Why is Riot giving a single, True damage Synergy 3 Assassins?

It's recently and noticeably been discovered that {{champion:38}} is best at being an assassin of all general champs due to his ease of 3 star, and AD growth. So....... why is Riot making our next unit {{champion:145}} ? Ranger Assassin VOID Riot just basically introduced our first Duo synergy Trio, and not only that, they scale off each other (Void on True damage can still Crit) {{champion:38}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:421}} are almost ALL capable of being assassins, and are a solid team on their own. Add in at least 2 more Brawlers, ({{champion:106}} {{champion:254}} ) + a random like {{champion:222}} and you basically have a True damage team with both tankiness, Crit rate, and zone control. Why is Riot doing this? #PS In the same PBE, Riot is making 3 Star Mordekaiser's skill 850 Base AP damage? WTF? That makes him almost Aatrox level damage at a 1 Tier! He was 450 base. Almost a 100% increase in damage..... Never mind that Kai Sa ALSO fits into the Phantom/Ranger/Knight build.....
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