: to be honest i like this current meta more than the tank meta that once was. but i also think it could be even better. i agree some champions, like panth, just have CRAZY base damage and ratios. all the newer champs and reworked champs are just so much better than ones that haven't been reworked. that's how i feel at least
the thing is , just like OP wrote, that damage is insane everywhere , instead of toning it down , they make it even more extreme with every patch and for christ sake those rework champions, people thought old pantheon (that sucked mid and late game) was bad, now you got an undying bully that can 2 Q you on level 1 , drop you to 25% and Q you on level 2 and become a raging killing machine that makes a fight / duel start practically when the opposite is under 40% HP at best
: Can we tone down damage and make league require skill again?
Dont forget the reworks, pantheon 200 dmg per Q level 1 , can E,Q,AA to kill you on level 2 without you even having a chance to play. Then there are abominations like yasuo , and as always certain invisible jungles that pop up and you die in 0,5 seconds anyhow long story short yes damage needs to go WAY down across the board
: Yeah Darius is a problem even to ranged champs now, since he's literally impossible to kite. He can build {{item:3800}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3071}} run at you at 670 ms and do assassin level of damage. But yeah "just cc him" "learn to kite"
Do not forget Ghost
: armor is not really the issue, its kinda fine. on the other hand, Magic resist needs a complete overhaul. they are far weaker compared to their armor counterparts and doesnt help that AP are too strong at the moment too.
destroy the 99.9% HP of any AD and watch him lifesteal 100% within 2 seconds , deal the same against any magic user, watch them run to base.
: why isnt armor reworked???
Why ? is it not fun for a 500 + armor rammus to die from a yasuo(that has 0 Armor pen items) during his ULT? or the ever increasing buffed true damage out there ? Against full AP team , pick something like mundo , garen etc, build spirit visage and you can most likely go 1 vs 3 kinda easily , get adaptive helmet and/or Wit's End and you are unstoppable. Try the same against any AD get rammus or maplhite, Get thorn mail , ninja tabi , dead mans , whatever , and get deleted in 3 seconds by most AD champs , throw darius , vayne , yi , trynda , jax in the mix and have fun getting killed in 1 CC dealing zero damage as they over heal you with conquerors and 0 lifesteal items , critting you for 500 every 0.6 seconds. Legit
Lock On (NA)
: Mordekaiser is still broken
Kennen outranges him , so does teemo ( I kille mordes kinda easy with teemo) , yoricks minions can kill him if he traps him in the circle and throws the mobs at him, malzahar feeds on him, I kill mordes with garen, vayne can own him, even aatrox can deal with him. So many counters, he has no hard cc , nearly all ranged champs own him and his cds are not low. he needs to be fed hard to do anything
: Yuumi is a broken champ
No counters too low cds, heals 2k every fight, can go full ap deal 1-1,5 k dmg along with having perma slows, an ult that stops you dead on your tracks if you dare approach its team mate, all the while being un target-able. Throw exhaust summoner in the mix and a safe champ like Ez that can spam Q and the cat will end up carrying the game as you need 5 people to even have a chance against it. , No counter play at all, way too safe, cc / heal machine with very low cds for what they do edit: last game total damage yuumi dealt to champs : 42863 , damage healed : 69660 , we got every single baron , we got all the dragons except one , we got turrets and inhibitor first , but yuumi coupled with ez could easily hold off / win vs 3. To put the damage she dealt(to champs) in perspective : tristana with 17 kills = 49147,teemo 61523,graves=38452,mf=59953,ezreal=63051,poppy=44675,renekton=22241 . The un target-able cat dealt more / equal dmg with the best damage dealers and over healed everything , that is with morello
: Is Mordekaiser too op?
easy to dodge spells, garen,teemo,darius,urgot,illaoi,kayle,kennen can kill him with relative ease, I do not see how morde is OP now , if the enemy picks morde I usually go for teemo , gg
Mc Raton (NA)
: Okay Nerf or Rework Tryndamere, it's not funny anymore.
