Collecting the orb

So, it sucks just a bit because the only way you have the ability to collect the xp orb for beta is to play a game or many games.. then you see the thing there w/ the orb. Odd thing is, one day i was able to claim after playing a game and queuing for another and finishing that. Played like 4-5 games over 2 days and haven't been able to claim it again. I k now it said something about earning up to 5 games in a day or something but hoping that isn't the req. now because I'm not even going to try pretending I have time for 5 tft games a day. Also, is there any other way to claim/click this thing. During the beta pass it was nice because you could actually go in and claim the orb daily. You could check and see how much time until it refreshed/reset. Maybe this will just suck until the TFT tab comes back. Wanted to see if there is another way though to check/claim it w/o having to play multiple games.
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