What comps do you prefer in plat+ games?

The comp I used to climb up to plat seems to be doing poorly in this ranked group. I’m assuming it’s because I’m not playing against people from iron-plat at this point and I have to actually use brain cells to do well, but lord knows I don’t have many of those to spare lol. I was building relatively the same comp every game and always hitting top 4, normally 1-2 regardless of item build (ideally I’d itemize the rangers but sometimes you don’t get what you want and that’s fine, gotta make it work) It was the following comp: 4 ranger (Ashe kindred Vayne Varus) 3 noble (Leona Vayne Garen/Kayle) 2 knight (Garen/Kayle Mordekaiser) 2 guardian (Leona Braum) 2 glacial (Braum Ashe) I liked this build because I didn’t have to rely on getting Kayle to get the full build, since Garen would just be swapped out for her anyway. But it doesn’t seem to be as viable at this tier, from the couple games I tried last night. I’m just curious what others in plat+ like to run so I can get some new ideas and test them out later today.
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