: Then you just roam mid?
Bye bye, turret. And another turret. Where is our inhibitor?
Azadethe (NA)
: Tank karma takes awhile to set up. You obviously didn't punish her early. She's not really online until about 11 min unless you help her get there. Or you and your jungler. She's easy to 1v2. She also scales horribly late game in the ability to do anything, especially if your bot lane won and have armor penetration.
Pure lie. You did not play against the right build/rune setup combination.
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: That's like... the best PART!!!
BEGONE, giant Void squid! Your taste is questionable!
: Why nobody accepts Pool Party Graves' perfection.
Because of the body hair {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
: Be {{champion:90}} enemy {{champion:91}} steps into brush *pings mia 5 times*,*looks bot they are fighting enemy bot lane*,*pings danger 5 more times*, starts walking bot seeing as there should be enough distance where if {{champion:91}} doubles back you should be able to run,*bot lane fighting and you have run out of pings at this point*, {{champion:91}} ults and cleans up ur bot lane, bot lane spam pings mia on the empty mid lane, "wheres the pings mid??!!" , " Well you should have followed him" *in all chat* " gg shit bronzie mid laner im a silver god get me out this elo", *your team has started a surrender vote*
: > [{quoted}](name=BisexualPlantBoi,realm=EUNE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=AoEhgcmQ,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2017-12-12T20:07:49.166+0000) > > And don't forget also the - hands down - second best theme in the game! > https://youtu.be/0GJNJ2fsFno > > Happy birthday, my top main! On my list her login is num. 1
It was hard to decide between her and Jhin :/
: A Better Zyra Ban Quote
We were trying to push this already, so let's hope it works this time. Also I'm also in the "My prey thinks itself clever" camp as that's my favourite quote.
: Because there are exponentially larger problems in this game than Volibear.
So we should add another one? You should be on the balance team, lol
: Happy Birthday Camille
And don't forget also the - hands down - second best theme in the game! https://youtu.be/0GJNJ2fsFno Happy birthday, my top main!
: I don't know who you play, but you need to learn to kite better or play a tankier champ if you can't deal with Voli of all things. I can only imagine how well you do against an average Lee/Kayn/Zed let alone good ones.
Why are you making this personal, did I say I have problem with him myself somewhere?? And wtf are these comparisons? Are we talking about hypermobile champions? I did not notice. Absolutely irrelevant. And none of these things changes what I said: Volibear runs fast. Most of champions don't. High MVS helps you dodge skillshots. Conversation over, there is no other factor in fighting Volibear, just this mess of a gameplay.
: QoL: can we ping passives?
Another example: I'd appreciate it on Zyra, it would help my team to realize when I'm going to leave a bush (for engage purposes) (seeds spawn only if Zyra is not standing in the bush so she can ambush enemies). I always wait if Garden of Thorns is about to come out of cooldown so I have as many plants as possible and can use skillshots accordingly (just Zyra main things). How many times did I try to ping that just to realize I can't...
: Instant turn off
Nice, for me it's Annie and Zoe. And Gragas is also not my type...
: I've never had a problem with Volibear personally. He has a very predictable play pattern and fades into irrelevancy if he doesn't get fed. I mean, how often does one even play with/against teams without hard CC? You don't need targeted CC to deal with Volibear, he's not Vayne, Lee Sin, or even Olaf. He has no reliable way to dodge skillshots.
He has, he's got MVS buff and builds DMP almost all the time. And despite what people here like to say, yes, movement speed **is** mobility and it helps you dodge skillshots. And his predictable playpattern is the problem, you always kniw he just runs at you - if weak, it's ok; if strong, you die without counterplay. That or either 56% of Plat+ players in 6.9 did not know the counterplay.
: isnt this the same patch they nerfed his 3 ad because People used the domination rune on him.
I don't remember, tbh the only thing I cared about when reading patch notes was Zyra, but you can always chech Surr@20, Meddler says it in the last post.
: >Volibear can never be hot - I mean, he's just a giant statcheck, these champions can't be strong until reworked. So time to dumpster all adc and some mages till they are properly rewoorked aswell? How comes beeing somewhat statchecky is bad on a melee but totally fine on rangeds?
