: Will there be another event pass before prestige points expire?
: It's also disrespectful for G2 players. The entitled Boards dwellers think they are sellouts who lost on purpuse. As a FNC fan last year I had a pretty similar experience and I would never think that they lost on purpuse.
It's not. It's their job. They are all adults and their job to play consistently since they are paid pro players, not charity workers They performed way below their skill in all 3 games so the criticism is pretty valid. If eSports want to be valid sports, the players should be treated as such
: Diana's getting changes in 9.23 lads
I wonder how they would balance her. If he loses her current gameplay, need to make her tanky otherwise she will be useless. But if they make her very tanky it will be a nightmare to face a blinking tanky fighter
Tolinar (NA)
: The argument against Omnistone - a pointless rune.
I don't get why they don't tweak klepto, but simply remove it The item part of the rune is fun. There are many ways they can tweak the rune: - Increase the frequency of gaining items and make the items 0g to sell. - make it trigger on spells also and decrease the value of "a trigger", make it's gold generation not random or increase CD, that way champs like Ez can't abuse it - Make the rune have a big CD and give a lot of items on the trigger
: Then we'd get a 4-0 for FPX and what would that resolve? Sweep would still be a sweep.
They can make: 3 games a break for tactical and rest 3 more games a break for tactical and rest Last game It's clear something is wrong with this format. A lot of teams underperform in the finals and makes the whole worlds a joke to follow. You'd expect top games but last years where just the most boring ones. I think a break to reconsider strategy might at least spawn a good game
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: All "True" should be deleted
True damage is important. The problem is that is abused. True damage should be reserved exclusively to execute-like abilities. Not autos, not constant spells.
: Is it fair that if someone AFKs, everybody that is on the Losing team loses LP?
So if I duo with someone, he has internet problems and DC and we ofc lose, I have to lose more LP? Double the punishment? Or if I get a bug because of their spaghetti code and DC and can't reconnect Neah, the only thing they need to do is half the LP lose for those that remain, normal LP lose for the persons that DC and protect the users from demoting or losing a promo (once only), even if the users get to negative LP which then carries in case of demoting. Sure it can be abused a little, but let's be honest they community gain is too good for 1-2 players that have no life and abuse this.
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: Ryze shield in 2019 :'(
I don't think I saw a Ryze without {{item:3048}}
Moody P (NA)
: How is Kennen not a t1 VGU candidate
Kennen actually has a great kit. About the low interaction, just take half the mages. Ryze: run stun shield run away, Ekko: dash stun run away, etc. Kennen rework of E actually made him pretty interesting. He's also very interesting as a bot choice As for VGU, he deserves one, but he's a rat in a ninja suit, not much they can add
Abandon (OCE)
I think last week (?) I had a game and the support was decent so I asked him to join me the next game. He did, only to find out it was impossible to start the match as he was bronze and I was gold. Like ... how the fk was here there in the first place? Now this particular player, was a decent enchanter, but can't help but wonder what if there were others like him outmatched in solo lanes. The matchmaking is fked hard
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: What do you guys miss most from league?
Longer fights. Being deleted in 1 second is stupid gameplay
AdamrCc (EUW)
: The elder dragon execute outright invalidates champions such as Warwick and Olaf.
Any dragon changes in making the dragons more important will destroy the lower elo SoloQ. Why? Because a lot of games you can't control the drake because the team refuses to help ward. Same with Baron. But at least Baron is harder to kill than a mere drake I honestly don't think the changes will survive in this format after the preseason
: Riot needs to remove CDR from most items and make it a stat you have to built into again and not coming free with your items. As a mage in the older days you HAD to itemize everything to get 40% and those items didnt have AP built into them so you sacrificed damage for shorter cooldowns. If Mages can do their rotations less often then there's an actual trade off for when and how to use your skills instead of blowing them all to one shot people so you can rotate again in 2 seconds. That goes for the rest of the classes. CDR needs to be something you build in and not free through 1 item (Ludens) and a keystone making cap at 40% instantly.
