TFT PBE Patch 9.15 Thoughts

Straight into it, first and most important thing I wanna mention is the Knight rework has made Knights too strong, it definitely feels like if you don't build knights you lose (also indirectly buffing Kayle, who is already strong enough as it is) I like the change to Void, however due to the types of void champions with have right now (Kassadin, Kha'zix, Rek'sai, Cho'Gath) doing true damage really isn't as good as it sounds, I feel like with so much armor and damage reduction being spread around, void should be a more clear-cut counter, rather than giving true damage to 3 frontlines and 1 inherently weak assassin. I Like the Noble change, however I am afraid that 6 Nobles will become wayyy too scary with armor AND magic resist within their synergy buff. They are literally Exodia, you can't win, Knights/Guardians on top of that is just overkill. These are the only changes I have experimented with so far, but will continue to try out the other changes.

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