How Greedy Does Riot Seem After Their Little Legends Gambling Offers (Vote Scale)!?

The Little Legends do nothing for the game itself, and are purely just for looks. They are merely just companions and don't do anything besides be expressive on the screen. Something like this should have an option to buy with Blue Essence in game loot as well, so the fact they cost purely only RP (Riot Points), is nothing but absurd despicable greed! Not to mention that they cost around 700 RP at the least, which is absolutely ridiculous! The greed from Riot here is very real, and I advise pushing back, either waiting for Blue Essence in game loot to be an option for these Little "Greedy Useless" Legends, or at the very least, they cost much less RP. I advise the cost of Little Legends be dropped to around a Hextech Key cost, so about 150 RP or even less than that since they don't do much for the gameplay experience. So if not 150 RP, perhaps 50 RP, which is enough to buy a skin shard with in game event tokens. A final option would be to throw in some Champion skins with the cost of the Little Legends Bundle, and actual champion shards to activate for champion ownership. These are the options if Riot wants more buyers, more Legendary finds from having cheaper costs, and more interest in what the game mode can offer. For now, I will stick to buying champion skins, since at least I know I get what I want, and there are quite a few skins I will get, but since Little Legends is a gamble, I will not buy any until it's at least reasonably fixed! {{sticker:garen-swing}} To further backup my claim, players have had to spend around $200 or more just to get their preferred Legendary Little Legend (which is posted in the Link above as proof). So if spending $200 for something that does less than a Free Poke'mon is not greedy or absurd to you, then you have a slight problem accepting the truth here, because it is greedy and unnecessary by "definition," and overall proven statistics. Not to mention the UK just had a Court trial against EA to ban Loot Box gambling in their country for greedy gambling tactics, so it's at the very least "quite greedy" if we're going to be honest without trolling. but I don't expect a vote to be without trolling votes either. Afterall, this isn't a serious court case, so we don't need lawyers anyways to make our point clear for this. At the end of the day, I don't mind what is decided, it's not my company or project. Finally...we still can't deny the fact that Champion skins are more useful for the game than the Little Legends that do nothing for the players during gameplay, and thus have no reason to cost more than the Champion skins, nor a Hextech Chest which can provide more than a Little Legend can! Let alone the fact the Champions can be bought with Blue Essence, with the option to buy skins after owning the champ, and you are guaranteed the champion skin you want with real money, whereas Little Legends it is a gamble. The Little Legends cost clearly absurd at the least if we're using logic overall. (This is where the fans of League of Legends are, so having a vote as a newcomer can lead to trolling the truth, therefore just telling how it is by statistical facts does the same as a vote that would be based on actual facts without trolling, so there is no need for a vote at this point since we already know the long as there's proof, denying the truth won't rule as true.)
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