: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 21
Any changes planned for Vel’Koz? The meta has been pretty rough for him for quite some time now, and hes just not performing as well as he used to. Even some QoL buffs like making the camera Zoom out upon using R(like Xerath), would be a great improvement.
: Champions based on sub-factions
A Baccai champion would be lovely. We know they exist, yet we still have not seen a single one in the lore, let alone in the game as a champion. Obviously a Watcher or one of the Void masters would be a great addition. They’d be a worthy rival for Aurelion Sol. Talking of Sol. Dragons. We know that there over 200 dragon species in Ionia, and that elemental drakes originate from Ixtal. Why not make more dragon champions? Perhaps a dragon vastayah could be a very nice addition to the thin roster of champs from this region. Altough Urgot kinda fullfills this to some degree, a chembaron champion would be welcome. Perhaps the one from the Zaun story in the Realms of Runaterra Book. A champion from the tribe of Lissandra, the Frostguard. This is the least represented tribe of the three, so more champions could be added to it. A true Blessed isles champion. Not someone who survived the Ruination and got twisted by it , but someone who managed to remain completely untouched by the black mist. And lastly a champion from the region between Noxus and Demacia would also be a great addition. We know they use magic, so maybe it could be some kind of a shaman.
: Where do black people like Lucian, Ekko, Pyke and Senna originate from on Runeterra?
I may be incorrect, but if i remember correctly theres a region between Noxus and Demacia, which is not shown on the map, that as far as i'm aware houses mostly black skinned people. One of the members of this region was showcased in of the demacian stories earlier this year. Still i could be very wrong about this, and even if this is true, the people there would have had to get there from somewhere else, considering the climate of that region is not particulalry warm. Thoguh it could explain why Lucian and Senna are black skinned, since their families could have migarted from here.
Bârd (NA)
: Think about it. People have two eyes. Collecting only one is just wasteful.
: Ask me anything!! (About narrative (for Warwick, Urgot, Swain, Nunu & Willump, and Pantheon (VGUs)))
Can you give us any hints about Beatrice? Will we ever learn how Swain managed to overtake her? Also why did you decide to take her out of Swain's kit when redesigning him?
: Bring Us Your Bugs!! Celebrating 10 Years of LoL
Sometimes if you cast your E with velkoz just before your about to die, the animation of the ability will appear on the ground, but the effect of the ability will not take place.
: I missed you all
https://imgur.com/a/Ju9A2jL Here you go!
: No... That was several months ago/last year. This was recently. Edit: [Link.](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/u95tmZGx-any-idea-when-the-next-non-human-non-humanoid-champion-is-gonna-be?comment=0001)
Ohh i missed that one! Very good news though.
: Well Reav3 _did_ say there was another non-human(non-human means its not a human but still humanoid) in early development not too long ago that we'll likely see in 2020 if they don't get iceboxed. Maybe that's Ildhaurg, but we have no way on knowing literally anything right now.
Yeah but he also confirmed that he was talking about Yuumi.
: > [{quoted}](name=The Iceborn,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=pfnLxYHW,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2019-09-21T20:57:56.613+0000) > > As of now, all they should be afraid of is Lissandra and her plotting.. ####{{champion:127}} _**"Plans within plans."**_
{{champion:143}} **"Plants with implants."**
: > [{quoted}](name=Jango Mage,realm=EUNE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=eu7mOtca,comment-id=0000000000000002,timestamp=2019-09-19T15:23:23.631+0000) > > According to Lux’s quotes they have never even met. Ezreal x Lux used to be an official ship. Then Riot changed it. And by that I mean they completely destroyed it. Now it's Ezreal having a crush on Lux, while Lux insists that they've never met and just overall shits on him. Way to go, Riot. I guess Lux just has to fall for a ripped half-naked guy who is like 15 years older than her, is a raging prisoner, a manipulator who exploited her, and a mass murderer, because of course she does. Umm hmm.
Was it it really offical? Like lore-canon? As far as i remember it was never actually stated in the lore, it was just generally agreed upon by the fans. Not like i have a problem with this ship or anything.
: Is it just a crush? I thought they are supposed to be dating in the future, especially since that whole Sylas ship for her is completely debunked with that comic now.
According to Lux’s quotes they have never even met.
: His Ult was never considered canon... but after Kayle's rework it's very likely he is drawing from her power to smite the enemies of Demacia. If that actually summons a big-ass sword from the sky - I'm impressed, but that might just be visualization for gameplay clarity. However we can take it as indication that he does have some sort of power, but he hasn't shown it yet (just like Morgana _could_, but _has not_ used her ult in canon) and he isn't aware of it.
