LP loss for getting 8th place

I am in plat2, and when I play solo queue in TFT, I lose 60lp for getting 8th place. I don't know why anyone would need to face that severe of a punishment (losing 60lp) for losing one single game. That's like putting someone who's at more than half way towards a higher division, back into a position facing demotion. I highly doubt one single game can represent a player's skill level to that much of an extent. Also, most people worked really hard for 60lp, unless him/her is constantly getting first/second place. As of me, I only get 17lp for getting 3rd place. So if I get 3rd place 4 times in a row and get 8th place in a single game I would be facing demotion. I believe any player who can get 3rd place 4 times in a row is qualified for the rank he/she is at. And I feel the LP gain/loss system needs to be improved.
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