Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: April 25
**Do you notice it at all?** Not really. **Do you care?** Not so much,it feels the same. **Any particular differences that stand out versus how we previously approached patches?** Not sure if it has to do anything with that but in the last couple of patches there was a HUGE change in performance. The game feels laggy and it needs more hardware to run the game properly.
: Issues posting in PBE board
Im not 100% sure on this but you will need to login with your PBE account.
sintak (OCE)
: change regions without going into client
You can't change regions outside the client.
: Mastery 7 token didn't drop
Hey,you can progress your champion mastery up to level 5 but you can't earn mastery level 6 and 7 tokens in aram. You can only get mastery level 6-7 tokens only in summoner's rift normal and ranked games. For more information related to champion mastery please head over to the [Champion Mastery Guide](
Trias000 (EUNE)
: Am I being punished?
If you are comparing the progress with last year's progress please keep in mind that honor was only active for a small portion of last season and it was a little boosted in the means of progress earnings. So this time it will take you longer to level up your honor level. I hope this makes sense :P.
iGabriel (NA)
: Need to change email
You will need to contact Riot Support.
Meditate (NA)
: Got Jipped
You will need to contact [Riot Support]( because such things can not be resolved on the boards.
: no rp in pbe
Id'say try purchase a item from the PBE store,sometimes the RP/BE does not update itself so you must use it to update,if it makes sense.
: Premium Hextech Chest
I'm not 100% sure but i think they changed it to level 10.Don't mark my words :c
Ion Pope (EUNE)
: League on windows 10
Are all your drivers up to date? I run league on windows 10 without any issues.
Llamarino (EUW)
: Riot Support Response Time?
They ussualy take 24 to 48 hours depending on your issue. Keep in mind during the weekend less people are in the office so the volume of the tickets goes slower
The ranking system is based on the Elo rating system, here is a quick overview of how it works: The Elo system affects a player's rating by individual circumstances so even if you are playing the same exact ranked games with friends, your scores will never be the same. As of Season 3, your matchmaking rating (once called "Elo") is what determines how many League Points you earn or lose each game. Your team's matchmaking rating, as well as your opponent's rating, is primarily what determines this number. A tougher opponent means a greater challenge, but you will gain more points for defeating them than for beating a team with a lower matchmaking rating than you. The system is designed to stabilize over time, so while you may lose (or win) a string of games, a larger number of games will begin to match you with consistently appropriate opponents.
: marko
Hey,you can sumbit a ticket on the [Riot Support]( page. Login on the page and click "Sumbit a Request" then fill your information.
: Transferring of acxount from garena
Sadly you can't,the Garena servers aren't linked like the NA, EU, LAN, etc. servers. They're run by a different company.If you wish to play on NA you will need to play on a new account.
lol sucks (EUW)
: Kann man für die nutzung eines VPN gebannt werden?
No you can't get banned for using a VPN,but the VPN will give you network problems such as high ping or random disconnects.
DrMatulescu (EUNE)
: Garen Free Skin
Message [Riot Support](
: change my email please
Hey we can't change your email here and i would suggest you don't post your email addres on a public forum. What you can do is send a ticket to [Riot Support]( and they will guide you with everything.
: why am ban
You pretty much deserve the ban,you keep offending others ingame and asking for other players to report X player which is not allowed.
: Free Garen skin from code not working. (Dreadknight)
As the error page says you have to contact [Riot Support](, Send them a ticket,they will help you pretty quick!
Lari (EUNE)
: Question
If you dodge a non promo game you pretty much lose 1 to 3 lp and increases overtime but personaly id say 1 dodge is okey if you keep dodging games it will tank your mmr.
: So how come I got permabanned?
This is pretty normal,the system can't flag every single player for saying something bad, i mean then everyone would get banned.Normaly when you get perma banned there is a reason behind it.
LuisDonea (EUNE)
: Got hacked
The best thing to do is contact [Riot Support](
: email change
Send a support ticket,[here](
NovaBlood (OCE)
: Alpha Client turns into a black box when opened (Mac)
This is a known issue and Riot is working on a fix.You can use the legacy client for now.
diggie (NA)
: Rotating Camera to turn in different povs in replay tool?
There are 3rd party programs that will do that for you. [Example](
: After games takes a while to load client about 10-15 sec its anoying only can hear sounds
If you are using the Alpha Client,do you have "low spec mode" enabled?
Eanruig (NA)
: Missing Item Sets tab in Beta Client
ITEM SET CREATOR TOOL will return. [Source](
: Having trouble logging onto the PBE
Try contacting [Riot Support](
: question about PBE
No,you dont get a notification in the client.You should check your email every once and then.


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