Swain does imply that garen uses magic tho {{champion:50}} "Ignorant of the very magic you carry into battle" And i think its safe to say that swain is up to something with his hints.
: > [{quoted}](name=nosafterburn,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=r91P1Mzp,comment-id=00030001,timestamp=2019-06-01T19:42:23.220+0000) > > Riot IT Guy#1: Why is there so much porn showing up on our radar this week? > > Riot IT Guy#2: Narrative is trying to find a name for the new champ. > > {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} The fear is real. I know I've wondered what the IT folks have made of some of my searches in the past.
Do you have any examples, that you can share, of names that turned out to be inappropriate?
: I cannot get over the fact that Zac got reverted before Skarner
I cannot get over the fact that Zac, Lb and Rengar got reverted b4 Malzahar.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 17
In your post about Wukong, you mentioned that you will look into making his ult CD start on key press rather than after the ability has finished. Could you perhapsw do the same for velkoz as well?
: > [{quoted}](name=AIQ,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=2EuW8XQA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-10T16:40:10.794+0000) > > I am Iron Man! > > > > Also yes.... vote for Shyvana instead. But Shyvana's finally found her place. Finally building to her scalings instead of having to build generic bruiser items.
I mean, dragons are covered in scales so what did u expect
: This is my own list that I can refer to on the subject matter. > [DEITIES] - Great Weaver- Nature God, governs the tapestry of fate, Shurima origins. - Shurima Sun god- Before the Sun Disk Shurima had a pantheon of gods, they were disowned and now long forgotten. - Bearded Lady- Elder God, governs the sky; sea; movement, Blue Flame Isles/Buhru origins. - Ornn- Firstborn, demi-god of fire and craftsmanship, Freljord origins. - Anivia- Benevolent idol, demi-god of the bitter cold; wind; rebirth/transition, Freljord origins. - The Volibear (Thousand-Pierced bear) - Ambivalent idol, demi-god of battle, uncivilized wilderness and thunder, Freljord origins. - The Sealsister- Forgotten goddess of the frozen sea, Freljord origins. - The Tusk Lord- Undisclosed demi-God, Freljord origins. > [IDOLS] - Gray Lady- Patron saint, the catalyst for Techmaturgy, Piltover/Zaun origins. - Veiled Lady (Morgana)- Patron saint of penance and atonement, Demacia origins. - The Protector (Kayle)- Patron saint of unwavering justice, Demacia origins. - Sivunas Alahair- prophesied hero, Shurima origins. - The Ascended Host/Darkin- all Sunborn were treated with god-like reverence, more so out of fear during the Darkin War. - Demon (Evelynn, Nocturne, Tahm Kench, Swain's demon) The spiritual manifestations of various aspects of humanity, feeding on unnatural coveting and/or unhealthy addictions. Note: I would love to include related items as "Idols" too, but gameplay =/= lore. > [ENTITIES] - Aurelion Sol- Born when the universe first came to be and spent eons forging stars. this allowed for the formations of star systems, planets and planetary life across the cosmos. Not particularly known throughout Runeterra nor worshiped. - Bard- A traveler from beyond the stars and an agent of serendipity to maintain balance where life can endure the indifference of chaos. - Nagakabouros- The exact size and scope of this being transcend mortal comprehension. It's a 'force' of energy that's connected with all living things. - Vilemaw- Although not a god, this entity is far more than meets the eye. - Kindred- Runeterra's mythological representation of death. Spoken of only in whispered tones by those who narrowly avoided fatality and seen by all in life's last moments. - Aspects- A group of cosmic unknowns, each embody a particular concept and has the ability to imbue mortals with their power/persona. - The Watchers- the conscious manifestation of the unknown nothingness that lies beyond. - The Spirit of Ionia- An unknown entity that expresses itself in various magical ways, through the land and abilities of some the champs. >[CULTS/SPIRITUAL INSTITUTIONS] ~~RELIGIONS~~ - Cult of the Three Sister- (Avarosa, Serylda, Lissandra). Ancient Freljordian saints revered as if god-like. - Draklorn- Lissandra's own cult inquisition. - Solari- Targon Sun(light) worshiping. - Lunari- Targon Moon(light) worshiping. - Church of the Glorious Evolved- Faith through techmaturgy and the practice of sacrificing flesh with mechanical limbs. - Somersaulting like Rammus - Yeah, some weird thing Shuriman's do to honor Rammus. - Sun Disk- Shuriman Sun priests dictate the will of the cosmos for those honored with the rite of Ascension. - The Illuminators- A charitable religious order and one of the only organizations within Demacia to utilize mages, albeit secretly. - Kinkou Order- An ancient clan dedicated to the preservation of balance and the protection of spirits and humans alike. - Indigenous culture Buhru- Not much is known beyond their devotion to Nagakabouros and the many other serpent gods. - Brethren of the Dusk- They maintain and bury corpses, not too sure if actually religious though. Doesnt matter tho, as they're all dead.
