: I thought the R in ARURF meant random
it is cancer,no bans,same champs over and over again,playing something i dont like,even when i get something i like they always have something to fuck my game up,at least if there were bans.
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Tegash (NA)
: It Would Be Nice to Have an MR Option for Grievous Wounds
But you have,though you need to spend unlike anyone else almost 3k gold to get it but it is there...yeah.. We really need,it jokes aside,for fucks sake.
: 20+ professionals, 200+ collective years of design experience
thank god they balanced most of these..it might took some weeks..okay a couple of months,maybe a year,okay maybe some of them never got nerfed but hey,if its okay with Riot its okay with me,yeah?
: because players there tryhard with their mains instead of actually testing stuff and report it to riot. After that they are surprised that nobody test it , which is actually why that server is all about. Same like WoW beta ... people got access to beta , they rushed to level 40 so they can do duels outside SW / org. and when the game released they complained that nobody tested the game... xD
But do they really need people to test some things in order for them to understand that they are not balanced? Me you and everyone else im pretty sure,that we didnt find Aphelios or release Zoe okay when they got released on PBE...you dont have to be a genius or a game expert to see some things..idk
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: So when are tanks that can't 1 shot people going to be relevant again?
Build damage,when they are dead,conqueror cant proq, HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
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: Tahm Kench winrate is increasing
people just started playing him,you look at winrates and if its below 45% the chempion is shit,well now get shit on by the same Vladimir you called shit champion with low winrate half a year ago,the community really deserve it<3 :*
: Vayne is getting a nerf to her current mobility. **Final Hour** now reduces the cooldown of **Tumble** *significantly* less at early levels. The fact that she can use **Final Hour** 5-10 seconds sooner still equates to a meaningful loss of in-fight power. **Riven** is also getting a nerf to her mobility (and a considerable one) by her E cooldown shifting from 10/9/8/7/6 to 14/13/12/11/10 seconds. This reduces her mobility *and* her durability, and, while she can indeed Q slightly more often, the trade-off is not in her favor.
oh nice,thank god riven never builds CD and this nerf will surely be big,oh wait,another worthless nerf.
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: [SUGGESTION] Weighted Boots
Make em available for champions with a max health of 2200 at level 18,we don't want ADCs abusing those.
: So one of my RL friends hasn't played league for years
Ahahahaha my best friend had something similar happen to him,he is a season 1 veteran but between seasons 1-2-3 he didn't play the game,it turned out after he decided to play again that someone stole his account,my friend got it back and guess what,the person that stole his account bought over a 150 skins,now my friend has about 2 skins for every champion except 15-20 champions,I can't imagine how pissed this guy was when he couldn't log in to the account..
: Why can we still not see skins ingame?
Look at Smite...you can test out any available skin in the "practise tool" Why cant i do something similiar in LOL ? Will Riot lose money or smth?
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: Stop saying that these champions are unoriginal and plain copies of other champs.
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mack9112 (NA)
: It was deleted when the conversation in the thread turned toxic.
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: Western phenomenon. Doesn't matter.
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Icecoon (NA)
: Banned for toxic name?
As a European,what's the possible "bad word" in his name? I saw people commenting on the last part,coon? What's coon?
: How tf you kite yi, he has ult ms, possibly chilling smite, and his q that lets him dodge cc and jump on top of you
I don't fucking know,ask the players that can kite him :)
: Thinking of shifting to support for climbing.
DanaoIxUv (EUW)
: "Mages make bot lane unenjoyable to play"
I hope Vladimir never gets nerfed,when I was calling on nerfing him back in summer everybody was pointing out his winrate and how low it is,not my problem you're shit with Vladimir and can't combo right,he is the same exact champion as he was back in summer..same runes same items same everything, nothing changed that made him op,he has always been ever since his rework,so why nerf him now?
: We nerf all champions, except Riven and Vayne. - Rito balance team
sad þoy (NA)
: Hey quick question.. wtf?????????
When I was calling for nerfs on Master Yi everybody was calling me a bad player that can't kite,fuck right off if any of you thought that master yi was okay before.
Syrile (NA)
: 53.05% Ban Rate, 14.27% Pick Rate, 53.61% Mid Win Rate and 54.89% Top Win Rate
: The toxicity of this community astounds me.
Looks like someone is only playing for around 3 years max xd
: > [{quoted}](name=JohnnyNeverSins,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=4BIbPZhu,comment-id=0010,timestamp=2019-04-08T17:56:43.503+0000) > > Oh so now he is somewhat balanced and doesn't insta kill you (he does if you're good in the game) > > Neeeeext Excuse me, what??? Shaco is BALANCED? You are clearly a bronze who never touched shaco to say that. Buy some fucking armor if you are an adc and you will see the difference. Shaco is shit and everybody knows that except idiot players like you. Can't believe people are still saying this.
> [{quoted}](name=II NephiLim II,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=4BIbPZhu,comment-id=00100000,timestamp=2019-04-08T18:09:09.669+0000) > > Excuse me, what??? Shaco is BALANCED? You are clearly a bronze who never touched shaco to say that. Buy some fucking armor if you are an adc and you will see the difference. Shaco is shit and everybody knows that except idiot players like you. Can't believe people are still saying this. Well,it looks like I'm a very flexible player,yeah,that's it,that's why I don't need sad champions like Zed/Yasuo/Jax to be efficient,good to know I'm better than average players.
