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: league of legends Fiddlesticks | VGU Update - Preview
While he looks creepy as fuck, I see two problems which I will voice when he comes to the PBE because chances are, Riot will fix em.
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: Why does LoR Vlad have to be ugly?
Fix his gameplay before fixing his visuals. I (and 99% of players) dont go: "Hey Sona/Zyra/Leona has a bit different face than in her artwork. They should fix that."
: Let's Make a New Summoner Spell
Bloodstone Execute your champion if below 10-5% Max HP (scaling with level). Second chance After dying the summoner spell can be activated to ressurect as a ghost with 1 use of each basic ability and 100 HP. Expires after 10 seconds. Portable chronosphere Return your champion to the place they were 1-4 seconds ago. (HP, MP, CDs remain the same) Midas hand Kill any minion instantly and gain 2 times the gold from it. (Can kill your own minions.) Retribution Mark an enemy champion. Every time the champion does damage to you, return X amount to them during next Y seconds. Pink Wardstone Place a pink ward that lasts 2 minutes and has truesight. (Truesight reveals even true invisibility.) Tactical retreat Gain bonus movement speed and tenacity while moving away from enemy champions. Break magic Purge enemy of all beneficial effects currently on them. (Baron, red, blue, elder buff, shields, basically everything beneficial is purged, unless it is something like Shyvana's passive.) Counterspell If higher level than enemy, the next enemy spell will cost 100% more mana. If lower level than enemy, the next basic ability cast by enemy fails and goes on cooldown. (Kind of experimenting with comeback mechanics on this last one, so it probably isnt that interesting.)
: Nah, lux has amazing skins and a lot more than zac.
Im pretty sure he was being sarcastic and playing on the lux skins joke.
: How the hell did Riot manage to fuck this game up for 2 seasons?
> Omnistone is pretty much the embodiment of riot. Its funny because its true.
: Next on the list is to nerf mp/hp regens in general so ppl train to be better... Then we can gut life-steal and wamp so people start to learn to dodge skills.. And time to give adc a missed-cs-counter... may as well ad a penalty for missing too much cs... Then adc will start to try to last hit at last! After 45 min minions revolt join winning side so games do not drag to long... If nashor is not killed for 20min he grows legs gets like x4 times stronger with elder buff and goes to ravage team that had vision on him more aka why did you not take me!
This honestly sounds like a dope gamemode idea. Super, extra, hardmode league.
: Too many champions are left in really awful states because they were OP at a certain time.
Riot almost never balances properly. Sometimes you dont even need to nerf numbers to make things less or more powerful. Take Swain as an example. Imagine if his E gave vision from FoW and bushes when it caught a champion. Imagine being able to pull ALL targets stunned by it. What if it returned more quickly based on distance from Swain? Finally think what would happen if we added a recast to return it immidiately. We didn't touch a single number, yet the ability is now significantly more powerful than it was before. This is what Riot does. They make overloaded reworks and champions, then they realize you cant let a single ability have everything and opt for nerfing damage/healing/shielding instead of playtesting and finding a core problem to fix within those abilities. Futhermore, people balancing those champions dont have experience playing them. They have data and can say. Hey X, Y, Z champion heals for too much. Let's nerf those heals. But they dont realize that healing might not even be a problem, but it could be range and safe burst damage, but since they dont main champions they just take the easy route. Then, when items, runes and meta as a whole changes, champion X, Y, Z is left with butchered numbers and overloaded abilities that basically dont do anything.
Kendren1 (NA)
: The most necessary skill to climbing
I think most important part is learning how resist tilting and provocations from either sides. Bonus points if you can deescalate arguments between teammates. Emotions compromise judgement and decision making skills. Especially the bad ones.
: Senna NEEDS to be given a HARSH choice. DAMAGE or UTILITY.
