TFT Suggestion - Ranked LP Loss

Hello, A couple of suggestions related to ranked LP Loss: 1. A player shouldn't lose LP for losing in a match where everyone is ranked higher than they are. This seems expected and doesn't mean that they are a lower rank. 2. The LP calculation should take into account how "Close" the game is. If multiple people are eliminated the same round they should get the same rank. (They should tie for the highest rank) I played a game where I was the lowest ranked, and it was a very close game. Most people had 3-8 HP near the end when I was eliminated. I finished 6th however 3 people were eliminated in the same round as me. I lost LP afterward. I could have very easily been 4th since the 4th place person was also eliminated in the same round as me. (Not sure how the game decides the place when multiple people are eliminated in the same round.) I think that all of us that were eliminated in the same round should have tied for 4th place and that the LP calculation should have been based on that. It was a very close game which implies that we all performed similarly. Also, since I was the lowest ranked and placed above two people that were one or two tiers above me it seems odd that I would lose LP since it seems that I performed better than my current raking would imply. Thanks.
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