: Love all the particle effects you chose! Especially the constellation zone. However, I can't help but get an "insect" vibe from the model. I was imagining something a little more sleek/scifi, whereas your concept art makes Viktor feel a little hobbled together. That's a cool direction, too, but I'm not sure it matches the Odyssey thematic.
Thanks! Yeah I envisioned him as a sort of an insect-fish-alien, who lived a not so luxurious life since the Morningstar got stolen. I guess the legs give the strongest insect vibe - I could try some further variations!
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: Oh hey, Just found this, it has been a while since I did this. I'd be curious about what feedback you'd have for me. Mine was Ava's Final Mission as a reminder.
Hi, sorry for being late with the reply, I forgot to log in to Boards! Your writing style is easy to follow, it flows nicely. You carry the story mostly with dialogue, mixed with just enough descriptions and actions that allows us to form the full picture. Perhaps Ava's relationship with Emma was not emphasized enough. Emma is too quick to guess she was a target for an assassination, and the plot resolves without much struggle even though Ava in-world experienced a severe injury. The story tells me it is meant to be focusing on the relationship between these two characters and its mutual exclusivity with the Piltovian mission; while the writing itself focuses almost exclusively on Ava's mental struggle and conflict with her Piltovian contact. If you wanted to place the emphasis on the mental struggle, picking an action with less weight could have made the story more cohesive.
Daykora (NA)
: Hi! Mine was the one about Orianna and her return to Piltover if you happen to remember it. I am not the best writer, but I wanted to give it a shot to improve. Any feedback would be much appreciated!
Hello! My apologies for being late with the reply, I forgot to log in to Boards! You have a nice style of writing which is both understandable and descriptive in a moderate amount. It gives us a bit of flavour while reading about Orianna's travel history, but perhaps this flavour is misplaced in a 1000 word story only because the length constraint is so short. For example, you could have signified that Orianna was unaware what her heart wanted before she returned home. She forgot what it wanted, and started feeling the pull while in other cities. As time went on, became unable to put it aside and decided to follow it. Other than this which is really just a minor remark, the piece is very nice. Good depictions of emotions and thought processes. Well done!
Fabouze (NA)
: If this one douche who disliked didn't I would've been the 69th like... feelsbadman
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: > [{quoted}](name=333lom,realm=EUNE,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=RiVNswBT,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-03-13T13:01:25.103+0000) > > Hello everyone! I was one of the judges, and I'll gladly give feedback on your entry if you'd like, ask away. All of the entries had intrinsic value to me and appreciate all the effort you put into creating something! Mine was 'Field Test', it was my first attempt at a written story instead of just world building so I would greatly appreciate feedback, I already know my word choices are sht so no need to mention that XD
Hi! Well done for this writing, and your word choices aren't bad! My own style of writing makes less use of adjectives too. You had a story, motivations and event, and wrapped it up in this piece! Adding more background story at the beginning would make us readers connect to the characters more. Introduce us to their situation and world, in a few sentences. Make the "field test" mean to us more by providing us with context, and it gains weight this way!
: > [{quoted}](name=333lom,realm=EUNE,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=RiVNswBT,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-03-13T13:01:25.103+0000) > > Hello everyone! I was one of the judges, and I'll gladly give feedback on your entry if you'd like, ask away. All of the entries had intrinsic value to me and appreciate all the effort you put into creating something! My Entry?
The Thief of Bluewind Court, is it? Another one I really liked! I think the exposition, the event of discovering Karthus and realization that the Harrowing is attacking Piltover is really cool. I would definitely read more of this to see what happens. The way it's written also suits my taste, immersive. On the other hand what I think could have been done better: the flow changes very quickly from the exposition to the reveal, and suddenly it's over. It is hard to cram a relatively big idea into a 1000 word story, but if you sacrificed some of the descriptions of the exposition (Caitlyn searching for the thief) in order to expand more the reveal, it would improve. If this was an unlimited story, you wouldn't need to cut anything from the exposition, but definitely add more details to the reveal of Harrowing. Add more impact to the deaths of important characters.
