Force of Nature is way too OP

Literally who ever gets 2 spatulas early and sets up a Force of Nature gets a MASSIVE lead late game with 1 extra hero then add that with elemental bonus and they don't even have to try... So stupid needs a nerf. Especially since getting the exp to level past 7 is ridiculous since the exp progression is at a point where it pretty much caps off and becomes a massive grindfest to get to the next level and unless you have Force of Nature or elemental bonus getting extra units is almost impossible. The only way you survive these later rounds is if your opponents are stupid and/or you get super lucky on reloads. People just get lucky on the carousel with the spatula or lose early on purpose to secure a spatula (though that's risky since you might not survive later rounds from being low or no gold bonus) and can stomp you without trying since they can then spend their gold leveling up there champs instead of using it for exp while you wasting your gold on exp to get the same number of units in as them.
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