Porocles (NA)
: Hey there, do you have Discord Overlays enabled? It's been causing in-game issues like this, but disabling it should help. Let me know if that's the case for you!
No i have nothing on when i play lol only with my friends some times i turn discord on but it was never a problem since i created a smurf then when i played dthe problem occured
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: Mouse Right Click Malfunctions
i see u poseted this 10 months ago and i want to ask you if u fixed the issue? HOW? because i have the issue too and idk how to fix it...{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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Mackez (EUNE)
: Does the EUNE servers even work at the moment?
_**No But Riot is Trying to fix it.**_
: Unable to connect to the authentication server?
I've got this too and idk how to fix it i have been trying since a hour to find a **solution**{{summoner:3}}


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