xWARx (NA)
: Revert Aatrox
Yes revert Aatrox also revert > ASol Malzahar Zyra
He should be able to use knife to deal dmg. because he dont deal any dmg. lux with 3 items do more dmg than malza with 6 :D
xelaker (NA)
: oh no a champ that can't 100-0 someone at lvl 2! Change him!!!!!
he cant even 100-0 at 6lv :D when you have 3 or 4 items then he have some dmg, but still need to all in
Godlzahar (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hemulen Magi,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=E7NnUnu8,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-11-16T04:47:16.087+0000) > > I think that instead of a straight revert, they should both be mini re-reworked, which could include reverting some aspects. > I think {{champion:90}} could be tuned more towards DOTs and DPS. His voidlings could have their health scale with mana, get their AD scaling returned, get attack speed scaling (causing them to frenzy quicker), and could deal 1/3rd of Malzahar's on-hit damage. This would let Malzahar build like: {{item:3042}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3148}} > He could trade his shield passive for this new power. His burst would be reduced by the change in his build encouraged by his altered scaling. His new passive could ramp-up his DOT and voidling DPS on a target over long fights. They just need to revert the speed of minions first if they dont want revert his bad rework, or give one more minion instead of 3, or buff his e early, or buff his ultimate dmg, or ad scalling on minions, or reduce his cd on his w.. just something
but why? just a revert. that will solve everything.
: He was part of the group reworks they tried out a while back that failed miserably. Nearly every champion that was reworked back then was a huge problem in one way or another and eventually all got changed. Malzahar was sort of nerfed so he wasn't so oppressive then left alone because he was "balanced", nevermind they completely destroyed his identity and turned him into one of the most boring champions in the game. He needs another rework or to be reverted back to Old Malz and then changed from there. His passive is cancer and being able to spawn voidlings at will takes any strategy out of his kit. His ult is just a shell of its former glory (although it was frustrating to be on the other end of it admittedly) and his E is basically the same but slightly worse.
old malz was perfect. they dont need to change anything in his old kit. maybe voidlings AL
Afk on Lane (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Βig Βoss ,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=E7NnUnu8,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-11-15T09:22:06.455+0000) malza dont need spell shild I think the main reason he get reworked, was him being vurnable while he was ulting someone, his ult without a spellshield was so easy to interrupt in teamfights that his R became useless, while u were ulting someone u were dead unless u used zhnoya. It was better just to press q w e in a teamfight, eventually if u were in a good position or 1v1 u could combo with R. Right now even if his dmg is nerfed his spellshield grant him almost free R on somebody in teamfight, and unless this person dont have QSS, he is usually dead. He had way more dmg, and way better aoe dmg. His W was great teamfight tool, I enjoyed playing him and he felt more a mage than now for me. If he had spellshield before, he would be too op, unless riot would change his ult, to be cleaned by {{summoner:1}} . Or riot would have to change his ult into new ability, but i have no idea what it would look like. His R wasn't just composing to his whole kit as a mage, but instead of changing R into something diffrent, riot composed his all abilities to his R now. From aoe mage, to a more single target mage. And about sol, i think no one likes him anymore, after rework, people are ranting about him so he will get changed for sure :D, but for malz I don't think so anything new will happen soon.
nono. they rework him because they wanted him to be a summon mage. to have shield in a TF dont help that much. most of the time spellshild is off.. Riot promise that after rework he still will be able to AD jungle, and they fail. they move him from mid to support role for the whole season 5 or 6 if i remember. they fckin ruin every champions they touch. over 600k mastery points. so much time invesment for nothing because some ritos employee decide they will rework champion that they dont even play. hoping chr that champ to gain more popularity and sell more skins. but they fail
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: > [{quoted}](name=hhaavviikk,realm=EUW,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=EXd7wREq,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2018-10-12T08:09:31.847+0000) > > why not make mastery mean something first? as it stands you can go 98 games 0-10-0, 2 games 10-0-0 and get mastery rank 7 so it doesn't mean anything If you lose 98% of the games, your rank lowers. With your logic, no Bronze, Silver etc. should get any Mastery. If you are good in Bronze, why not being a M7 Bronze Support? That is the whole point of tiers. To be good in your place. Wher do you want to start people to get Mastery access? Challenger, Diamond? That is equally to saying: "Oh, your football college team won! But no need to be happy, as long you are not NFL, you are trash. No celebration. Now all cry in your pillow please". I am a Silver I / Gold V bard main. And I am M7. Why not? I am a good Bard in my MMR region and thus deserve it.
its like give a jujitsu black belt on guy who is only yellow belt
: > [{quoted}](name=Better Jungler,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=EXd7wREq,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2018-10-12T04:23:39.001+0000) > > Yeah colors are just something I threw together. Red = 5. purple = 6 blue = 7. so 8 = ?? Perhaps all white? White can be pretty elite or regal. A lot of the victorious skins incorporate white and gold motifs to make the skins feel rare and prestige which I assume is what champion mastery oughta be. Who knows. Give the community a myriad of color choices and have them pick. I just know for myself, green would make me feel like I'm starting to learn the champion all over again.