Kobune (EUW)
: When will Riot do something about Shaco ?
Oh so now he is somewhat balanced and doesn't insta kill you (he does if you're good in the game) Neeeeext
Begoon (NA)
: His ultimate at level 16 lasts for 15 seconds and he can use Q every 2 seconds, assuming he hits a champion, you are proposing that his ult would last up to 40 seconds, thats not balanced, maybe if your proposition was shortened to +2 seconds but 5 is way to many.
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: > [{quoted}](name=JohnnyNeverSins,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=3NQTZOal,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-04-06T10:38:29.365+0000) > > Hey,he just had a couple bad games man.............. I know we all have those bad games where we grab mobility boots first item and go mid and try our hardest but still somehow lose >:
> [{quoted}](name=WarnercBbT,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=3NQTZOal,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2019-04-06T10:40:26.126+0000) > > I know we all have those bad games where we grab mobility boots first item and go mid and try our hardest but still somehow lose >: He wanted to try a different build,like Koreans do.....did you think of that? NO cause you only think about yourself... honestly it amazes me how people like him do not get banned...
: Evelynn??
As an Evelyn main,there really isn't much you can do..even when you are grouped with your team late game,Evelyn will charm you and just flash empowered E and R and you're dead and yes,she just wasted her flash but 40 minutes in the game once the ADC is dead you'll most likely lose the game or the enemy team will be able to capture objectives, unless you're playing as Sivir...also she can play mind games..your team pushes and she is from behind,once she charms you your team will most likely fall back,BACK TO HER since she is from behind..so still,she will E you and R towards her team to get out safely.. I'm not gonna mention you being alone in lane cause you'll die no matter what,just be thankful she doesn't get picked so often... She is also the only assassin in the game that can easily 1v1 a tank because of her %hp damage on E and her W shredding the magic resistance of her target.. especially when she buys a Void Staff. Sooo you can play very very passively and you might be fine.. I really can't find any weaknesses on her to abuse her,maybe in the early game? But still,she is a jungler,for some reason most of the junglers early on in the game are not that good.
: That is not accurate. As someone who plays Tristana regularly, you jump away after he uses his wither and he just immediately catches up again because you can't run away. And Tristana's jump is not a short distance.
After you jumped and he comes at toy just use your ULT and you'll throw him back to his base OH WAIT he will still catch up to you and slow you again and this time you neither have your W nor your R....I swear his slow is stupid.
: Any reason why Nasus W cooldown doesn’t start after the ability is finished??
Play Kalista against him,I swear I've never been so hard countered by any other champion in my 5-6 years of playing this game,you might as well take your hands of the keyboard,sure you can take QSS but for what? To remove his slow? There are more champions in his team that will probably CC you...so you "waste" your QSS on him...he surely needs to be looked at..
: So hes not banned
Hey,he just had a couple bad games man..............
: Huh - what are you talking about? Her bonus DMG from E cannot Crit. It's a normal On-Hit effect. Only her Waves can Crit. ---------------------------------------- And as her diverse builds show, that's fine. On-Hit, AP, ADCrit and even APCrit (my personal favorite). Those builds coexist on similar power levels. It's not like Crit is her one and only route - that would be problematic, but that's simply not the case.
You feel the crit when she is AD,she becomes permanently exalted hence she is always critting. (If played ad)
: Can Swain be reworked?
When I play for fun I play him bot as an APC..he can melt the ADC pretty easily but I understand where you are going..I also liked the old Swain way more..sadly he is not Ryze to rerework him again..
Colte (NA)
: for the love of god nerf her lv.16 form and compensate her with a little early game buff, im sick and tired of them feeding their opposing lane and if by any chance they made it to lv.16 they suddenly become the superior being.. you need to shut her down heavily to prevent that huge lv.16 power spike
She is supposed to be a late game champion..but the meta is not based on late game sadly..and ok,she is a late game champion but god her early is so bad..I 100% agree with you..remove some of her late game power and give some to her early.. I'd much prefer having true damage completely gone (personally I think it's unhealthy in general) and buff a little her bonus damage on hit and make her ranged when she hits 6 when she hits 11 give her her waves and on 16 make her permanently exalted,but I don't know,I might be wrong..
: Wait. When did they do that
If I remember correctly the first day she was released upon the PBE her second Q true damage would also crit (if she had some crit chance ) for double the damage..meaning what? 1500 true damage? Xd,but thankfully they thought it was a bit overpowered and removed it I believe the same day?
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I've always said,one week ARurf and one week Urf,but people are too one sided unfortunately,they only care about their selves.
: https://u.gg/lol/champions/pyke/build/ 48.69% winrate not 49.8% feel free to post your link to show your statistic https://champion.gg/champion/Pyke/Support?league= 48.29% winrate not 49.8% feel free to post your link to show your statistic https://u.gg/lol/tier-list/?role=support 7 champs more popular than pyke all with higher winrates Tier D of the support class but still doesn't want to give the guy buffs. Hmm logical or just a kid crying on the boards?
Go by the statistics,when you start getting destroyed and start banning him don't come complaining though :) I'll have fun recking people that play based in statistics like you :D
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