Wuks (NA)
: Gold, you'll get the highest rank reflected, as far as I'm aware.
Hi! Thanx for help. After I read your reply, I managed to find a friend who is Plat in solo and Dia in 5v5 flex, and asked him about this. He confirmed his rank-specific merch is for Diamond. However, while the highest Rank on my accounts is in 3v3, I instead get gear for my lower solo Rank instead. I guess I can't help but send a ticket and ask directly about this. Thank you very much!
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Gunspire (EUW)
: Make all 2019 prestige skins Availble for 100 prestige points at the end of 2019
I still wonder, why didn't they advertise the skin on the client, before its release or at the start of the event? (not just mention - I mean advertise) So that a lot more people notice it. It is true it was mentioned somewhere in the pass, but if you notice, it was not mentioned as the LV skin. On top of that, for such a unique skin, someone would expect a lot more hype on their part, as it is expected for popular skins to draw attention and make some cash. I don't know, but it doesn't make any sense to keep such a product somewhat a secret, up to the very last moment, and then complicate things even further by tying it to a demanding way of purchase, which was already on its way to expire. A lot of people, however, stated that Riot had already promised a Prestige Qiyana skin to be released after Riven's, in the same pass. Probably meaning it would be a skin you had to grind for, which was one more important reason to get the specific Pass. https://www.washingtonpost.com/video-games/2019/10/29/this-is-what-louis-vuitton-looks-like-league-legends/ > “The cuts, the patterns, that was all brought to the table by Louis Vuitton,” Seth Haak, League of Legends art director on skins, told The Washington Post. “It was really a dream collaboration. Worst-case scenario, we just put the logo on them and it turns into a NASCAR-type deal. But they came to us, and the collaboration was really good.” I can only speculate: But I don't believe Riot wanted to let a lot of people down. For reasons I will not explain here, the above article, made me think that there's a slight possibility, that something went wrong which led to this bad situation, where the skin ended up being unavailable for a lot of people. I really hope this is the case, to be honest. I don't want to believe that something shady was going on. I think this was some kind of really bad planning/coordination/delay. I don't know who's at fault or if that's even the case. It really depends on how much faith you have in Riot. As I see it, unfortunately, it's not something easy for them to solve right now, as the skin was designed by another company (meaning no possible alterations for future special releases on their part, as they did with Pax Sivir or Championship Riven) and it would undermine the value of the Wold Pass and their commitment on their exclusive products in general, if they would now change their mind and release it in some other way. Which could explain the recent Prestige Updates https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/features/prestige-updates as they actually remove a lot of limitations they currently have. That being said, if that's the case (that I really hope so), mistakes happen. And if the intention is good, I really don't want to focus on the negatives, but rather, I want to say that their collab resulted in an **outstanding** piece of art, and I want to encourage them, so I will be able to see much more like these in the future.
Stupafly (NA)
: Unpopular opinion: Its stupid to let people get both skins without a lot of grinding. I mean they are a company trying to make money, if they made their most sought after skins for this event both obtainable by casual play then they are hurting their own bottom line. I personally don't think people are entitled to the skins.
Of course, they are entitled to the skins: They are not trophies like the Victorious skins, they are products created for profit and to meet market demand.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kappa,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=pBIciuMM,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2019-11-11T07:35:04.572+0000) > > i got the Riven skin and then they release the Qiyana skin right after i wish i could refund because i dont this getting 2k tokens in 8 days is possible... im currently grinding 12 hours of tft a day, just surr@10 and reset, you can do it at school/work because its really only like 5 clicks every 10 minutes. gl u prob gotta do 15 hours tho
But is says > In TFT, you must be in a match for at least 15 minutes to earn token rewards. Plus, can you really go afk in TFT without a warning like in SR?
Terozu (NA)
: Ummm yes. Yes I did. Most board goers should have since we had Rioters talking about it. I didn't care about LV. But once I actually saw the skin, it looks sick.
What do you mean we had Rioters talking about it? Where? Couldn't find any information about it, before the one we had on 29-30th of October. > I didn't care about LV. But once I actually saw the skin, it looks sick. Of course an LV skin would look sick. That's why I was looking for info especially about the collab.
Terozu (NA)
: I spent all my tokens because I didn't realise how much id like the prestige version. But I knew full well it was coming, I should've waited.
Did you know it would be the LV one? Because I think this definitely wasn't mentioned anywhere.
: Qiyana prestige skin costs world tokens
I wrote that on EU forums, I'll repeat it here because I do not understand it. There are a lot of people who write that they wanted that skin but they missed it. Since there is so much demand, and the event has not yet ended, why don't they extend the pass? Like, give it two or three more weeks, so that all these people buy the pass or play and get the points required. If they're afraid that there will be those who will take advantage of the situation, and will end up unlocking everything without spending more, they could just create a second ticket which would serve as a paid extension to the event. I mean, there are a lot who say they want it but they did not know. And it's not about an event that happened in the past. It's happening right now. There is demand for it right now - I don't get it.
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