I never said otherwise and actually this is exactly my opinion, the difference is Riot doesn't think the same on these cases.
: Yoricks rework was in the process for more than 3 years . This means nothing until they are actually on live.
Literally, Meddler said he should've got buffs this patch but they delayed it for 8.1 (most likely) because they need to explore other ways to buff him.
: This. I hate when people only use this term for melee champions, but ranged auto-attack champs get a free pass for some reason.
Who said ADCs are not? But unlike overbuffed Volibear, they are still squishy (except Ardent meta), sometimes immobile and/or without CC. Overbuffed Volibear runs around the map at disgusting speed, not giving fuck about turrets and murdering everyone without targeted CC (which he still usually survives and continues rolling).
: The Golden Ratio and splash arts
And all I have to say is You cannot just slap Fibonacci's curve on everything and say it follows it. Half of these splashes are not even close. It's just that the character is always put to the side for the functional purposes (client design and login screen, ability to make a loading screen cut) with one part that is not too much important (Cait's gun tip, Camille's left leg, etc.) being put to the opposite side so that it's not empty when looking on the whole splash art... People are obsessed with it, I understand, but golden ratio is not the only composition aviable here that makes stuff look nice.
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: Dont know if it fits her or not ( What do you thing )
At least the colour scheme of this concept is watchable unlike Neon Strike Vi...
Poske (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=BisexualPlantBoi,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4i2TZJsT,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-12-06T08:59:10.931+0000) > > Yeah but {{champion:106}} needs to *rest in pieces* - until his rework, because his current kit is a toxic pile of statchecking shit. I don't want another patch where he's strong and just runs over everything. there wasnt a single patch in league history when he was over bearing.. sorry
AHAHAHAHAHAA I'm not laughing to your pun, I'm laughing at Boards' idiocy. Or short memory, no difference.
: Then that sounds like a problem with ranged champs as a whole. Maybe we should change ALL of them instead of just one.
How? To melee? *PATCH NOTES:* *Gnar fell on his head and forgot how to throw a boomerang, so now he only uses it to smash stuff.* *Quinn's crossbow stopped working so she now stabbs you with her bolts.* *Smoking is only a gate to other drugs, so naturally Graves started using meth. Now he's not able to lift his gun anymore so he just punches you. He no longer has abilities because we censor all smoke ingame now.*
: Why not? I like champs being able to do 2 roles.
Nothing against champs playing two roles. ALOT against Graves top when strong - as every ranged toplaner. With mobility. And inbuilt tankiness. And retarded sustain with Doran's blade and how lifesteal on him works.
: Riot: " but we love diversity..."
Yeah but {{champion:106}} needs to *rest in pieces* - until his rework, because his current kit is a toxic pile of statchecking shit. I don't want another patch where he's strong and just runs over everything.
: They are, but I'd rather he have something to make him a viable top
: Late game Maw and Scimitar aren’t as slot efficient as early game Sash and Hexdrinker.
Dude... Isn't that the core of the problem? APs are not allowed to have an option like this, only buy a full item to delay their powerspikes in the game where APs are supposed to be early-to-mid carries, shouldn't it be exactly the other way around?
: ***
Except Zoe is a burst mage, not an artillery mage. ...meant for burst, not poke.
: Pretty sure they said they don't want people sitting on{{item:1057}} instead of building the full item.
At least they also don't want ADs to sit on {{item:3140}} or {{item:3155}} either, righ- oh wait...
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: How much of Syndra's power budget is allocated to her ability to cast spells while moving?
This is important. There are champions gated by it, for example {{champion:143}} . All her abilities have significant cast times, because she offers two AoE CCs, burst and DPS (although none of those are very exceptional unless very fed). (She also pays for it with a complete lack of safety - who knows why...)