Bot lane in general has turned into a fiesta. Senna is not an isolated occurance, nor can she be fixed for good until underlying issues are fixed. As someone who is spamming support with Shaco and Swain "support" I have drawn 3 conclusions about botlane. 1. Support is not defined by healing, CC, damage or utility anymore. Any champ that scales decently well into lategame with low income can support if they have enough power crammed into their kit. 2. Enchanters are useless even in matchups they should be winning due to poor itemization and lack of damage(obligatory grain of salt here, they dont lack the damage, everyone else has too much damage). 2-3 years ago, I would never even think of diving Lulu or Janna while they are at 100% HP. With damage levels as they are right now, it is quite easy since even if I lack a bit of damage to kill them, they cant kill me. 3. Ganks and Dragon fights tend to decide the future outcome of the game. Teams need to be bot-centric to win the game, because if you dont gank bot you lose drakes and the game soon after. All 3 of these problems need to be adressed before going for the Senna, because right now, we are 1 good cheap mage item away from mages replacing adcs entirely.
: Can we bring back One for all?
5 Yummis piling on top of each other? No, ty. Would be extremely unfun to get oneshotted from fow by a 5000AP Q.
: Got banned for "botting", but uh... I'm leveling this account by hand.
Hello fellow human. I too am a human and not a bot. As a carbon-based organic lifeform, have you perhaps heard of our lord and savior {{champion:112}} and his glorious evolution?
: Please BUFF our poor cat Yuumi
Yuumi's W change: If ally is hit by a Hard CC, Yuumi is knocked off them for 5/4/3/2/1 seconds. Here, now you have a chance to kill little bugger, and you can properly buff her from here on out without worrying she will be opressive in lane or proplay. Oh, and her tank initiation is also managable now.
: Why Runes Reforged should be reverted to the Season 1-4 Runes+Masteries system
Main problems with Runes Reforged: Users and abusers: Aftershock is the best example of this. People abused it on unortodox champions it was not made for to reduce the weakness of said champions. (Liss, Pyke). After nerfs the rune was left in a state where intended users were simply not able to use it without handicapping themselves. Min-max options: Quite similar to the previous problem. If we have 3 runes that give X,Y or Z damage, people will always go for the biggest stat stick without thinking of their matchup/combo/synergy. If they know their comet will do 3000 damage, why pick Aery that will do a lot of shielding for allied team? Meanwhile enemy team is hyper mobile and dodges half the comets. Lack of choices: A problem I still see these days. And that is that we are missing quite a few choices for niche champions/matchups. Deathfire grasp used to be a really good mastery for Dot-mages, and it was never broken. Its removal was unwarranted and created problems further down the line.
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: is my friend delusional??
There are 3 things you never ask your friends for if you want to remain good friends. 1. Money. 2. To add benefits to your friendship. 3. And possibly worst of all. Never ask a friend to play ranked with you.
: If control wards didn't take up an inventory space players would buy more. After level 11 my inventory is always full up so i usually only buy 3-5 control wards a game.
Dota 2 offers you the ability to carry more items in your bag but only have 6 ready at any moment, we could implement something similar. We don't need to give players the ability to carry 2 extra rabadons when firing global ults, but something tamer I would be euphoric with a side bag with slots for consumables and wards, and I don't think anybody would object to the change. Minion dematerializer, cookies, potions, elixirs, wards, flasks, Kalista's spear, Pyke's bounty, etc. can all go in there, to not create clutter. We could even put Herald in there so I stop using him when I wanna ward and promptly dying.
: By the time his Q is rank 5 its basically point and click with its massive slow and comboed with E2 you can guarantee both instances of Q hit. Also he doesnt have to use a lesser version of it first. You are really gonna make me do it again aren't you. Malphite Top Primarily Tank Build 51.33% Winrate 3.9% Pickrate Malphite Jungle Primarily AP Build 47.02% Winrate 1.8% Pickrate Malphite Middle Primarily AP Build 51.76% Winrate 0.7% Pickrate Malphite Support Primarily AP Build 46.31% Winrate 0.9% Pickrate Considering that the majority of his already small amount of AP Mid games are to counterpick AD squishy midlaners I think we can say that he is balanced. https://imgur.com/a/jGEoBqM
No. That is nitpicking in plat+. Plat+ is already a mid-high elo. I am not Plat+, and neither is 90% of League playerbase. I am not mechanical god that can dodge Malphite ult from Fog of War. I am low plat-high gold like most players. I look at my elo or overall elo when comparing stats. If you are going to nitpick, put ALL elos or silver-gold which is average elo. You will see that I was right.
