Teamfight Tactics' ranked update... Are they for real? Like... REALLY?

Teamfight Tactics' ranked update
Hey Everyone, Teamfight Tactics' ranked system has been out for a little while now, and we're taking stock and make a few tuning adjustments.
> In general, we’re **happy with how ranked TFT is working**, but a couple inconsistencies have made it a little more **forgiving** than we intended, so we're making a few changes Wait what?! Forgiving?! WTF are you talking about?! You're telling me that spending hours grinding ranked and finally gaining 75 LP after playing 5 games only to lose it all in just **ONE** loss, where I had a bad game and placed 8th, is intended? You're telling me that ruining and nullifying the whole progression of a day worth of grinding, by losing once or twice at 8th/7th place, is how you want the ranked system to work, hein?! Are these guys for real?! Did these guys even listen or even consider paying attention to the whole freaking community feedback?! Literally 100% of the community thinks the ranked system sucks in TFT and Riot is like: > In general, we’re **happy with how ranked TFT is working** HOLY MACARONI, man! _**GODDAMN**_! {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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