I read a bit back that the chances of him landing 3 crits on you in a row were like 0. something.. Well I was crited 4 times in a row level 1 (~128 dmg) even trynda player recognized this , the game was lost at that point. (edit : he had dorans blade thus somehow 35% crit became 100%) A rework sounds nice
: > [{quoted}](name=SuicidePlank,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=a2lEz6Nm,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-07-06T00:59:10.424+0000) > > How can I walk out of Range of a champ that just dashes through a minion wave to stun me? > You know a good Renekton doesn't use his W out of Range, do you? spell shield, flash, ghost, boots, Sona e??? Endless possibilities Stay away from its vicinity????
> [{quoted}](name=l Spirit Rush l,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=a2lEz6Nm,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-07-06T01:01:41.384+0000) > > spell shield, flash, ghost, boots, Sona e??? Endless possibilities > > Stay away from its vicinity???? So your solution to renekton dashing a huge distance, stunning you (and taking a huge chunk of your health) healing, charging back, etc etc is = stay the hell away from him , let him farm his arse off cause there is nothing you can do ? Got it
: To all those saying Tryndamere's chances to crit you 3 times in a row are 35% * 35% * 0.35 ~= 4.3%
Just finished a game where level 1 trynda with doran blade crited me 4 times in a row , even he admitted that took place. Such a thing should not be possible
: So you've never seen a scenario where the entire community was saying "X is strong" but their win rate was low? You've never felt a champion was 'strong' but the win rate was low and the ban rate was high?
Yasuo is being complained about almost every....single....day for the past 5 years. Please tell me that if it was ANY other champ he would not have been nerfed to oblivion not being able to 1 vs 1 a god damn mob. Why yasuo gets to keep all the free shit he has , be manaless , having perma dashes , double bubbles , free armor pen , free critical , ww and massive damage is beyond me
Azeranth (NA)
: Yasuo is a Problem
You see daily threads about yasuo being stupidly op for the past 5 years , being able to reach 100% crit with 2 items then can build whatever the hell he wants, having no Cooldowns and no mana and countless dashes, a skill that completely negates everything a entire team can throw at him (unlike braums wall were effect are applied as well as damage even mitigated) with a ludicrous ult that can delete everything including tank , the most complained about champion for 5 years straight and STILL riot refuses to nerf him to the ground. If it was any other champ than their poster boy it would be less than unplayable , but yasuo gets to keep double crit that completely brakes the game with perma crit and omfg lifesteal , still has nothing to hold him back like you know Cooldowns like EVERY OTHER CHAMPION IN THIS GAME? has NO RESOURCE , and has a way too many get out of jail free cards. And ffs please dont go around saying he has a high skill cap, anyone that can play that safe , be 0/12/0 and still delete players after 20:00 , has too so many defenses with NO cd while being the single most mobile champion in game that can build anything is and will always be ludicrously op. He is and will forever remain a perma ban from me.
: nerf pyke
Dont forget the refreshing true damage ult , currently he is a blend of darius , tresh , ezreal ,zed , tahm and Evelyn , he should not excel at damage , cc , escape and sustain.
nelogis (EUW)
: Welcome to "What the hell just did so much damage to me?!"
Just played against taliyah , admittedly I had not seen that champ for some time , long story short : unraveled earth was hitting for 70% oh my hp since level 5? (had scored 2 kills he had 0) was a intense match due to a very good lee sin on our end, but at 46 (?) minutes 1 unraveled earth from a bush that was about to be warded dropped 3 of us (according to log that alone did 1586 dmg)
Oozıe (NA)
: Nerf Aatrox or Yuumi or both. This shouldn't be in the game.