Padoµch (EUNE)
: Brand, dude, please, as a ex mid Zyra main I refure to play her bot lane. I am waiting for the time when she will be balanced around mid lane (her proper place) again...
I know the feeling. As someone who had 3 of his champions shoehorned into the lane they didnt belong to in the firstplace, I can understand how it feels like. The only thing you can do is to move on because sadly Riot will never listen to the fanbase. Or when they do, they miss the mark and make an even bigger mess than before.
: {{champion:517}} has a 120% AP ratio on his Q and a 97.5% AP ratio on his empowered W and thats not including the 20% AP ratio he has from his passive. Considering that AP {{champion:54}} has a combined pickrate of 3.4% in mid jungle and support, and Tank {{champion:54}} has a 3.9% pickrate in just Top, Tank is his primary build. Sylas suffers from the same problems Vlad does, high AP ratios but no way to use them due to the nature of their kits. Sylas has mobility but very little survivability while being melee so hes only useful while fed and Vlad has no mobility with quite a bit of survivability so he becomes flash reliant. Mostly it comes down to itemization though, we need an AP item that allows them to go tanky without missing out on the insane amount of power that deathcap gives. I'm thinking an AP item kinda like steraks gage or deaths dance would be needed with a passive that converts bonus health into AP with a strong enough ratio that it competes with deathcap ( ofc doesnt stack with dcaps passive ).
First of all Sylas does not have a point and click Q. And his Q also has an inbuilt delay with the smallest of hitboxes that it can be dodged easily so it cant be compared to Vladimir Q which is also instant damage and healing on top. Vladimir's Q is like 70% of his kits powerlevel. As for Malphite, it depends on what elo/rank you are looking at, as well as which site. If you include all elos, his pickrate on top as a tank is 4.1%. Now look at the all other lanes he is played at. According to u.gg on mid it is 1.1% pickrate. On jungle it is 3.1% On support it is 2.6%. The total is 6.8% pickrate while top has 4.1% pickrate. And AP build is still strong with Mid still having higher win rate despite the recent nerf on his ult. Furthermore, if you check the winrate by items, the nausiating thing is that even tank Malphite buys Ludens/Rabadons as the 5th or 6th item option, with Rabadons capping it at 60.6% winrate. That means that even for tank, there are not enough incentivizing tank items. And even tank Malphite is taking the Mage runetree as opposed to Grasp/Aftershock that would be more expected of the tank. So, not only are the 3 lanes he is played as AP in more picked together, even the toplane builds a fair amount of AP from runes and 5th/6th item that it still cant be considered a full tank build.
