Ideas to balance hextech

Instead of asking to remove hextech like so many posts, I thought of making a thread about how hextech could become balanced, so maybe a rioter could see this and be inspired, so here goes. Here is a list of changes that could be made (pick one) 1. Make it so hextech only disables the passive of items for 8 secs and leave the stat buffs as they are. 2. Lower disable time to 4 to 6 seconds, would require to test though. 3. Make it so hextech also hit one of their own items, but instead of making the area larger at 4 hextech, make it so you don't hit one of your own. 4. First buff hits only 1 champ, then at 4 you could hit more, like it is right now at first buff What do you think? Any other ideas you guys could have?
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