: Position ranks and split rewards coming to PBE today for 9.2!
So about this role swap. I just wondered how the rank gap between duos would be calculated. Last season if I was plat i couldn't queue with silver players. But say I would get Plat as Support and Silver in any other role. I could queue as Jungle with a player that wanted to play, say, mid (as primary/main role) having a Silver rank. Then we could queue without a rank gap. In champ select i could then swap to Support and we both would play our desired roles. Now I know it has been stated, that frequent swapping would result in a matchmaking closer to my best rank. So at some point, I'd get to play a Plat game no matter if I'm silver in all other roles except one. But I would still be able to play with that one person if i chose a silver rank in the lobby? How does this affect the other persons game? Would their rank affect the game, would their role still be taken into account? And if so, would i win less LP, and they more?


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