Golem Vol (EUNE)
: Huh... I won... I did NOT think that would happen. That being said... yay! {{sticker:garen-swing}} Well, thanks for choosing me. There were a lot of great entries in my opinion ('Down the fog' and 'A Killer Performance' were my favorites). If you're still posting, feedback would be appreciated _a lot_ from any of you guys. I just received my winner e-mail and I'm in the process of replying to it. Thanks again so much. I love you guys {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Hi, yours is Gates of Light, right? You had a very concise idea and managed to present it and wrap it up within the 1000 word piece! In terms what can be improved, you have some repeatings, for example "every day" shows up often. It's understandable because we hold one idea in our mind while we write for short pieces like this, and in revisions things can be changed to add nuance. Thank you for participating, and well done!
: Hi, comments on my Ekko sword would be appreciated.
Hi, I personally really liked it, and suggested it as one of the possible winners. I did some woodwork in the past, and it can be a hard thing! In regards to what can be improved, adding more nuance to the shape, details, carvings (https://cdna.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/002/304/482/large/alexandr-littledruid-pechenkin-weapon02.jpg?1460020859). Adding more of the coil around the handle, and polishing the bat. It's still a very good piece!
: > [{quoted}](name=GRIMThousandEyes,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=A8F8ArAw,comment-id=001a,timestamp=2019-03-15T17:05:02.490+0000) > > So if I grab someone and E them to knock them up and mark them, THEN use my ultimate before the passive hits the marked target, will the mark just not be proc'd, or will it still hit them since the mark was applied before the ult was used? Mark will still proc if applied before using the ult.
Hello! I would just like to suggest something for the visual aspect of this change! I just love how a thin lightning bolt looks when it strikes down a target currently, would you be able to suggest this to be kept as the visual indicator for when he applies the mark on a target? Like this: he punches an enemy, at that moment the lightning strikes the target, and leaves a visual mark on the target like Jhin's or Leona's, Lux's, so on. Other than that I think the gameplay change is great.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lordredstonenr1,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=AA9VW2ZZ,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2019-03-15T22:57:43.285+0000) > > That's the one loaded up on universe. It might look a little different because they apply effects and filters, but this is the base image they used, I took the URL from their source code. Hmm, that still strange...
I bet Riot put the original art on the Universe page by accident, instead of the final one. Similar to Viktor's case where they received his splash which was outsourced, then edited it. They however placed the unedited version on the Universe page and in the Loadout screen in the game by accident. [http://i.imgur.com/krAtTjx.png](http://i.imgur.com/krAtTjx.png) (You can click on this broken icon, it will display the image, idk why it won't show for me on the comment itself. Also the bottom text is supposed to be reversed :D) The right one is the unedited, first version. Camille's splash showed a dead body, so that most likely got censored.
Arakadia (NA)
: If you had any comments on my 2D art peice that would be cool :)
Yours is the one featuring Zaunite architecture, with the biodome, right? I like it! It is atmospheric, and has an authentic Zaunite feel. The gentle light you placed is also fitting due to the smog in Zaun. The colours are calming to look at, and I think the composition is interesting because it clearly tells us the architecture is in the focus. The mossy elements contribute to the feel. I would suggest upping the contrast, so that you would give the whole piece firmer texture. Adding sharper as opposed to watery edges to metal and stone elements would also make it feel more realistic, communicating how each material differs from one another. Construction lines and vanishing points are also very useful in cases when you're not sure how to place an element approximately in a setting, but I'd encourage you to always use them, even though they might seem a bit confusing at times!
: The Grand Archives of Piltover: THE WINNERS
Hello everyone! I was one of the judges, and I'll gladly give feedback on your entry if you'd like, ask away. All of the entries had intrinsic value to me and appreciate all the effort you put into creating something!
: Grand Archives of Piltover Postmortem
I liked that the Misc category was present. It may not have had a significant number of entries, but all of them had noticeable effort put into them. I appreciate that they were created and I just had to whisper "wow" when I saw them. Misc. allows for music, craft and other forms of art to be made, which perhaps wouldn't be otherwise.
Parznip (NA)
: Kayle Armor Color
They planned for it to be white with gold accents, like Demacia's colours in the new lore. Since the character models will be on Summoner's Rift, the green of grass and trees reflects off of the white armour, and the armour ends up having a green-ish colour...