Vhan8765 (NA)
: {{champion:143}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:143}}
Zokie0 (NA)
: Yeah, the greater knock back after a few autos works better. Using health can vary and make Pantheon even more worthless when behind. where using the 3 basic attack system will let him still effectively use his q when behind as well as preserving his early trades where he wont deal half of his opponents health. This does slow down his combos when he is in the late game which sucks but Im happy with for sure. With the rework Im looking to keep him as a very strong early champion who needs to get a lead early and then snowball it w/ roaming to be any use to his team. Falling off late (as well ad adding more counter play) is a fine way to balance that, which makes me think that your point about the dashing to any location isn't a good idea. Pantheon having his gap closer doesn't actually make him a mobile champion because where he can dash is very limited, This is a point you made and I agree. However I think allowing him to dash wherever he wants gives him too much power in team fights, He already has un-needed defense with his ability to knock any unwanted opponent away from him. Giving him even more ways to peel for himself or re-position in a fight makes his snowballing damage aspect way to powerful, and the snowballing is something that I would like to keep. You also expressed how the skillshot dash would give him more ways to use that insec combo, but the insec combo Is something I would actually like to avoid. Some utility has already been added too his kit, and that on top of his powerful laneing can go a far way, I would not like to push it any farther for balancing reasons and to stick to his kind of characteristics. What Pantheon brings too your team should not be utility and set up (something that Camile and Lee Sin do), instead I would like to see his power coming from the fact that he won lane and he is stronger that the enemy teams toplaner, and even tho their top may be more adequate at team fighting, they are too weak in comparison to Pantheon who has been snowballing the game since he got first blood level 2. When it comes to my point about pushing more damage onto his Q I think you took it too far, He can still have solid damage in his kit. You just need to make sure that there is a balance where, his damage without the ranged Q in some cases is not worth taking because the trade back from the opponent may out damage him due to his under-utilization of both Stances. Making landing your Q the deciding factor in some matchups can be a healthy direction to push the champion. That being said, I don't want this to be true for all matchups, Some should just be really really good matchups for Pantheon, and whether or not he uses his kit to its maximum potential should only determine how hard he is bullying rather than if he wins the fight or not. That aside, your point about Jayce was really funny to me. I didn't notice until just now how similar their kits are. I do imagine that both champions, though similar, could still exist together and keep their own strengths and weaknesses separate. These points are good. This feed back gives me a better idea of how my ideas will actually play out. Tell me what you think if you still care at this point < 3
I respect your points there and I agree. My two last bits: I think that when yu have the Grand skyfall as an ult, it already makes you a setup champion. I also wouldn't want to inforce insec in his kit, but it's something you cannot avoid with a kit like this and that might cause a balance poblem between elos. On the other hand most of divers do not have an escape, so in the end it's probably better to leave it targeted, as a lane bully with an escape is incredibly toxic and frustrating to play against (like Gnar). Which brings me to the second bit, which might only be a clash of opinions: I think that champions reliant on snowballing off of 2nd level (little hyperbole, just early game in general) are not a good concept and Riot doesn't like it either, that's why hey are trying to make champions less feast or famine when they are reworking them. I personally wouldn't go for a design like this because of this reason.
