: Update on Yesterday's Capsule Pricing Error
Why are you responses always so lukewarm like you don't care at all about your community, i understand you've been criticized for various things for a long time Riot but you are atrociously inept at running your company cause you obviously don't understand your playerbase and what they / we want. There are several things you can do in this situation which will satisfy the playerbase and the public image of your company. 1. Invest time and resources into undoing what you did cause with enough work , YOU CAN do it and it will greatly increase Riot Games' reputation in the eyes of the players , it would be the first time you have actually done something right by us. 2. Punish the players which used the exploit , because at the end of the day , IT IS an exploit , wouldn't you agree that something should be done there, you can't possibly expect to sweep this under the rug , cause i know that I will never forget if you didn't do anything here. 3. At the very LEAST what you can do , as some sort of petty compensation is gift every active player 3 Blood Moon Capsules , and like 6300 Blue Essence / Skin Perm, it would make people distracted from how trash your company is right now but it would reduce the outrage. + Everyone gets the capsules except the players who did the exploit , they don't get anything. Also another thing , if i can get chat banned into honor Level 1 for telling someone ''go to hell'' , don't you think that all the people who did the exploit should get Honor Level 0 , cause what they did is stealing , thank you for reading.
: hey guys im now honor lvl 1 and 2 checkpoint will i get the season rewards if i reach honor lvl 2 before The new rankeds Start?
You have time until February to get Honor level 2. However you can only get rewards if you got a chat ban and not a suspension / 2 week ban.
Keyru (NA)
: 2018 End of Season Rewards and Honor
Thank you Riot , got a chat ban by telling an inter ''go to hell'' so i think you should definitely change the way you penalize people. However again , thank you for this , this was really nice of you to give us a chance to get the rewards <3.
: Why only 2 rune pages?
They literally deleted all my pages and pages of masteries , and now i am left with 2 rune pages , having to change them literally every game, this is not fun at all , everyone i know doesnt like this even if they have rune pages or not , you need a minimum of 15 pages to be satisfied with all the possible variations in champions and playstyles. When youre in champ select its clunky having to change runes , when u by accident open their premade rune page that cant even be fucking changed and is locked to that certain combination. There are still problems i dont even mention but i understand riot would lose money refunding all that rp / ip for rune pages , but can they for fucking once show some good faith , its unbelievable how clunky this update is , so many buggs and than this piece of shit that was supposed to make the game feel fresh again , is just clunky , annoying and fucking greedy , seriously Riot what the fuck.


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