It would be great to be able to surrender from the start, at least in normal.

For some reasons I have ridiculous lagspikes only in TFT. Even though I updated my drivers, used the Hextech Repair Tool and checked my internet numerous times, it still happens. Rather than waste my time "playing" TFT in a way that just doesn't give me any pleasure or satisfaction, I'd rather play regular league. Except I can't use the surrender option before 10 minutes. And leaving the game only gives me an option to reconnect. Essentially I'm stuck, forced to wait for the 10 minutes to happen before I can actually leave the TFT game and get full control of my account again. I mean, I understand why it's designed like that, it's to avoid people ruining the gameplay experience by constantly leaving whenever they have a poor start, but in normal, you don't win nor you lose anything when you surrender. In the meantime, my account is held hostage by the server and I can't do anything with it.
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