Zokie0 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=BisexualPlantBoi,realm=EUNE,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=0ydFAvcu,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-11-28T09:47:10.456+0000) > > You think laning against Pantheon as a melee is toxic now? Watch this rework idea. > > Basically how any trade would go: > - Enemy you wants one CS, walks up to get it. > - Pantheon: AA, stun, E, puts you on half of your max health > - You try to trade back, your auto is dodged and you are kicked away > > Teamfight: > Pantheon drops down with ult behind the enemy, AA, knockback and stun-jump an enemy for a free Insec with easy escape. > > Otherwise it seems nice, but one of those CCs needs to go. I Like these thoughts but problems like his trading in lane can be avoided, such as putting a lot of his damage on his ranged Q and maybe removing the small AOE of it, while lowering the overall Spear Stance damage. This would make a trade like the one you described less punishing. Additionally you will have to be kicked away before he can block an auto attack, as he would still be in Spear Stance. You bring up a very valid point about how powerful his flanks can be with this new kit. Chunking the back line and pushing them into the middle of a fight is something that very experienced lee sin players are know for doing and is not something you want to see coming from a duelist. The fact that Pantheon could do this with a follow up stun is not good. The first change that comes to mind would be to make it so that the knock back distance is halved when the opponent is above half health. This forces the Pantheon to have to stick to them longer before they can pull off such a combo, granting more time for the team to react. This change also does not interfere too much with the overall features of his kit, but does push away his ability to peel himself, which can be a fair nerf in itself. I appreciate these comments the most. It can be hard to think of ways that the kit can be exploited on my own, there are a lot of possibilities and I might also be tunnel visioning too hard on the details that I like. < 3
Wow an actual objective conversation with arguments? I thought these were C&C Boards... Putting alot of damage into his Q is the last possible solution to pick, because when you put most of the power budget into one spell, it creates a frustrating Blitzcrank scenario when dodging one skillshot decides the whole outcome, them most relatable comparison being S4 midlane Nidalee (because Javelin Toss, lol) - fortunately your version of Pantheon has way lower mobility and no sustain, so that is in his favor. I personally think that it is the low mobility (which you completely preserved) that makes him a problem to balance because if his damage is not absurd, he gets outscaled by 99% of toplaners - Jayce is important to mention because he's exactly your version of Pantheon but more overloaded (swaps form only by himself, his poke has longer range, provides speed boos for his team). You could make his W [Spear] a skillshot, which would give him an escape and also allow the spell to deal more damage because it's a skillshot, so you wouldn't need to load alot of damage to the Javelin Toss. It would also make him easier to balance for all elos as his insec would be easier to pull off (you are allowed to jump to the preffered position if you fuck up Grand Skyfall's exact placement - for the sacrifice of escape) without Flash. The stun would encourage him to use it aggressively. And what is absolutely awesome is that his CC would still be reliable, but not as disgustingly uninteractive, because his trade combo would change like this: - You walk up for a CS - Pantheon: AA, **knockback**, **stun-jump**, AA, Heartseeker - Pantheon is still in melee range so he cannot block AA and all his CC is on CD - Trade continues As for the knockback distance being halfed (300 units I suppose?), might be a solution, but I'm not sure if max. HP threshhold is a good idea simply because it uses to be pretty clunky/unclear (like Irelia's stun). Maybe 2-3 AAs (and possibly abilities) applying stacks on the enemy that then gets marked as *distracted* (knockback on distracted units is doubled) would work better. <3
: Honestly, dating someone just because they look good is really fukin lame
: They're too busy making an orange essence starter pack.
You mean Heartseeker Jinx for Valentine's and Poolparty Jinx for summer
: lol sure, people say this about WW, but when I say this about Karthus ppl be like "Nah he's weak right now lol". Just Sayin :P
Generally, yes, because Karthus needs alot of items to do damage and has no utility nor mobility, which is the exact opposite of what a midlaner in current heavy early bot-focused AD meta needs to have. Sure, experienced players are gonna do well, but most likely because people don't play aginst Karthus often, otherwise there are just way better picks (like Sol, which does the exact same stuff and more).
: wasn't aware the whole Royal Never Give Up team came out recently; good for them can't tell what that's got to do with vayne critting a caitlyn though
You mf, I was about to google it and then it hit me and I felt so stupid...... {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
Zokie0 (NA)
: Pantheon Rework Idea
You think laning against Pantheon as a melee is toxic now? Watch this rework idea. Basically how any trade would go: - Enemy you wants one CS, walks up to get it. - Pantheon: AA, stun, E, puts you on half of your max health - You try to trade back, your auto is dodged and you are kicked away Teamfight: Pantheon drops down with ult behind the enemy, AA, knockback and stun-jump an enemy for a free Insec with easy escape. Otherwise it seems nice, but one of those CCs needs to go.
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: This archetype has existed for centuries and was not created by DC. It's very common.
Yes, there are many variations, for exaple a plant that stole body of a sorceress to survive because her kin destroyed the whole ecosystem by being way too dominant (ok not actually older than Ivy but you get the point). I was using this whole argument the whole time, but back then there was something to defend, this is just Poison Ivy put into a fantasy world from a sci-fi world.