Do not know if he was ok before buff /rework but currently he deals way too much damage, and landing his Q is not that hard coupled with his chain and dash, dealing 70-100% of the enemy HP when you have half an item is a bit insane
: @Riot About the Teemo's rework in PBE server
Why are they destroying teemo like that when oppressive cancer champs like neeko got buffs? nerfing R damage? like adaptive helm did not cancel out teemo already teemo uniqueness and in general as champion will be ruined
: i hope they just delete the champ hes so boring in all regards
or you know... create a rework that is actually useful and nice
: I worry for mordekaiser
I hope I am proved wrong, but I do not believe they can create a nice morde kaiser a mage tank (Something like shilien knights in lineage2) that does not suffer from the lack of cc and can be useful in team fights / current state of the game with out being OP nor having glitches / bugs on how he works. offtopic : I would so much like a yasuo rework seeing the removal of some of his overloaded kit so I do not have to perma ban nor have to end game before 30:00 cause then he will carry if he / his team are descent even when he is 0/12/2
: This game would be better off without Yasuo in it
Only champ that has been gold like overloaded for what 6 years? , mana less, can build tanky and still ROFL stomp 2 vs 1 even when behind , free armor pen , free bubble just from walking , items that seem made excursively for him , perma gap closer escape , no cooldown ,is perma banned and still is not nerfed to the ground or reworked
Kazekiba (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Anl0rian,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9HhWmgB8,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2019-02-16T19:14:03.417+0000) > > I think Riot is afraid to change anything about {{champion:157}}. If they removed his shield, I feel like he would become another AD vs ranged matchup. As much as I hate him, I'm not sure what they could change without completely destroying him. > Simple fix . Remove the double crit passive entirely (although he needs it now.) and make his W duration scale with Flow stacks, and also consume all stacks (but lower the cooldown significantly. Im talking 26/24/22/20/18 to 16 at all ranks levels of reduced. Or 24/23/22/21/20 if you want to play it safe. And if he ends up overpowered still, remove the 50% bonus armor pen that effectively negates the reduced Crit damage he does anyway. Yasuo should be hard countered by tanks while serving as a hard counter to mages/ranged burst (namely assassins and ADCs) instead of being the average CertainlyT champion and just being a counter to everything and everyone not named {{champion:10}}
Some Charges on and/or CD on Dash... PLEASE
: I think Riot is afraid to change anything about {{champion:157}}. If they removed his shield, I feel like he would become another AD vs ranged matchup. As much as I hate him, I'm not sure what they could change without completely destroying him. Take {{champion:134}} for example. The 5.9 update made her S tier and completely overpowered. So Riot reverted the change and nerfed the base damage of her Q to 50 from 70 at level 1, and narrowed the hitbox of her stun where it was almost impossible to land unless the enemy walked in front of a dark sphere or you R'd then E'd. She is now back to her "happy medium" before the MYMU. People still complain about her being a "press R champ", but her ultimate takes time to set up, and once she does it, shes useless.
I am good with completely destroying yasuo, it is not JUST one thing. it is not JUST that he has no resource, it is not JUST that he has no CD, it is not JUST that he can perma crit with 2 items thus leaving enough inventory space to build anything and STILL deal outrageous dmg, it is not JUST that his WW is for all intensive purposes a in game cheat negating 97% of what every single other champ in game can throw at him and his team , it is not just he gets too much of a bubble from the skillful art of walking thus negating poking , it is not just that his ULT works with every single displacement in game, it is not just that he can dash/escape on a permanent basis. It is ALL of the above and THEN some. I would like every single champ out there to be playable and able to do its part, EXCEPT yasuo , He can be turned into a useless champ that can not even kill mobs, and I would still be happy. There are many champs that can do with a fine tune, Zed for example might be a bit too safe for the escape artist / assassin he is , but you can play against him , you can actually counter him , you can poke him, you can have your JG get him , you can play a bit safe and time Zhonyas to survive his ult, there are so many things you can do against him. Good luck with Yasuo when even at 0/3 he can get 1 item , SPAM E, get on you , knock you up and kill you or drop you to 10% of your HP and you have to B
: 1) yasuo is 1 of 5 champs I've never played in pvp before. 2) he is being nerfed next patch to compensate the item changes he doesn't get nerfed into the ground because it isn't necessary. you need to focus on getting better at the game rather than just blaming riot for what goes wrong in silver. chill the fuck out and try using your brain
Strange that it is 1 champ , yasuo that makes everyone else to get better to deal with him and his overloaded BS of a skill set.