The main problem they legitly encounter with this approach was in balancing ability CD. So some champions will need compensation in naturally reducing their CD or shift damage from abilities to autos, and then ADCs will again reign supreme. It's very hard to balance them when CDR items are specialized and scarce. When the game had 50 champs, it was doable, now, not so much. That's why {{item:3161}} proves so problematic. On some champs it works fine, on others, basically adding a layer of further CDR makes them too strong
: > [{quoted}](name=GripaAviara,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LKItzN8n,comment-id=0001000200000000,timestamp=2019-10-27T23:50:27.305+0000) > > So Nidalee has an 8 min powerspike over ekko .... broken Nidalee Nidalee is a versatile jungler who's not weak to invades and scales up well while being able to pressure at all points of the game. Ekko is a pure gimmick as a champion and there's a reason he's in jg instead of midlane; all champs who suck ass in lane go to jg because they have to fight bad match ups way less (just like Wukong and Camille went jg because they were weak as hell as top laners).
Nidalee is very weak when it comes to invades. You almost can't contest any of the current meta jungle since you need to : have enough mana, early mana on nida is a pain so you have low hp after clears, slow early clear due to need of kiting, you need to hit the spear to warrant a 1v1 win. So if the opponent has decent reflexes and it's not stupid to CJ without wards, tough luck as Nidalee. Where Nidalee excels is at early ganks and map roaming. Her current higher than 50% win rate is due to this, you pick a busted lane and snowball it. And since the games averagely end up early especially in high ELO and the fact only Nida mains play Nida, she might look busted. But no, Nida is way underpowered compared to other champs, but she's damn fun to play
: I play two matched of TFT every day, just because of the beta rewards
What beta rewards? You mean the rewards from TFT screen where you start the game? Are there non TFT related rewards ( like champion skins) ? Because if all rewards are TFT related and you don't play TFT then they are useless
Saezio (EUNE)
: 10 year anniversary appreciation thread
They did great with the anniversary. But I hope we don't get to wait another 10 years for such an event
: > [{quoted}](name=GripaAviara,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LKItzN8n,comment-id=00010002,timestamp=2019-10-27T23:06:54.429+0000) > > Nidalee?? Wtf :)) > > As a nidalee main: it's a pain to hit the stick. You hit the stick, prepare to jump the champion use dash since it seems any champion has to dash. Now you are a squishy champion that is in the melee and useless. Ya dead > > There comes ekko: doesn't need to hit a skillshot to dash far. Has CC, shield, and ulti that saves him and guess what the damage is nearly the same No it isn't lol. Ekko's early laning is stupidly weak pre-6 and easily abusable by enemy assassins as well as mages. Ekko doesn't even do halfway decent damage until protobelt.
So Nidalee has an 8 min powerspike over ekko .... broken Nidalee
Sylaelque (EUW)
: Vlad, Kai'Sa, Neeko, Janna, Qiyana, Shaco, Kled, Vi, Rek'Sai, Lee, Fizz, Taliyah, Nidalee, Xayah
Nidalee?? Wtf :)) As a nidalee main: it's a pain to hit the stick. You hit the stick, prepare to jump the champion use dash since it seems any champion has to dash. Now you are a squishy champion that is in the melee and useless. Ya dead There comes ekko: doesn't need to hit a skillshot to dash far. Has CC, shield, and ulti that saves him and guess what the damage is nearly the same
Abandon (OCE)
: There are too many strong champions right now. Please balance the game.
I totally agree with the point, but not with the list. Morgana, Leona, Ashe are fine. They have above the chart win rates because they provide CC and in a game where fights last 2 seconds (like wtf) a 1-2 second stun is a death sentence. ** The game needs to tone down the OVERALL DMG** Kayle has a very bad design. She's not broken per say, it's broken per design. No champion should be allowed to be useless early and totally nuts late. It's pure bad design when your main audience is SoloQ which can't mount a response to this due to lack of coordination Then you have Ryze, Puke, Garen, Jax, etc that like you said are too stupidly strong and the only thing that keeps them in check are other stupidly strong champion.
