. I think the congestion on the best early game comps will become apparent during this patch, and guide many to the same middle and end game comps harming creativity. I like this new set's mid and late game comp choices, but I think the early game when you have the least number of choices is painfully lacking.

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