I feel like Rammus could be potentially regarded as an Entity or a Deity, though we know so little about his origins currently. Personally, i think it'd be very fitting if he was simmilar to Ornn or Anivia, in the way of shaping the overall landscape of the area where he's located. Also, aren't there some festivals in Demacia that celebrate, Poppy, the hero who wields the hammer? Not sure if that could be regarded as religion tho. We also know that both Vlad and Eve have followers, right? Maybe the void-supporting cult that Malzahar is in, could also be mentioned here. And lastly, Viktor's notion of glorious evolution, also kinda resembles religious beliefs with all of his followers.
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: Made a thread when Neeko came out hoping that they would become a faction then. I thought a unique niche for them would be to be gatekeepers of magic. They don't irrationally hate it like Demacia or use it ruthlessly like Noxus or try to harmonize with it like Ionia or worship/venerate it like The Freljord, Mt. Targon and Shurima do. They have a very Ryze-like sensibility about it, but more extreme. It exists and it can be dangerous in the wrong hands so they try to amass as much as they can in any form to protect the world (artifacts, Hextech even actual World Runes). They don't trust anyone else to use it. This is because the Kumungu Jungle got hit pretty hard during the Rune Wars which has had a lasting effect on their culture. They are directly south of the chunk of Valoran next to Noxus that is missing. Which is suggested to be due to the Rune Wars, east of their desert Shuriman cousins and see the negative impact that the Ascended and Darkin had there the biggest one is that they are directly west of the Shadow isles which fell victim to the Ruination. The reason they must keep themselves secret is because of what happened with the Blessed Isles. They were home to magical artifacts and healing waters that made them a target to others. In service of this they use the untameable jungle as their ally. Their sophisticated culture and citadel is located in the center of the Jungle but the kicker is that they use dummy tribes of human and Vastaya to feign inferiority to surrounding societies (Piltover, Bilgewater and Shurima). By surrounding themselves with savages whose leaders report directly to the central command structure they can essentially remain completely incognito presence of the world stage. This is part of their darkness (Like Demacias' magic phobia, Noxian tyranny and Targons' misguided religious fervor) though as well. When outlying tribes get attacked, they turn a blind eye. If someone needs help they turn them away, If a tribal leader gets fed up and threatens to reveal Kumungu (or whatever Riot calls it) to the world they swiftly dispatch assassins to silence them (THIS COULD BE THE ROLE OF THE NEW AD ASSASSIN!). Anything to protect their secret. This could give off a spooky Big Brother, harmful government oversight, Edward Snowden type vibe to give the area more contrast. The Rune Wars are a WWII/Cold War analogue, a story device that is supposed to bring that very real fear of WMDs to Runeterra. Kumungu should be that worlds' Chernobyl or Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Even in the old lore the Kumungu jungle "bears the scars of the Rune War". I'm thinking a good analogy for radiation would be magical anomalies. A little like Ionia but less harmonious natural magic and more discord, environmental damage like stuff that calls to mind polar ice caps melting and global warming and animal extinction irl. Areas of the jungle that have different gravity. Warped time. Magically enhanced Flora and Fauna. Crazy Numenera type stuff that lets us see that the magic of the runes is dangerous and can fuck the world up in the wrong hands. The people of Kumungu live this reality everyday and remember the cost of magical power and try to prevent the rest of the world from being like their home. Just what I came up with. Came close to stepping on Ionia and the Vastayas toes but I tried my best to differentiate the faction and make it its' own. Might make a thread later once I make it more solid
Hoooly, thats actually a really great idea, and now i'm gonna be very dissaponted if their lore is just them protecting the trees from piltover. Only thing i dont really understand is that Kumungu doesnt have to do anything with the rest of the world, so i dont quite get why the rune wars would have had an effect on it. I get that from zyra's lore we do know that the war had infact reached the jungles, but it just seems weird to me that the nations of Valoran, who fought the war, would prefer to fight in such a hostile environment like what Kumungu has been desrcibed before. Though I can imagine Kumungu hosting a lot of untouched world runes, kinda like a huge oil reserve, that everyone would have wanted to get their hands on during the war, so that could be a good reason to dive deep into the jungle.