: 3 downvotes and no replies almost like I'm right but no one wants to believe it. {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
Sry for not responding, this sort of blew up way more than I imagined it would. I have to disagree on a few things. The reason I called Garen the epitome of tanky damage is because he was the strong entry level bruiser, if that makes sense. Now his build is more akin to that of an ADC or dueler. Mundo is strong, yes, but he gets hard shut-down with a 800g item. {{item:3123}} Speaking of executioners, as a former Vlad main, I can tell you why Vlad isnt played like a bruiser mage anymore and please bear with my rant... Rabadons has only a fraction to do with it, I agree, but... His s5/6 rework and removal of Wota, 800g executioners, huge nerfs on his E's HP scaling are all responsible as well. All of that shit has contributed to Vlad devolving into assassin. There are no more old Vlad mains like me that would be willing to try out spirit visage/sustain build. If you watch high elo Vlad mains like Rockett, you will see they are rushing the Rabadons as soon as 2nd or 3rd item. Why? Because you will get bursted anyway, with this you at least get the chance to blow someone up with you. We old Vlad mains begged Riot not to massacre him, yet they did so anyway. He lost his identity-playstyle. Only thing left for me is to gloat that I was right that he would become bigger problem than he was before. Now, can you name a champion with more than 100% Ap scaling on a single basic ability? I can. Its Vlad with 111% on his empQ. That is how strong they had to make part of his basic kit after they messed him up in the gigantic mage rework. He has healing on 3/4 of his basic abilites, but right now that healing is simply a means for him to come closer to you because he has no mobility. You will often see predator or phase rush alongside with ghost/flash combo. You cant be an assasin if you cant come to your prey. Finally, it isnt about Malphite being OP or not. The point of this post is that the default build for him is becoming the AP build, much like it is becoming like that for a lot of champions. And it is still a thing even after the 20% AP ratio nerf on his ult. It just isnt fun playing the game where every single thing is an assasin.
: Vladimir and Trynda are the hardest champions in League of Legends.
: More proof that Shaco needs to be hammered down.
600k Shaco main here. :o) Yup he is strong :3 And I am loving it. Now, you are right, his winrate is too high, but his Q isnt a problem. For example take a look at his old pre-rework Q. It was 3.5 seconds on level 1 with a bonus 150% crit that would be increased by 20% from backstab. If we had that today, he would have 70% winrate. Also his Q shroud will reveal him even from the fog of war, Q is probably the weakest part of his kit atm. No, the thing making both Ad and Ap Shaco universally powerful are his boxes. Current boxes finally allowed AD Shaco to skip tiamat by buying hunter's talisman, making his clear healthier and faster than ever. That allows him to skip 1325 gold from the moment the game starts. Riot sort of nerfed this with a bandaid by reducing the box duration by 20 seconds. This was in my opinion a bad change. It reduced his viability in solo lanes, while it did nothing to jungle. (Winrate difference was 0.15% before and after patch IIRC). His fast lv3 was quickly discovered and people learned to respect it, it was a slap on the wrist for jungle really, while it forced support, top and mid to max E (which has no counterplay compared to boxes, but people seemed satisfied by it so I didn't object). What they should have done is reduced the damage of the AOE boxes on the early ranks and made it scale back up. That way everybody could have gotten away satisfied. AD jungle would still have a healthier clear than before, no level 3 cheese, and other lanes with Shaco would feel satisfied maxing boxes.
: "Shyvana- AP build is better than bruiser, tank or on-hit." that's an opinion, not a fact.
I mean, I have not played against single one of those this season. But I remember having been oneshotted by AP Shyvana way too many times. U.gg seems to support it with her default build being ap build.
: > Even that gives offensive stats with Grasp and Aftershock doing damage and only guardian being the utility shield (guess which one is the least used out of all 3?) Grasp is used the least in Supp. Ofc shield that requires someone else won't be used sololane. It has everything to do with its warden identity and small to do with dmg. But that's not the first thing in your post you fabulated without proof.
That part wasnt about support role, I meant on the level of the overall game. However, apart from Rakan, Braum and Taric, I cant think of a single support using the Guardian. :/
: Armor and Magic Resistance have left the chat
Armor and magic resistance scale of the HP. Just how AS and AD increase the power of Crit Chance (and vice versa), or how lethality increases the value of AD. Furthermore, his Ar and Mr have less value the more you buy them, unlike the Lethality/AD combo. That is why Aftershock is so popular on him. You get resistances when you will tank the most severe damage, but still keep the sweet AD build.
Saezio (EUNE)
: Tank malph has higher winrate than AP malph. So, you didn't do much research or just decided to post whatever you _feel_ the game is.