Black color. like black belt kungfu masters xd
: Thats the argument I always hear about masteries, where people want some crazy number of wins, or mastery points on the champ. Personally, I think that it's ridiculous. The average game is around 30 minutes. If you get an S/S+ every 10 games (which is on the high side) that means every 5 hours you get one shard. 50 shards = 250 hours to get mastery 8 which is 10.5 days of playing. If you want someone to have 100 shards, thats at least 500 hours of playing one single champ. so to get mastery 9, you want someone to put in AT LEAST 32 days worth of playtime Most players don't even have 32 days of playtime TOTAL. and to require 100 S+ tokens would be literally YEARS of playing only ONE champ.
that the whole point to grind it. people like it. "sense of pride and accomplishment" xD but really, what is the point having mastery system when all bronz players can have highest mastery. like now someone flash 5 mastery but he play like noob. My idea is when someone flash me 9lv master then i know he is really GOOD. not like now when everyone can just farm mastery xp. and get lucky S rank a few times and now have 5lv mastery. And about game hours well. just because you play the game does't mean you will have everything there is to get. My personally i dont have lot of time for play lol. a few game per week. and i dont have time even to complite Worlds Season Event, and im ok with that
: Mastery 8, I even designed it for you!
I like having mastery 8 and 9 but on different conditions. For mastery 8 you have to earn 50 s/s+ shrad Mastery 9 - the grandmaster For this one you have to earn 100 shrads s+ only also you need to have at least 50% win ratio with that champion. (And maybe mastery points required 200k or 500k?) So goal is when you see player with mastery 9 you can be absolutely sure that players is fuckin good with that champion and you can trust him. This mastery is like be in master or challenger division. Noobs won't get this mastery What you think about that
: Beekeeper Malzahar
As a malza main 700k I don't want a fun/jokevskin for my champ. I want something badass. And one more thing. This community is so creative that they can came up only with already existing skin lines. Dark star this, blood moon that and project skins for every champion. So originally. Totally zero imagination
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LdCwrGm1vv (EUNE)
: The skins team has a good taste of movies!
We need new skin line with some Dragon Ball rip off :D
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: He can. I've done my share of 100-0 at level 6. It's actually getting to later stages of the game where 1shot is harder to pull with Malz, because you don't always get to rotate your entire kit on a single target (that's how you 1shot with Malz, press every button apart from your Flash and R, and then leave R last to lock them down; boom enemy dead).
dude. i have 600+k mastery points with malz. and i know that you cant 100-0 all in per 6lv and at 6lv.
Teémò (NA)
: {{item:3151}} } {{item:2139}} with a ability thats a free {{item:3102}} IF he flash ult's with his passive. Can you react with cc of your own?
his passive is overrated and ult does small dmg early-mid game
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Reav3 (NA)
: Fiddle is definitely high on our priority list
hello. any chance to update malzahar AA animation. its very hard to last hit with this super slow and long animation
: @RIOT: Can Trundle's ult give clearer particles so that it's more obvious during a team fight?
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: List of champions that have gone over 1,000 days without a new skin.
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: Just an FYI no one is going to play Malzahar after the next patch goes live
You riot kill my main for the second time. Fuck You and die
: Kalista needs a non-competitive skin
cancer champions should't have skins
: Malz's reworked passive has been causing problems since day 1
as a malzahar main (over 500k mastery points) i just wanna full revert and riot never rework him again. the only change i would accept is to change his ulti into skill shot
: Begging for a 1Million mastery point (mastery level 8) at this point....
I have better proposal for 8 mastery. To get 8 mastery player will have to achieve 100 S+ tokens. So only really good players will achieve this mastery. and every time youre in game and you see 8th mastery player in your game. you will know that he is really good with that champion, he knows what he is doing, and you can trust him. That 100 S+ token requirements will separate good from bad one trick pony. I would add 8 & 9 mastery. it would be like: **8 Grand Master - 50 S+ tokens 9 True Grand Master - 100 S+ tokens** (and maybe +200k mastery points for that champion) and as for 1milion mastery points players? maybe special emote would be good. its suck that players with 1mln. wont have nothing for that commitment
: Nocturne needs a VGU, emphasis on the G. I feel his gameplay doesn't deliver the Eternal Darkness fantasy. His ultimate is AMAZING, but QWE makes him feel like a clunky fighter?
He needs model update. leave his gameplay alone. I have 400k mastery points with noc. and im sick of players who play a few games with noc and they thoughts about noc is "he is so boring to play.. VGU him" and after vgu they play some game and abandon champion. Stay fuckin away from my champion, you have other 130+fancy champions to play with. go there
: What games are you playing?
Tekken 7 Legacy of Kain serie Grim Dawn
: Ashe W ap scaling
E?? how would that work ?
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Reav3 (NA)
: This is actually a pretty big myth on these boards. We survey players regularly about our Champions and VGUs and we get data from old mains and new mains. Galio has been one of our most successful VGUs we have ever done from a player reception point of view. These boards are a very small percentage of our players and also can be a bit of a echo chamber sometimes. He had also been one of our stickiest champion updates maintaining a high playrate for a Tank despite having a low winrate.
as a malzahar main (4600k mastery) noone from riot ask about my opinion on malzahar rework. But i will give you now. Old malza was waaay better
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Laureall (NA)
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: Why do some abilities finish the cast after champion death and some not? Why did Riot decide so?
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: PSA: Stay Loyal to your Main!
Loyal to your Main - Dont let rito to ruin your main by rework
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: Will we ever explore the aquatic side of League?
we need aqua rift. and winter rift. rito use some of that 100 00 00 000 000 000 000 000 000 000$$ and do it
Rozair (NA)
: Malzahar sucks
i was made post just like this and some ppl downvote. is there any chance to force riot to undo this stupid rework ? Plz bring back old malzahar. and make malzahar great again
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