Idea for hextech change.

so hextech was build to counter players, who have a lot of items. but as it goes well, it just doesnt work! does it? because you can have tons of items while ur enemy have 1 item, and the less items you'r opponenet has the more effective hextech are. now if riot trully want hextech to be effective maybe Go for a fix. 2 champions: Enemies who have greater number of items than you. get items dissabled so it matches you'r current item count. A.k.a you got 1 item, they got 3, they are down to 1. with that fix Hextech actually are anti more item team. the more items you are using? the less effective ur buff is. and maybe the improved version. Max slots of items per champion are limited to you'r max items on champions. so if you stack 2 items on champion and enemy got 3 on Draven. draven losses one item for that round (by random). Surely it less broken and less unfair, for a weak build. and it can be much better played around for you'r own team. maybe even too broken? but then again we can add the for 8 seconds or something.

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