Anyone know if there's any hidden mechanics to TFT?

It just feels like I don't have access to info on enough mechanics to play it consistently. Like is the rpg for champs just bonkers, or is there something its tailoring towards? Is there a limited number of a certain champion? Does it change the generation based on what I already have? How does the rng for items work? Is it straight rng whether I get 1 item versus three? Does it change if based on my health? My clear speed? The rng is so unpredictable in this game, and in a sense that's fine, but the rng shouldn't be swinging the game this much. I shouldn't have to worry about getting way less items than my opponents. I shouldn't start the game trying to make a team out of Garen and Darius, only to never see more than two the whole game after rerolling 10+times. I shouldn't see gnar 6 times before I see a 3rd Garen. Either there's some mechanics that need to be made clear, or the rng needs to be tuned, a lot.
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