Dont know for what elo you are talking about but on Gold-Plat (my elo) I did in fact check u.gg before posting, just to be sure I am not biased. On Malphite midlane, jungle and support, the default(highest winrate) build for Malphite is AP build. Even after the 20% AP nerf from his ult, midlane Malphite is holding 0.57% higherer winrate than the toplane Malphite. With only toplane Malphite building tank, and still lower winrate than midlane, I think it is safe to say that his overall default build has become the AP build.
: Ok all I needed to know that you have no clue wtf you're talking is when you say tank pyke was healthier when tank was just pyke but without any weaknesses.
Pyke literally cant build HP, it is turned to AD. He was never tank. If you think I was refering to Aftershock, nah. He can still abuse it, and it is still better in some matchups than electrocute.
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: high skill cap and relatively low skill floor, also he was decent before the rework just felt really shit to play, im hoping the nerf of duskblade in pre-season tunes him down
It probably wont. Crit build and AP builds are superior to lethality build atm. Even mains that build lethality usually put Gunblade somewhere in there.
: YouTube is planning on banning everyone who uses Adblock software
I use Youtube vanced on mobile and rarely use it on computer anyway.
Scolorin (EUNE)
: Ok Riot you can keep the victorious skin
I won't even open the orb if it comes in it like honor 5 rewards. I want to keep that abomination locked inside. Not like I would use it over base skin anyway.
mark6028 (EUW)
: Why is duskblade getting grievous wounds?
Yeah, Riot is not liking the fact that some tanks can 1v1 assasins. So now, they are making sure assasins can beat every other class by default. Like come on. I play assasins more than any other class and even I think the change is stupid. We are just lowering the power of defensive items and reducing vision control. It is like Riot wants S10 to be the season to be only for casuals.
: Senna's kit is revealed. Doesn't power creep worry you too?
Yup she is extremely overloaded. If her ratios are good, I fear she wont be a support marksman, but marksman/marksman. And with a lot of AOE in her kit and an escape, I can see her as a midlaner too.
Naalith (NA)
: Great, another interesting new champion that's gonna be deleted due to pro play
Talk about overloaded kits. Its like every ability has 3 smaller ones in it.
Paroe (NA)
: Considering why it was made, can riot even remove ohmwrecker in good conscious?
Why not just fuse it and ZZ rot portal into 1 item? I havent seen either built in a long long time. Not even by occasional Yoricks I play against and with. You still save item space, but keep both things for people that really liked them. Passive can be spawning a voidling when killing X units/minions. Active shuts down the turet and spawns a big one to help take it down.
: Real concern about Spellshield from a 1mil+ mastery Nocturne player
Good high-quality post that is understandable, concise, and well written? And it is logical instead of a rant? Where did I stumble upon? This couldn't possibly be the Boards, could it? But seriously, this post was great. Hopefully, Riot responds to this one. I hate having to check lol wiki every time I want to see what abilities are blocked by a spell shield. You are 100% right it should be like a pre-emptive cleanse instead of acting as it does now.
Rewt (NA)
: The key to balancing jungle is counter-intuitive.
The jungle at season 5 or 6 (I think cant recall correctly.) was the most well balanced state jungle was ever in. We had 4 different jungle items, each for a specific jungler, clear but versatile paths and balance between farming-ganking.
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Meddler (NA)
: Moving Vilemaw to another map would involve quite a bit of work, so it's not something we can do for preseason at least. Art's the largest thing there, with work needed on both the location Vilemaw would go into and potentially Vilemaw's anims, VFX as well to work well in a new location. Gameplay wise I don't think Vilemaw's a good fit for an early game boss that can be killed by one or two champions. Rift Herald does fit that role well, which is what we're looking to deliver from the Baron pit early game. Vilemaw by contrast reads more as a full team fight boss at, or potentially beyond, the threat level of Baron, at least as currently presented. Would be more inclined to look at things like a super late game replacement for Baron instead (e.g. post 45 minutes as a rare occurence).
Oh, that would be amazing as a 45 minute boss. Vilemaw did strike me as a more scary version of the baron.
