Just Some Quality of Life Things

I was just wondering if, in TFT, we could change the nameplate colors to reflect the ones that we have in regular League. The biggest issue I have with it right now is the Shared Draft rounds. I know that my personal circle is yellow/gold, but I end up always thinking that I'm the yellow nameplate(I use colorblind mode). I'm not sure the current reason for having the nameplate colors as they are, but being able to quickly ID myself would be tremendously easier with this small change. Additionally, having the platform camera rotation keybindings be the number pad 1-9 would be just another small thing to quickly navigate through the ongoing battles. As of now, when two people are fighting on Position 7, and I'm fighting on Position 3, I have to keep looking at all of the empty Positions until I land on Position 7 using the current clockwise/counterclockwise method. Very fun, and refreshing game though! Look forward to everything to come! :) <3 Brewskiee

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