: except for wind wall ? he's fairly well designed, but windwall just kind of crushes any satisfaction of playing against him if you're a ranged character while also offering him complete control over how battles progress He's a hypercarry that has tank and support characteristics, but of course no one would want to play him if he only had those support characteristics or had to suffer a lot for it, so it makes more sense to CHANGE windwall so he retains his tank and carry characteristics. Keyword: Change. it doesn't have to be removed, but it does have to be changed to be fair to the opponents it feels like extra information, but I made a simple example. Imagine a mage that could somehow stop all melee attacks. Not only would this character be a permanent must-pick opponent to yasuo, it would also destroy the effectiveness of all melee opponents, yet for some reason, it's okay for yasuo to do the same to ranged characters?
"no one would want to play him" if he was just 1 thing, assassin , support , tank, bruiser, mage, like EVERYONE ELSE in game... Well I am FINE with NONE every playing Yasuo EVER again.
: We gut entire champions kits, but for Yasuo..
First things first : this is a RANT and I am biased AF , I am a mediocre player , playing for the most part Pantheon and Teemo and I play for fun. most of the times I win my lane, but I do not mind going against any champion and getting owned , even owned Hard But Today I had my last game of LoL, I am sick and fucking tired of playing against the cancerous god that is YASUO and riot refuses to nerf him to normal levels. I play only normal blind pick games, I am sick and tired having to play against a player that gets to nearly perma crit with starting item, have perma bubble, have WW in case he messes up, and being able to dash ENDLESSLY , with NO GOD DAMN CD. There is no weakness on that god of cancer, he literally needs to be mess up time and time again (due to multiple get out of jail cards he is overloaded with) and by the time he has his 2nd item , good luck stopping him. He can build anything, he can dash endlessly, he has no resource, he has way too much in the way of defenses, , he can jump in 3 people , throw a WW, get free kills ,spam E to escape, he can go 0/20 and still carry his ass off getting 5 kills with a lucky maplh ult. For CHRIST FUCKING SAKE, its been 5 YEARS OF CANCER, there is a reason why you see AT LEAST 1 yasuo in EVERY SINGLE GOD DAMN GAME, there is a reason why the most toxic, vile,cocky and often less than mediocre players play yasuo. He has NO god damn CDs killing teemo while blinded with 2 fucking Q in less than 3 seconds. His ULT works ON EVERY GOD DAMN DISPLACEMENT in game WTF. Even when the player you go up against is obviously less skilled than you and you would own him if he was playing with 97% of the champs , he will own you just cause he plays yasuo (yeah I know that is not true for every single game for every single YASUO, its called hyperbole) if you do not outplay him by 500% Nerf the cancer to the god damn ground so we can get a god damn reprieve after 5 YEARS of YASUO spamming E and right clicking his way to victory even when 0/20. Nerf the god damn thing to fucking hell , make it unplayable a free kill so we get less toxic players. Why Does a single champ get ALL Yasuo have ? No resource ? No CDs ? Perma Crits? WW, Free armor pen , Hard CC, Items that seem to be made JUST for him, bubble from... WALKING, Unlimited Dash/Gap Closer/Escape. And please do not get me started "Oh but his win rate" , Means Jack Shit , If he was not as OP as he is it would be WAY down with the kind of people that play YASUO , "oh 3 champs can deal with him" And he deletes everyone else sooner or later. "CC him" that works FOR EVERYONE ELSE IN GAME AS well, Why does a match and 2 teams have to be about a single champ once he is in game ? Today I had enough playing against the 10000000000000000000000000th yasuo , I had enough of this cancer , and thus after years I am done with lol until that fucking cancer has some CDs so he has to think how to spent his E, he has to buy more than 2 items to get perma crit leaving enough inventory space to build ANYTHING , have some counter play, a WW that does not negate everything, his ranged CC requires at least 3 Q to charge and his ULT works with his knockback only, not every single displacement . would that make him unplayable ? AWESOME, I am so sick of at least 1 yasuo per game, how many times have you seen 2 heimerdinger in a match ? how about 2 morde , 2 teemo , 2 fizz , 2 Twisted Fate, 2 fiddle sticks, 2 any champion really (with Zed being another exception to the rule) , yet 2 yasuos ? one in each team? happens all the time. Rant over. Sorry for that , I had to vent , years of having to deal with that cancer time and again got to me
: Anyone else sick of seeing Yasuo every single game?