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: Speaking of data, If I may ask, given that we're on 140+ champs by this point, is there a chance that Riot will attempt to revive some of the lost elements of the game that target more niche audiences so the game can truly have a champion for everyone? Such as the horiffic monster archetype which sort of died with Swain and Urgot. Or the good natured monster which died with Galio. Or even the tragic champion that straight up made you feel depressed for playing him, looking at Old Maokai. Given how big the roster is I personally would like to see more of these archetypes return to league, though I'm worried that the focus on data and trying to make a champion fit for the many over the few will greatly hinder that ever happening.
This! League used to be "there's a champion for everybody" and now it's very close to being "every champion is for everyone" which just makes everything feel and look the same. I miss the ugly and sad monster characters and weird visual designs.
: Ok, then why **once again** the angelic figure gets dehumanized and goes into a zealous rampage while the "dark character" gets to be the more human like again? You did good on 2 dimensional stuff with Kayle making her just a zealot. I'm pretty tired of these "it's relative" answer because it approaches only half of the issue. You guys are making the hard work to make even Darkin relatable while making any "holy" figure detached by anything human-like and what is usually defined as good morals in order to turn them into zealous rampaging fire breathers that want to eradicate the mortals because they are impure. Edit: I wanted to add a good example of Riot writing that offers non 2-dimentional characters who actually offer a relative look on good and evil: Jayce and Viktor. Those 2 are well done because have fallacies and virtues that create a good contrast without making one of them entirely a good/bad guy. This means that you are able to do it, it just looks like you **don't want** to do it when certain factions/creatures are involved.
I very much agree with you regarding what's happening to good and bad characters in League. I'm angry how both Leona and now Kayle have been painted as daft zealots whose goals are so sanitized and removed from reality, it's impossible to pick their side. I'd just say that Jayce and Viktor were also very poorly done, but in a different way. Their personalities were completely flipped compared to what they used to be, while their goals were painted as completely black and white, when in the original lore their goals were one of very few dead-center morally grey areas. Jayce used to be a likeable hero guy, his people supported him. His goal was to keep status quo. Viktor was a scary secluded mysterious figure, whose goal was very rapid advancement of human evolution. Dangerous territory, but not outright good or bad. New lore paints Jayce as complete jerk. Complete. It doesn't even allow him to evolve as a character on his own to have other antagonists he could battle. New lore Viktor, however, is painted like that guy who smiles and gives candy to children. Except that candy has some chemicals that affect the brain and so on. Ew.
BaWsMaNn (OCE)
: Yeah lot's of plot holes. So I will say you have brushed over some things that I would see as issues given the newer version. Like how is an 18 year old winning all these battles? Less a plot hole I guess but less realistic than his messing up majorly like in his other lore. But yeah the break out was always a tricky point so I agree with you there, does make Noxus look utterly stupid. I think we could constantly go through these lore bits and pick at plot holes since they only have limited words unfortunately. But as for Sion, no I'm fairly sure I am right, J1 has been dead for a very long time before Sion's mind was returned (not his corpse back to life but his mind). Blood doesn't stay viable for that long, or rather corpses don't not decompose over several decades. It is surely J4. It is mentioned in Part 3 of the Sion Teaser: > The Anchor: > LEBLANC: I haven't had the pleasure of your company for some time, Grand General. > SWAIN: You have my favor. That is enough. > LEBLANC: And yet, I suspect you're here to seek the Black Rose's assistance once more. > SWAIN: The blood of the **Demacian prince**. How much remains? > LEBLANC: After the last charade? Enough that you should be very mindful of how you use it. Whatever you intend had best be brief. > SWAIN: No chicanery this time; my need for subtlety is nearing its end. I must secure my position with bloodshed, and that requires a blunt instrument. > LEBLANC: It sounds as if you have one in mind. > SWAIN: Let me show you. This is definitely Swain's time and I doubt they would be calling a late king a prince. They are very much referring to Jarvan IV in this conversation. And, new Swain has a voice line for Jarvan IV where he mentions his blood is the only useful thing about him. So yeah, JArvan IV's blood.
Regarding the point that says it's unbelievable that J4 escaped on his own from Noxians - I have a suggested idea. LeBlanc and Swain are great schemers. There was a hinted connection between her and J4 in the JoJ, so why would it be unbelievable that inconspicuously *setting J4 free* is part of LeBlanc's and/or Swain's scheme? Everyone believes J4 managed to escape, J4 is still ashamed of his recklessness and of a not very difficult escape.
