I honestly do not believe that TFT is ready for a Ranked Queue in its current state.

I've played TFT since the first day of its release on PBE. A few weeks back I posted [some balance&QOL suggestions](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/teamfight-tactics/1qE6B9qm-balanceqol-suggestions) I've seen the recent changes on PBE and am pleased with most of them, however I still believe that TFT, in its current state, is, for lack of better word, a complete fuckfest. Here are my reasons why I believe the Ranked Queue for TFT should not be deployed with 9.14 but delayed until the issues are fixed. ********** - **This mode needs a Tutorial.** If you've never played AutoChess or anything similar, like me, the game is very NOT intuitive and poorly explained. Tips on the loading screen are not helpful when you can only ever see one. The new tutorial for League of Legends is very nice, explains the fundamentals very well and lets you learn at your pace (rather than making you build Thornmail on Ashe). I believe an in-client tutorial is needed for TFT as well for people who are not familiar with the game genre. A newbie might not understand how to build items, the way interest works, what to do with the carousel, etc. There is a lot that is not properly explained within the game and I believe a tutorial would greatly help. - **The game itself lacks too much information.** While I appreciate the clarity update that was released on PBE with champion stats, damage graph etc, there is still a lot that should be clarified (among bug fixes - when I tested the new features on PBE the damage graph was only working half the time, but perhaps that's been fixed already, hopefully). For example, a lot of skill and item descriptions are vague at best ("low chance to do X", why don't you just give me the percentage chance? "damage increased against low health enemies", what is considered "low health"?) and missing information (red buff on live doesn't say it prevents healing although it's written on PBE). A lot of the game mechanics are also unclear, such as AP/spell damage - is it the same? Why do some champions start with their mana bar half filled? Do all champions have an equal chance to crit? Do all spells do magic damage? <- apparently yes, but how am I meant to know that when the game literally shows me no indication of that? There is just so little explanation to the champion mechanics in this game. - **The game is in cruel need of many, many bugfixes and QOL updates.** No mention to the FON/hex bug that was plaguing PBE since I've heard it's been fixed, but there are still a lot of bugs found (on live at least, I don't know if those were fixed on PBE), including but not limited to: -- units dying while in Kindred ult; -- units stopping attacking randomly; -- units disappearing at the end of a round and getting replaced by one that's on your bench, only to come back to the game the round after; -- units being locked from purchase in the shop for no reason... Some QOL updates both in-game and out of game are also needed, such as: -- a match history; -- a fix on lobbies (open parties are constantly reverted to closed parties, and clicking "play again" does not put you back in the same lobby as the people you were premade with); -- having your own board highlighted on the minimap so you can see where you are at a glance during the carousel; -- or moving people out of the carousel once they've taken their champion (blocking people out of champions should not be considered "strategy). I appreciate the QOL updates that I've seen on PBE such as being able to see item recipes from inventory, but I believe there is more to be added. - **The game is in cruel need of many, many BALANCE CHANGES.** Spear of Shojin is overpowered, Guinsoo's Rageblade is overpowered, Phantom Dancer is overpowered, Garen is overpowered, Kassadin is overpowered, Noble buff is overpowered, some champions just feel useless (nobody builds Rek'Sai unless they want an early Void buff, and then they remove her to put Cho'Gath in anyway), some classes just feel underwhelming (Brawlers? Knights? Prates should guarantee at least 1 gold per round imo). Item RNG is disgusting, although I've seen improvements on PBE -- guaranteed items on PvE rounds is exactly what balance should look like, but I've heard that this was replaced by getting gold or XP if no items were dropped? This is honestly a step back... ********** I cannot think of more points as of right now but I believe balance is the main point of why TFT should not be getting a Ranked Queue yet. I'm not against the idea entirely, I believe it can be great but it is definitely too early in time for it. Thanks for reading :)
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