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: MAKE A RANKED FOR SOLO PLAYERS ONLY SOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I dont want them to disable duo. let ppl play in team its part of the fun. I just ask for a mode where you play solo so you can see your real skill to team with ppl you play with not only with friends in teamspeak or what ever... Its that simple just make solo rank and flex thats all.
: Garen has currently a 55.92 win rate mid and a 55.50% win rate top
at low ranks Garen ware already broken. Now is so tilted to play against this champ.
: I mean you only really lose to duo abusers if you're bad in your rank.. And even then, duo abusing isn't really much of a issue and doesnt do much besides forcing u to play safe for 5min.. specially if its the jungle.. just setup wards its not hard.
There is a big problem if you play vs top jg. for example when jungle is an invisible and wards are not helping you. At low ranks is hard and duo players make it even harder. Last game i was urgot vs garen and i ware fine till shaco begin to rekt me several times. No way i can deal with that when my jungle go to gang when im dead and cant even do anything vs garen. hope you understand my problem when your top and yes your low rank and your not that good but you sstil lcan win your lane and your jg is trash but other jg is premade with your enemy your fked as fk...{{summoner:4}}
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: Ranked 2019 — /dev Update #1
Maybe one day you gonna make mode called Ranked SOLO. Im so tired of primades that abuse solo/duo: 1. I get against premades for example top jungle. That nonstop gang top lane. 2. In other case I have premade in my team that just wonna have fun and just don't like to win. Maybe is just in my head but mostly I got with the case 2. Im realy tilted when I get to such situation. Is so annoying when enemie jungle is like top support or something and your jungle is just ignore your lane. When you have premades in your team that are here just to ruin your game just makes me broke my keyboard. So I just wonna see Rank SOLO where you can proof that you can team up with other 4 non premades and work together for win.
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