DalekZec (EUNE)
: At this point, mobile games with loot boxes are like mobile versions of casinos. Isn't this shit gambling though?
It is, but since politicians have no clue how they work and even if they exist and not enough people complain about regulating them by law, they skim below the radar I see you are from EU. You can do a good deed and write to your representative about this issue
: > [{quoted}](name=General Esdeath ,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0O4wj1eL,comment-id=001300000000,timestamp=2019-10-27T05:59:53.391+0000) > > $10.00 > > 4 digits, gg ez I play a MMORPG that I can confirm regular whales spend at least $1000 a month (judging from the Diamond status they have) and the super whales can spend up to $30000 to build a single piece of gear. Illegal real money trading obviously happens because of this, but that's just to be expected at this point.
This happens when politicians have no clue about those practices because they can't understand the tech. I expect more corporate new tech exploits in the future. Just to draw a picture: You have casino gambling that's heavily regulated with min allowed rates, transparent rates, age limit, legal supervision, etc. Casino's max unique clientele in their lifespan is around a few hundred thousand people. You have gacha (lootbox) gambling: no regulation, non transparent rates since no authority checks if the company lies, there is a theoretical 14 years (!!!) age limit, but because there is no hard restriction a lot of kids bellow 14 end up in the game. Some game have tens of millions of players in their short lifespan across the globe.
mark6028 (EUW)
: How many worlds midlaner have to rush void staff second ?
Obviously, at Worlds mages rush void staff when every comp has at least 1 tank which inevitably builds MR
: Can you actually read the sentence that I wrote? I didn't say he had nothing to do with it was the player and the team that is the reason he was 9/0 not the champion.
Yeah sure, right That champion is broken in pro play. Every Asian knows that but EU and NA for some reason ignore this
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: It had nothing to do with the champion it was DoinB and FPX playing better. It's not like Fnatic were playing so good but oh damn that OP ryze is the only thing stopping them from losing.
Yeah the unkillable 9/0 solo killer Ryze sure had nothing to do with it
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: Role queue actually lowers matchmaking quality.
Maybe in very high ELO, i donno, you know better. But the role choice made the game A TON more healthy. Remember "mid or feed"?? Do we really want that to exist?
: Whats the point of removing niche items?
Ohmwrecher had his niche. Like a 3 Assasin team comp vs a turtle team. Rare, but hey why remove the option? ZZ rot on the other hand, it was a decent item for tanks that dont need mana to pus. Such items add depth, even if a little and since they already are there why remove them?
: Victorious Aatrox looks like GARBAGE
This skin is insulting. And not talking about taste, theme or whatnot. The problem is that it clearly looks rushed and cheap. Like made by an intern. And this is the season reward, something players compete to get. It should be a thank you from Riot so you'd expect that they would pour a little work in the skin. It's like going to a bd party, forgetting to buy a present and a card. You go pick the first card that it happens to be "Happy Halloween" and marker. Scratch over "Halloween" and write bellow "Birthday!"
: Improving matchmaking will probably improve player behaviour as well
Totally agree. 2 things cause this absurd toxicity: - insane damage that makes the game frustrating. You play in the lane, you kinda "win" the lane. Then out of the blue a 3/0 mid comes and instakills you. Woot. Out of frustration flame the poor guy that so happens was counter picked, because atm if you get counter picked, you're fked since let's take Fizz. He hops a screen away and kills you in 2 spells + ignite. Well ... boy, that was fun and interactive - unbalanced matchmaking. You win a game, unrewarding. You lose a game due to a clear difference in teammates, unnerving
: Garen has currently a 55.92 win rate mid and a 55.50% win rate top
Swimmx (NA)
: What if the LOL world Champions this year speak out in support of Hong Kong.
Why would they get political? It's always bad for a global company to get political
: Pyke is still fucking broken as shit
Well, accurate post, one year passed since this post and Puke still is broken
: I love how Meta and balance changes is forcing us to forgot about undercover over powered champions
: Why is Riot holding on to the flex q anyways? I means isn’t this pretty much a joke q where people go the screw around. Anyone would swap flex q for a pure solo q.