Baka Red (EUNE)
: I don't know what kind of monster Thresh may have been at release, but he has been wonderful for a long time. Darius, Zyra and Kalista are okay (now), Yasuo - I don't know; I rarely see him in the Abyss and when I do, he doesn't usually do too well. I hear lots of complaints about him from Rift side though. Jury is still out on Zoe's case. Hopefully in near future she will be considered "Okay". CertainlyT's champions can become nice additions to League at some point. Oh, and since I only play ARAM, I throw my ARAM estimates here too: Zyra is strong, Darius is okay, Kalista is one of the weaker ADCs for Abyss. Yasuo is usually poor. Zoe is a mystery (minions probably should not drop non-abyss-related summoners/item actives in Abyss). Of course, any champion can be a nightmare for the enemy team in the right hands.
Lol Zyra is said to be the most busted mage on release and one of the most busted champs on release in general - hell she was getting pentakills left and right just with her old passive before it got butchered
Durzaka (NA)
: The thing is, there are 3 turrets. So you one shot 1 of them with a Q, then you eat a couple of shots (maybe a laser) from the other 2, Heimer throws a grenade/rocket, and then plants another turret. And now youre back at square one. You can eventually wear down his turrets because your Q is shorter than his Turret, but you will eat a ton of damage while doing it. Also, Heimer top most common skills are Q>W>E.
This. Killing Heimer's turret is never rewarding enough (or punishing for him) for the effort/trade off of losing alot of health and mana just to be able to exist in that lane. He just always instantly places a new one for a laughable mana cost. I main Zyra mid, one of the easier champs to deal with him, and I still hate him because it doesn't matter what you do, the lane will always be 15 minutes of desperate shoving and no fun unless you want to lose turret instantly (which I btw always trade for having a little fun from roaming). He needs to get the Malz/Zyra treatment: let turrets get oneshot by melee and twoshot by ranged in early and buff them to late. Only then he might be fair to play against.
: he isn't broken at all. he is still garbage. maybe in bronze to low gold yeah people don't know what t here doing and he seems very broken. theres just so many way's to mess with his charge and his kit mechanics that he is absolutely trash in higher elo's.
I mean I did not meet any Hecarim (not counting past two weeks as my computer is fucked so I cannot play) and I was wondering why, but from theoretical point of view the MS runes are either gonna be broken on Hec or worthless on anyone else.
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: Three dimensional character in old targon? Oh I can get being salty about the targon change, but don't fucking pretend there was any depth in old targon. I will laugh at anyone who pretend old Leona was was ever a deep character, she epitomized the genric dnd palandin sterotype. Pretending she was any more than that is delusional.
Well then you are stupid or you didn't read the lore. Old Leona was supposed to kill a child she's beaten in a fight, but she refused and they were about to execute her for that. Like Diana, she stood against the tradition and fanatic Solari, but unlike her she still did not swap the side, with the help of the Sun she reformed people's thinking, creating a parallel with Martin Luther. Shows the sad truth of reality that people are willing to accept different opinions within the same opinion side of a problem for a good enough reason, but not the opposite opinion for an equally good reason. Showed potential to build on Leona's understanding for Diana for these reason, but the new lore just took all the human aspects of the Aspects away. So in the end you may laugh at anyone who claims so, but you'll just look like a complete moron because you can't read between the lines or because you're shitting on something you didn't read - not sure which one is worse.
: Except that Riot doesn’t have that reputation. Riot isn’t known for ruining full-blown bios. Again, look back at Viktor. From Jayce’s bio, we thought he was just some psycho bent on world domination through machinery. But with Viktor’s bio, we realized that he actually wasn’t too bad a person and that his views were rooted in his desire to help people. It’s not that I’m being optimistic; it’s that I’m reserving judgement.
They don't? The Targon event was a massive failure, they took all these three-dimensional characters with an inner conflict and butchered them. Some say Pantheon was the worst, I personally think Leona was worst, but they are all ruined nevertheless.
: Keep in mind this is a short form lore paragraph that is not meant to encompass the entirety of the character.
I'm fully aware. But you know how it is: better safe than sorry.
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