: You haven't even seen the model and animations...you're seeing concept art. FFS chill.
Yeah, so it is better to voice my concerns now then when they release a chimera, isnt it?
: He is a demigod, not a random animal... a spiritual being that creates thunders, anatomy is not something that matters. and as someone said, Gorillas have no problem walking with big arms and short legs.
Humans run at the maximum of 28mph bipedally! Gorillas run quadrypedally at the maximum of 25 mph. Double the legs and still not equal to the homosapiens that had his walking aparatus for merely 50 000 years. Our feet and spine are genetically still under evolved for bipedal lifestyle and we are still better than them! And gorillas are genetically much much older than us.
GTHeavy (EUNE)
: Shaco invisibility power problem
Shaco main here. Somewhat unbiased one. I will not lie. Shaco is really good right now, but. 1. Winrate is slowly going down as people are adapting to Shaco's new playstyle. Support(which I was monitoring) has gone down in winrate by 1.12% It is bound to go down even further as people learn to play against him. 2. His invisibility isnt the big problem it was before. His Q is weaker than his old Q that had 3.5 seconds stealth level 1 and 150% guaranteed crit. +20% increased if he did it from behind. That would be nuts today. What is problem is his level 3 fast clear and that is getting gutted next patch along with his support builds. 3. He is losing a lot of his damage lategame so he only has a small window to exploit that. That means Shaco is fighting an uphill battle. It might be easy for him the first few steps, but it gets harder really soon. 4. Finally his Q is telegraphed. His animation is visible even from fog of war when he Qs. Ty for reading.
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: i don't get it. what's wrong with the current roster according to what you want the roster to accomplish?
A couple of things. But mostly, I want to get the unpopular champions the limelight they deserve instead of having them being taken up by copies/coppied playstyles of the same old popular champions.
Keiaga (NA)
: 1.) The hooks all function slightly differently and the champion's kits also lend themselves to different playstyles. Just because you're not a fan of the type of champion and won't learn them to the point where you can identify the differences, no matter how small, doesn't mean that they're suddenly the same. Are all transformation champs the same?{{champion:60}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:76}} Are all ADCs the same?{{champion:22}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:67}} Are all juggernauts the same? {{champion:122}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:82}} 2.) Every game has characters that are less popular than others. that's the point of existing. But I guess that's a whole different set of discussions if you're the type that's so insecure you feel alienated just because your favorite isn't as popular as the others. 3.) If you feel the need to preface your statement with "feel free to downvote me" then I have a feeling you already know that you're wrong. For both of these points. 4.) This is just blatant exaggeration. Most of the work they do on champs is a choice and not a need.
> 1.) The hooks all function slightly differently and the champion's kits also lend themselves to different playstyles. Just because you're not a fan of the type of champion and won't learn them to the point where you can identify the differences, no matter how small, doesn't mean that they're suddenly the same. Yes, they all function differently, but there isn't a single unique one. That was the point of my entire post that you missed. Why not give Tresh the ability to hook allies, or maybe make Naut hook through minions but have lower range? That way each and every hook champion has a defined set of strengths and weaknesses instead of Blitz acting like Pyke's ban shield and Naut acting like Tresh's ban shield like it is right now. We have 4 hooks and the greatest variation among them is Tresh that can pull himself towards the target. That way if I banned a champion, I actually banned him, instead of choosing to play against a slightly worse version of it. And it has benefits for long term health of League in general. > 2.) Every game has characters that are less popular than others. that's the point of existing. But I guess that's a whole different set of discussions if you're the type that's so insecure you feel alienated just because your favorite isn't as popular as the others. No, I feel alienated that there are a 2 pages long list of bugs regarding Shaco that are still live and have been live from anywhere between 2 to 10 months. Meanwhile, other assassins that should be in the same category as Shaco were getting all sorts of stuff. When did I ever say I feel insecure? Please stop making assumptions based on nothing substantial. > 3.) If you feel the need to preface your statement with "feel free to downvote me" then I have a feeling you already know that you're wrong. For both of these points. I know I will be downvoted because people that main popular champions will downvote me, as it is happening right now. I don't care about that, it needed to be said. Riot will never balance around unpopular champions. Only the popular ones. They will always define the meta. I can already tell you Lee will be buffed for the next Worlds if he is anywhere below 50% win rate in Diamond+. Riot gives champions preferential treatment and you can't deny that. > 4.) This is just blatant exaggeration. Most of the work they do on champs is a choice and not a need. So you think champions don't need bugfixes? That Riot doesn't want money? That community doesn't care about the lore? That it's easy to balance the game? Any single one of these things is hard to do. And they are all necessary. Apart from lore, you are forced to do the rest in order to turn in a profit. Please stop spewing nonsense if you won't even have the bare decency to think about what I posted before posting. But a quick look through your profile shows that you play the popular champions so of course, you will be mad along with the rest of the people that want their champions to remain on the pedestal. Thank you for proving me right.