The Iceborn (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=333lom,realm=EUNE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=7AVXxNMa,comment-id=00050001,timestamp=2019-01-16T20:00:54.908+0000) > > I think he survived mostly because Riot said dark ice usage comes with a price, and we still haven't seen that price. Maybe users go blind. Ive never read that XD Lissandra is blind because she was too weak to fight Volibear :P
I'm 100% sure they said using dark ice has a price, and we'll probably get to see it sooner or later!
: The Dark Ice magic Maalcrom used slashed Yrael like an extension of his weapon. Btw I don't think Maalcrom is dead. Maybe, after the arrow struck him and was frozen like the rest of his warriors, he breaks out of it with Dark Ice magic (after Ashe is out of there obviosly) , and since he has healing powers, he heals himself. Also I knew he was playing weak in the first fight with Grena. He only used a mist shield there, and now when he was going all out he was slashing people with that Dark Ice mist. When Ashe crossed the bridge and Grena stood there, I expected a YOU SHALL NOT PASS moment tbh. Anyways amazing issue, and I really hope my theory regarding Maalcrom is true cause he is so badass I want to see more of it. Also, Sejuani will prob. be in the next comic, so maybe Lissandra will be in the last.
I think he survived mostly because Riot said dark ice usage comes with a price, and we still haven't seen that price. Maybe users go blind.
: 1. Yes. And yes, though this is usually settled between the candidates. Another woman from the tribe will usually step forward. Often as it is blood relatives, this is settled peacefully or with a non-lethal duel. Unhappy members of the tribe might offer themselves to another tribe as kin or thralls. But remember that ultimately magically gifted warriors are so much more powerful than a normal people, and the freljord is so dangerous that everyone wants to live under the protection of people with magic. So really your mostly looking for who will keep you and your children safe. Also people have noted that magical ability is usually passed from mother to child. --so female magical warriors are a better long term investment for your children's and grandchildren's survival. 2. It's not uncommon for a male to lead a tribe if they lack any female magical warriors-- but it's considered a tenuous position, and often a short term solution. Because you can't be sure he will have magical children. If the male leader is strong (and magical) he will usually look for a strong warmother, or skarthane to pledge his allegiance too-- thus the tribe he is in will become a clan under a larger tribe.
> Because you can't be sure he will have magical children. Does this mean the Iceborn trait is certainly passed down the mother's line but not always down the father's line?
: Ashe: Warmother... The music playlist.
Nice! Playlists for creating things are awesome!
: SPOILERS: My thoughts on Ashe: Warmother #2 of 4 (I REPEAT, SPOILERS)
: It could happen! I suspect for development reasons, it would be easier for LoL to make a new Champion _inspired_ by Maalcrom than him personally. (Meaning if they don't make exactly him-- they have more leeway with silhouette, gameplay kit etc...) That said, we are riot. Anything is possible. And these sorts of posts absolutely raise awareness that players would like Grena or Maalcrom as playable champs. And its only by saying loudly -- "Make Maalcrom playable!" That papa rito will hear you.
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: K/DA Mashup
Good idea and a good execution!
: [0.4] Boards Enhancement Kit - May 7
I'd like this as my icon [https://imgur.com/a/bEInquy](https://imgur.com/a/bEInquy)
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: Tell me your 3 most played champions and I will tell you your personality and greatest fear.
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: I mean, I just called some examples, but I could enhance the list further too. Traditional Trundle, Pool Party Graves, Santa Braum, Spirit Guardian Udyr, Ruthless Pantheon, Gladiotor Draven, Rogue Admiral Garen, God Fist Lee Sin, Pool Party Lee Sin, Muay Thai Lee Sin, Traditional Lee Sin, SSG Rakan, Cosmic Dawn Rakan, Bilgewater Swain, Pool Party Taric, Armor of the Fifth Taric, Heartseeker Varus. It's really not like we don't get skins with ripped shirtess guys. And that Evelynn, Ahri, and Miss Fortune get fanservicy sexy skins is kinda obvious, since their theme is intertwined with sexuality in general.
Honestly, out of that list I only like Heartseeker Varus and maybe Cosmic Dawn Rakan..
Wolfeur (EUW)
: He's jubilating! He's eager to fight, that's all he is, a combatant.
That's not Aatrox though. That's an entirely different character.
Jamaree (NA)
: What about the people in the community who actually want and like this, or does their input not matter in this situation?
