Bragging about your Rank in TFT is irrelevant

TFT Ranked is a broken Game Mode. And it's pretty simple to understand why. **TFT IS DESCRIBED AS A FREE-FOR-ALL GAME MODE** - Ranked games are meant to calculate player skill based on the game's parameters. - Parties are in direct conflict with a "Free-For-All" platform, because it allows players to choose opponents - Allowing players to select their opponents undermines the competition, therefore it undermines the grading system in a competitive ranked game **A LOBBY OF 8 PLAYERS DOESN'T MAXIMIZE PARTY SIZE FOR EACH TEAM** - It's simple really, 8 isn't divisible by 3. The fewest amount of parties allowed in a single game is 3, where one party is one player short. (Team A: 3, Team B: 3, Team C: 2) - The winning strategy means being a part of a 3-Player squad. So if **EVERYONE** plays to win, then **NOBODY** plays because there are no solo queue or duo partners willing to fill the slots. **BOOSTING** - Boosting is made easy, if 2 party members agree to throw the game they can guarantee a win for their friend: - The 2 Friends use their purchasing power to buy up all the 1G and 2G champions the 3rd friend doesn't need - This depletes the pool for the other 5 Players - The 2 Friends gain more income based on the Loss bonus, and spend gold on any 1G or 2G Champions the 3rd friend doesn't need - The 2 Friends lose, but by the time they do the 3rd Friend has a huge advantage over the other 5 Players because the other 5 Players were trying to spend Gold on Champions they needed but couldn't find while 2 players were buying champions they found but didn't need **THE GAME MODE IS UNREFINED** - The game just came out, it's obviously going to be bugged - Updates being made to the mode in the middle of player Provisionals - Complete lack of balance leading to restricted gameplay **IN SHORT, TO CONCLUDE** Your rank in TFT is a joke. The game mode is completely unrefined, and poorly administered. Boosting is simple. And games are won because of program bugs where Champions conveniently stop moving or attacking. When Riot resets everyone's MMR to ZERO and disable parties in Ranked then, and ONLY then, will your rank actually mean anything. Until then. It's a joke. It's a joke that you actually think you're good at a game that doesn't actually measure skill.
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