TFT game bonus requirements

I understand some of the bonus requirements because they make sense, like having 20 brawlers or hex champs over the course of a few games. But only getting 100 points for 10 games and those 10 games being the last bonus is extremely lame. Here's what happens, when you're playing generally you get all 3 bonuses, you get your champs, you get your few games played and you get a set bonus. However after you finish all those games you having to do 10 extra games for only 100 points is just a waste of time, each game averages around 30min and if you're doing those games you can't play a regular game which also has bonuses so now you're having to pick between 100 points or bonuses that benefit your overall champs. Bottom line if you're going to make a certain amount of games played as a last bonus make it a maximum of 4, don't make it 10, that's overkill and an extreme waste of time.
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