Overpowered Units and Broken Items

*UNITS* Kassadin: This unit drains mana on attack (passive demon buff but even stronger bc it has 100% success rate) AND a shield that regenerates after every attack. Either nerf the crap out of this unit or change Kassadin into a tier4 or tier5 unit to reflect how incredibly strong this unit is. Lulu: The ability to heal through red buff is incredibly overpowered. I know, I know, you're going to say "its not a heal". But anything that increases health is a heal. That's what "heal" means. Again, either nerf the crap out of this unit or change it to a tier4 or tier5 unit to reflect its strength. Karthus: Even without any items, Karthus can one shot an entire team. Even at tier5, this is too strong bc it doesn't act in a line or a cone. It can't be dodged without items. Nidalee: This unit doesn't just heal once when it ults. Nidalee constantly heals with every attack. This is too strong for a tier1 unit. Anivia: This unit creates a GIANT aoe that deals dmg, slows attack speed, procs glacial, AND it doesn't go away when Anivia dies. Every other ult from every other unit cancels/disappears when the unit dies, but somehow Anivia gets to be an exception? Why? Aatrox: Ludicrous damage over a huge aoe that also heals based on the damage dealt... Literally one shots most units. What was Riot thinking? This should be a tier5 unit if it stays the way it is. Shen: Why give it a nearly full mana bar at the start? It already blocks ALL attacks (autos and abilities) and he can move while its activated. This should clearly be a tier5 unit as well. Sejuani: By far the largest aoe in the game. It freezes basically the entire board for several seconds. This is definitely worthy of {EDIT} tier5 *ITEMS* _ *Static Shiv* : Everyone knows how important this item is. Not even Braum's ult can block a static shiv proc. If this item stays in the game the way it is, at least prevent it from stacking._ _ *Ionic Spark* : Possibly the most powerful item in the entire game. Even though it doesn't stack, it completely counters too many units/builds completely with just a single item._ _ *Sword Breaker* : A 25% chance to render a champion motionless for several seconds is absurd. That's even better than level1 glacial proc chance._
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