The last Patch in a nutshell:

[img][/img] I remember when...... you had to choose between having a large team, a decent econ, and 3 star champions. Aparrently, no econ people can do this now. Some background of this game: 1) The 3 Star Veigar was not a late game development. He had it by the end of Round 3. He also had the 3 Star Lulu..... meaning he had 0 econ, and considering the coin cost of just buying them, he SHOULD have been struggling to populate his levels. 2) I had almost perfect econ. Meaning..... I: -Started Pirate -Lost 2-6 HP a round in loss rounds (early) -Had 50 Gold by Krugs -Spent most of the entire game at 62-68 Coins after a win -Had Early Leonas -Had Early Kayle who immediately got promoted to 2 Star BUT came with a {{item:3094}} that I couldn't put on Lucian or Jinx, who also had a {{item:3161}} -Had Hush -Had Red Buff -Had Sword Breaker -GA Pantheon -Lucian was Sorcerer/Ludens/Red Buff ------------------------------------------------- But hey...... a no econ management player who spends the entire game at less than 10 gold can get 4-5 3 Star Yordles/Shapeshifters and can stomp all that effort. (I also had 6 Kayles) Who wins TFT now? It's the person who gets 5-4 3 stars for mismanaging their play.
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