Treating TFT like Nexus Blitz

As alot of us know the new team fight tactics has everyone extremely excited. The game mode is extremely fun and I can see it becoming a huge thing for Riot. What I can not excuse is having to wait 24 hours in order to play this game. Log in queues are making this brand new game mode so far away for alot of us who dont want to leave their computers running for days on end. The PBE is a great place to try out new balance changes and get first looks at new champions/skins/reworks but having a whole brand new GAME locked under one server world wide is unacceptable. My advice to riot is to put this on the main client as is and mark it as an "In Progress Game Mode" so that way all 9 servers wont be cramming into one just to play it. more people will be able to play, and give their feedback on how to make the game more fun and enjoyable. sorta how they did with nexus blitz. I'm unsure of how this would effect league at large. Or how the main League client would run with it. However I, like many other players would enjoy this. This is not complaining about the wait time this is offering a solution for it considering how popular it got and how fast it happened, with how quickly its growing in popularity, the last thing I want to see is interest in the game like what happened with clash. If the Servers can't take the load of players then people will lose interest. I could honestly see this having a mobile port like how hearthstone is also a mobile game. Thank for reading <3
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