I do not think the future is bright for this mode. Riot's philosophy for it is not reassuring.

The development so far of Teamfight Tactics has led me to believe that riot does not want to make a good, strategy based game. I believe they want to make a mostly RNG based game that incentivizes playing enormous amounts of games instead of playing a smaller amount of quality games. #The RNG. Yes, TFT is an RNG based gamemode. You cannot remove RNG from it, but it is also not entirely based upon RNG. Being able to create an intelligent team composition, position your team effectively, create the best items, etc. is VITAL to winning games. But far too much of the game is based entirely upon random chance. CHAMPIONS: RNG for champions in unavoidable because it is the basis for the gamemode. I have no problem with the current system for getting champions. ITEMS: The difference in items is often the difference between who wins. Someone who has 3 items will always win vs someone who has 1 item, barring any weird external factors such as teamcomp countering or poorly managed economies. There is no way to play around a lack of items except hope that what little you do have will be enough. The most annoying part is that it's SO EASY to fix. All riot has to do is guarantee everyone gets the same amount of drops from creep waves. Nothing else. Everyone does not have to get the same items (that would be ridiculous), but they do need to get the same amount. But instead of fixing it by giving items more consistently, they make it WORSE. Instead of giving a consistent prize for having shitty luck, they instead change it so that there is MORE RNG! Now you get anywhere from 0-3 gold! Not only is this a negligible amount of gold, it is still possible for your to get JACK SHIT while your buddy gets 3 components! PIRATES: 0-4 gold is ridiculous. I had a game where I went 10 rounds without getting any gold. I know it's not "true" RNG if it is controlled to give a more consistent experience, but consistent experiences are required if one wants to create a strategy-based game. Even just having it be "1-3 gold" or increase the chance of getting 4 gold after getting a string of 0 gold rolls would make thing so much better. Twisted Fate: The first new champion being released by riot including an RNG mechanic is extremely telling. They do not want to create consistent games, they want to create games that are different. EDIT: RNG IN DECIDING WHO FIGHTS WHO: This is the most ridiculous part. You would think that riot would implement some kind of round-robin system where everyone fights everyone one after another, but that is not the system we have. Right now you can face the top player repeatedly, or never fight a player once for an entire game. It's absurd. #Encouraging lots of games QUESTS: They really aren't even trying with the quests. "Play X amount of games past round 20" is ridiculously low effort and extremely boring. Making it so that you are unable to do more quests until you are done with one that forces you to do nothing but play more games feels terrible. I know that it is all free shit and has no impact on gameplay, but it is extremely low effort and feels terrible for the player. RANKED: The fact that ranked is being released this soon after TFT launch and while TFT is still in this state is extremely telling. They are not focused on creating quality games, they are focused on encouraging playing more games. TFT is not ready for ranked. 1. No match history. This is truly ridiculous. Being unable to look at past games is just...absurd. 2. Extremely buggy. 3. Heavily RNG based (yes, skill can still be judged over a larger number of games, but the point is that players need to play more to climb) --- I like TFT, I really do, but it is not a gamemode that is ready for ranked. It is not a gamemode worth spending money on. It is not a gamemode that is on the correct trajectory, but I do not think it will ever get on the correct trajectory. Over the years I've felt riot's design philosophy shift from "we are going to create a strategic game that requires skill to win" to "we are going to create a fun game where anyone can be a hero." I don't have any hard evidence of it for SR, but it's just a feeling I have gotten over the years. I don't like this shift. I especially don't like this shift in relation to TFT.
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