Not in high flex que ELO, where you find decent 5 v 5 teams
Tox715 (NA)
: Yes please this would actually make ADC a playable role for me again. I wouldn't have to go into games dreading facing a botlane duo with whatever random (possibly autofilled) support is on my team.
Yeah, this is stupid as fk that is possible. If the matchmaking gets a duo should not autofill in the enemy team unless there's an equivalent roles duo
: I mean, Yasuo vs melees has a rough time if they have any bit of power that exists before late game. I'd replace him with Riven.
Neah, i mean if you mean by rough time, that he has to play safe and not destroy the lane, then yeah. There might be 2-3 champs that Yasuo struggles with surviving, but when you look at the 145 champion pool, it's neglectable
: Its literally more difficult to avoid 45% CDR than to build it
It's actually not that easy on most champions. It's true the CDR come 'for free' for some, but they are balanced around that
: What's going on with this Malp jungle outburst lately? Anyone knows how and why this trend?
He is crazy strong and has decent clear and ganks, for some reason people are oblivious to this because he does have counters. But as a squishy player, Malphite is one of the most obnoxious and unfun matchups
: Why does Yasuo still have a 51% ban rate?
I almost always ban him when playing a range champion. That WW ability is insane. If the Yasuo is good, he basically disables any ranged champion. If you go close, he bashes you with his insane perma crit, so it makes it extremely frustrating
Saezio (EUNE)
: With the slight difference kai'sa can destroy people in challenger and pro play while poor teemo can't do shit past plat.
Kai'sa does that due to her busted passive and the fact invis+adc SHOULD NOT be a thing ever Twitch was busted for a long time Vayne was busted for a long time Kai'sa is overloaded and pretty good stats atm so it's normal she is super strong. The advantage invis does to ADCs is nuts, because it allows you to reposition and escape burst, the two most dreaded ADC problems
: Ezreal E forwards a fixed distance and gets intsalocked often. He cant go in backline and one shot enemy adc. Neither Trist nor Caitlyn can go and run around while killing backlines. They always gets targetted. Kaisa doesn't.
You can go burst Ezreal and play him like an assasin. It's not the best build on him, but it works. {{item:3078}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3152}} {{item:3031}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:246}} {{champion:131}} and others, all have, more or less the same mobility as Ezreal
: New player's most asked questio: Kai'sa is a Assasin or Adc???
I've seen threads like this often here, but the real answer is: I DOESN'T MATTER Each champion is different and most can be used on different roles. Can Kai'sa be an assasin? Sure. Can she be an ADC? Sure. Can she be an APC? Sure. Can she be a diver? Not the best build on her, but sure.
: > [{quoted}](name=GripaAviara,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EBs8ZE2x,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-09-19T14:57:57.153+0000) > > Why is roaming a bad thing though? Roaming only viable, if you win your lane. If you try to roam as the losing champion, then one of the 2 things will happen. 1. You get followed, and WRECKED. 2. Enemy DESTROYS your turret. Unless you play a super roamer like TF, or Pantheon, that reaches other lane in 5 seconds you end up badly as a losing champion.
No, I mean why shouldn't players be able to roam and be forced to play in the lane
: Tower plating exists for a reason and i think people have forgotten what it was like before it existed. Before plating the meta was pick wave clear champions and roam. Now with plating people have to think before just roaming. Removing plating is just going to revert back to that.
Thilmer (EUW)
: Pike's ult is just dumb in so many ways. Ranged AoE execute that recharges CD Darius style and gives extra gold… you can make three different ultimates with this thing. Also, when Pike gets a kill alone, he ""assists"" himself and gets double gold. The first time I saw it, I thougth it was a bug.
You know what's more annoying, him getting safe out of invis, hitting you 2 times and ulti and you're dead as a squishy because he can dish 1400 dmg (the HP most squishy champs have at the time) in an instant with 2 items AND then goes out safe and regenerates near full HP
: I played a game as Pyke and snowballed..
Well, at least the name is spot on. Every time I see him picked, I puke
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