They should have made a new champion when the personality and execution differs so much. Just like they should have made a new character for Valmar and Kai, instead of shoving them into the background of Varus, who already had a different lore.
: Ability husk for a new support character
I like this! I don't know how effective it would be in league if it got ported in exactly this state, but the playstyle seems very interesting cause the abilities are unusual. This is not a complete kit but just separate abilities right?
: Maybe just "Beach Sol"? It doesn't look like he is going to a party, he seems to be it.
: I laughed more than should be appropriate. Have my upvote.
Same! I can't even stop laughing XD
: Love how the Varus Story Change was Swept Under the carpet
Hey, don't lose faith! People who like old lore Varus are still here! Complaint threads tend to get buried by a) people who don't care about lore and want threads to go away b) riot fanboys sadly c) those who are shallow readers. The injustice done to the old lore still exists, and keeping the idea of it and the old lore will be important in the future. The current state of things is that the current narrative team wants to push their new stories. However we cannot know if in the future things will be retconned just like they were now. Old lore may be erased from the league site, but it's very real in the minds of people who liked it. And there are many of us. Sadly we're three to one in ratio, so threads will usually get buried but that's not truly important. Anyways what I wanted to say is that old lore exists with its fans, not only as a text on some site. And as long as we keep it alive, it can exist for new players as well!
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: I made a thing
I love this!
: Conqueror Varus
This skin is sooo good, I'm definitely buying it!!
: If this is the new incoming Varus skin...
Yesssss I haven't yet bought all of his skins, but I already know I gotta own this one, it looks very promising ;-;
: Zaunites
Yeaaa I like this! Another member of Ekko's gang could be awesome imo. Actually just more Zaunites in general!
: > [{quoted}](name=333lom,realm=EUNE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=YkEoahEd,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2018-04-02T19:38:37.734+0000) > > It's a copy-paste of Dalai Lama. Just like the Piltover map is a copy-paste of the Mediterranean sea and Piltover is Constantinople being surrounded by the Ottoman (Noxian) empire. Except Noxus is based on Roman and Mongol Empire.
Yes. Noxtoraa are just Roman triumph gates.
: Why would Riven want to kill Souma though? After Riven left the battlefield she realized that what Noxus had done was terrible, so why would riven hurt Ionia more? This is the part of the story i'm very confused about.
We know she desperately wanted to break the blade, so my only idea is that she sought anyone nearby with enough power to do so. Who knows, maybe behind the scenes, the elder and Riven agreed for the elder to break her blade and sever her connection to Noxus, even if it meant him dying from that effort. Maybe nobody besides them two witnessed this (others pursuing Yasuo imply they didn't see the elder dying. Maybe the elder killed himself with his own wind technique while breaking the sword).
Zaghyr (NA)
: @Riot, Question about the new Yasuo and Riven lores
My guess would be that Riven and Yasuo went in circle: when Yasuo left his teacher, came to the battlefield, Riven had left the battlefield. While Yasuo was on the battlefield, Riven broke hew sword in a fight against the teacher. Only powerful magic (for example the teacher's magic) could break Riven's sword, which she wanted. By the time Yasuo returned, Riven left the scene.
Vanjie (NA)
: It's a mess. The new lore did nothing to solve her identity, theme, and art issues. This just furthers Karma away from anything relevant in the game or world. The concept of her new lore not very original. Her theme is not very original or exciting. The story makes me think Karma is completely useless just like she is in game. What did this do to improve Karma at all? I didn't do a damn thing. You want to know what the Developers are going to say? There is more to come about Karma. It's just a never-ending excuse to never work on her or do anything decent for the champion. Karma is a bookmark for all of the Ryze, Ahri and Ezreal VGU/updates that she never gets.
It's a copy-paste of Dalai Lama. Just like the Piltover map is a copy-paste of the Mediterranean sea and Piltover is Constantinople being surrounded by the Ottoman (Noxian) empire.
: Imagine having countless guys chilling inside your head and then, all of a sudden, an all out civil war starts over to kill or not to kill.
Not just that, it's like the writer cannot decide if Darha (if that's her name) is thinking, or Karma.
: You rely on your weapons too much.
Her old VO generally has much more personality than the new one. New one sounds like Kaisa. I recognized Irelia by her characteristic screams HIYAA - HWOO - HaaAAAAA
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