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Blaxonec (EUNE)
: Main blitz plat 1 here. Blitz is kind of brain dead champ. Beside his hook he is useless. His kit is worse than any other support champ. And in this damage meta he is falling behind because pulling isnt enough anymore, you need to deal some pretty good damage if you want to take the kill (talking for 2v2 situation which is bot). In TF pulling is crucial but really depends on the situation. If enemy team is ahead and you do the pull... it can cost you the game because now there are many mobile champs that will compensate the disadvantage you created. In TF most usefull thing is his ult because it has silence, thats it. For example vs other hook supports: Blitz -> best disposition hook, has passive shield, low damage, silence on ulti, low time CC Thresh -> monster CC time , can set up ganks with W + shield ally, damage as blitz, mass slow R Pyke -> better damage, monster mobility, can share gold, health regen from grey health, CC time like blitz (higher with lethality on E ) Naut -> better damage, monster CC time, have escape tool, shield, mass slow E So skilled players will always choose the champ which will be more complex and can bring more. Blitz is a one trick pony :) + 100 range doesnt change much.
The core of this buff isn't the problem. Blitz will not become too opressive in lane. The problem are his jungle invades which are already very strong. As a jungle main I hate seeing Blitz in enemy team and I become superparanoid. A semi-competent Blitz player will abuse this buff to put enemy jungler in a lose/lose situation. With this change he can be sitting in krug/raptors/dragon pit and pull you red buff/teamate. You cant protect such a wide area from him. Before he had a single area he could hook the buff from, now he has many more. You either lost a teamate and first blood, or your clear is now ruined and your laners will either lose the exp and gold or you will fall behind enemy JG that is now 2 camps ahead of you and can invade you at your next buff. His midgame is also more potent now, with a lot more hooks from FoW possible but that is ok. Lack of vision should be punished in that stage of the game.
: ive actually run into quite a few blitzcrank jungles lately. they're wildly inefficient but this one time he ran at me earlygame and pulled my buff while i was doing it, back and forth for 4-5 times and resetting it. wasting our time, the thing was even after the whole thing blew over and i managed to collapse on him and kill him, the scuttle on that side was still alive. but a malphite jungle who's 2 levels behind their midlaner with a chilling smite is definitely going to be less useful than a permaroam blitzcrank with mobis. this isnt a complaint on how the change will magically make blitz jungle viable, but from those experiences alone I've started to come to realise that blitzcrank will become the most dominant lvl 1 invade champion, and the regular game cheese in norms will be super annoying to deal with as a jungler
Exactly my point. With this change he can be sitting in krug/raptors/dragon pit and pull you red buff/teamate. You either lost a teamate and first blood, or your clear is now ruined and your laners will either lose the exp and gold or you will fall behind enemy JG that is now 2 camps ahead of you and can invade you at your next buff. And then people bitch about how Shaco invades were horrifying pre-rework.
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