2019 and Still in....every....single....(normal)game
xRoyalty (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=abca98,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ffBqOsEP,comment-id=0000000000000001,timestamp=2018-10-05T21:08:54.870+0000) > > It's almost like people who complain about Yasuo play champions that have trouble against him. so, you have to play a tank if you want to win lane
> [{quoted}](name=xRoyalty,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ffBqOsEP,comment-id=00000000000000010001,timestamp=2018-10-05T22:44:54.381+0000) > > so, you have to play a tank if you want to win lane have you seen a 0/20 yasuo killing a full ad tank rammus in ~ 4 seconds ? I have. Have you seen a yasuo getting stomped in lane and still get penta kills just spamming E and right click ? I have. Have you seen yasuo buying 2 items , getting 100% crit and 700+ heal per hit , going full tank then proceed to go 1 vs 5 with relative ease ? everyone has. Overloaded, manaless , with range , unavoidable CC, armor pen , way too safe between his mobility , ww and bubble , his R works with every displacement in game , he seems to have no weaknesses other than the player messing up and even then is a WAY too forgiving champ , Spam E to safety. There is a reason why you see at LEAST one yasuo 9/10 random games for YEARS now, is by FAR the most played champ , i am sick and tired of seeing yasuo, i am sick and tired of having to be afraid of yasuos that messed up time and again, went 0/20 and still get penta kills cause the game lasted more than 20:00 , I am sick of this CANCER that is the overloaded and always godlike Yasuo.
: I'm tired of seeing Yasuo every game
Years since this was posted and still you get AT LEAST 1 yasuo in 8/10 random games
: Anyone else sick of seeing Yasuo every single game?
time for a necro 2019 still seeing 2 yasuo in 8/10 normal games
I7A6X2v2 (NA)
: Another whining thread from a guy who couldnt dodge {{champion:142}} 's Q.
Another whining thread from a guy who couldnt dodge 's Q, Every 3 seconds...
: I'm amazed by the amount of "Nasus OP" threads we are seeing these days
Wither practically no CD by the time it ends you are withered again, can built full tank and deal 1100+ dmg on Q, Ignores pokes due to passive lifesteal, for some reason he stacks 3 per mob, dont know know about OP , but he is definitely a beast that could need a tweak, W being on longer CD and potential would be nice
: Aatrox is the worst Rework of all time
thing is with his kit its very easy to land the edge of your Q , and that hits extremely hard , thus I do not find him UP , if anything his skills hit way too hard
: Massive nerf to Pyke on PBE
I dont think his dmg was the issue, the constant heal ,coupled with moving speed, invisibility and the fact that he has the dash stun as well to escape / initiate and a flash is insane, he can heal almost full HP every few seconds, IMO his healing and how often he can do so is the issue
: Yasuo Nerf
Can be 0/20 , just hang out in the back line , waiting for a knock up (ANY KNOCKUP) and get a penta out of it , overloaded as hell, 100% crit with 1 item, (-10% Is ludicrous ) bubble, range, no resource, a windwall that coupled with bubble makes it too safe to play and counters entire teams , Gap closer/escape/initiate E spam, free armor pen (like he did not have enough free things already ), he has no reason to build any defense/hp item as attack speed/perma crits life steal (coupled with bubbles , ww and E avoiding every skill shot with easy) does it for him and there is at least 1 per team in 99% of the games


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