Combination of Items/Champs that are secretly OP

Just wanted to ask this because since I've been playing TFT Ranked over the past few days I've noticed a lot of Changes to what ppl are building on champs and why. Personally I've been playing a lot of Twisted Fate ADC (RFC + Anything that Either gives CC or DMG or Red Buff) and since he does so well with Sorcerer's and getting them going with Blue Card it's taken a lot of Pressure off getting Tear's for all of em. 1) TF ADC (RFC + Anything) I've ran into Red Buff A LOT! Like there are some champs where this feels so oppressive Red Buff Voli + RFC is so insane and I have ran into it 3 of the last 4 games What are some Item + Champ Combinations that work really well for you that maybe ppl don't know about?
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