: Somekind of secret society remnicent of Mayan and Inca society. I'm calling it now. I just really hope that it isn't a retread of the Vastayan niche and they have something unique about them.
I agree. Mayan and inca cultures are not reperesented in any of the factions currently, so im _rooting_ for the jungle faction to fulfill this role.
: Kumungu is like a mini region within the greater Shuriman Jungles
Rioters have said multiple times, that they really dont like the name Kumungu. So my guess is that its just going the be a geographical place, and the actual region will have a new name. But i could be wrong, and i'd be very happy if they named the region Kumungu.
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: I haven't played in about a year (Kaisa was last, didn't even know Pyke was coming)
Not sure if you were here then or not, but targeted spells now proc minion agro, so that might affect your Panth matches.
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: Champion play patterns are disintigrating
disintegrating u say?{{champion:161}}
: Worth noting that Rek'Sai has waited that long and yet STILL only has 2 alternate skins. I think everyone else waiting since 2015 has at least 4 alternate skins, except maybe Udyr?
: Item Shop Cleanup
Any chance we could see the return of Spellvamp in the shop?
: Laughing Fish’s Birthday Spectacular: Come and get your free skins!
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 22
Last year you said that Banner of command could return in the future. Is that statement still true? If yes, can we expect it again anytime soon?
Meddler (NA)
: Oh, man, it's been a while. From memory we were drawn to the shape and sound of the word more than anything, with the harder 'dra' being appealing given some of her backstory of rebellion and force of will. We actually started with 'Cyndra', but eventually concluded 'Syndra' felt like the slightly better fit. Also possible the writer on the team did have an origin point I'm forgetting though, apologies if so.
What caused you to desing so many mages?(Thanks for all of them btw!)
: Riot completely dipped out on giving Evelynn or Thresh altar quotes twisted treeline?
: Life From Nothing: Entities from the Void
{{item:3512}} the folks from here are voidlings as well, arent they?
KyraSun (EUNE)
: Skin ideas?
Dark Star or Battle Boss Xerath would be really neat!
Meddler (NA)
: We're aiming to have a small Neeko buff in soon. More likely to be in 9.5 than 9.4.
Could you please also fix her W passive not procking on turrets? Its been bugged for a while now.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 13
Any new runes in development? The current ones are becoming a bit stale.
: I think fishbones is a repentent darkin, and jinx is still crazy tho
I actually really like the idea of a modern darkin who is encaged in a gun.
: You put the first one as link. Links are brackets followed by parenthesis, where inside brackets is text and inside parethesis the link the text links to. However, should you put no text into brackets, the image the link points to will not appear in the post but will appear on thumbnail. > \[\]\(link-to-image\) Make sure it is at the begining of the post as thumbnail takes first reference of image. You can quote my post to see the code.
I tought it was black magic, you ruined the illusion
: With people becoming more and more familiar with Sylas, we need to talk about AP Bruiser Itemization
What about making Conqueror adaptive? I never really understood why it only worked on ad champions.
Infernape (EUW)
: They do. They just don't stack additively. They stack multiplicatively.
Kazi (EUNE)
: Gatekeeper Yorick / yes or no?
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: I think anyone that does a lot of true damage needs to have that tuned down
Keyru (NA)
: Boards Moderation Discord Verification
Reav3 (NA)
: Atm we do have at least 1 non-human champ in development :)
Pengoo (NA)
: I'm playing against him on PBE and he can purchase the spear to bind from Kalista
What happens if he ults swain tho? Cuz like he doesnt have the souls and stuff, and im also wondering if he retains the bird form for the duration or not.
Dynikus (NA)
: Played Sylas on pbe. Riot, are you feeling okay?
Petricite Burst (Passive) **16/15/14/13/12 second Cooldown** "After casting a spell, Sylas's next basic attack whirls his energized chains around him, dealing [100% Total AD] (+5/8/10/13/15/18/20/23/25/28/3 0/33/35/38/40/43/45/48) (+20% AP) magic damage to enemies hit." It has a cd, u dont get it after every ability pal
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 9
Whats the exact context behind the aurelion sol changes on the pbe currently? As for the leveling cap idea, imo it sounds like an interesting mechanic, and it could shift the meta towards some more offmeta picks, so im for it.
: Everyone wants to see damage nerfed but no one's willing to have their class nerfed.
Magic pen is about the same amount as it used to be. Some of it got buffed, as a compensation last year, cuz pmen was removed from runes.
drash79 (NA)
: Long time Burning Question!
Imo he can only dash trough air for a lobg period of time. Kinda like in the animation Climb.
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