Theorex (NA)
: Adaptive Helm needs to be looked at.
How is Ninja tabi the "AD equivalent" of Adaptive Helm? These boards go through such HILARIOUS mental gymnastics sometimes. LOL.
: Hate to be the one saying git gud, but is literally git gud. Corrupting potion already got a nerf a while ago, TW only is actually visibly viable till, like, 15 minutes as much into the game, after that is useless because the small healing it does is nothing anyways. You just poke, play safe, or add extra pressure by pushing too much. If it was actually busted, early weak champions would abuse it to pass the lane phase, but they notice is actually not worth and you'll be better with something like free boots.
I'm not looking for your advice, relax. Play safe against late game hypercarries = this is what you're suggesting. Lol! Np man keep practicing, you'll get to a division where time work tonic is mandatory to have on top lane if you want any chance to win the lane.
: Get rid of the smurf
Lol, not everyone who beats you is smurfing. Just keep practicing
: Do you realize that there are OTHER champs that might be more of a problem than Garen? When an enemy locks in garen, I go into the game fully expecting my top laner to handle his shit. NOPE. INTS THE LANE, LOSES THE GAME. Snowballing Garen is disgusting and as you said, I'm not wasting my goddamn ban on a champ that I'm not even gonna be laning against. I'M AN ADC MAIN BRO. DID I NOT MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?! AN ADC MAIN. 2 ASSASSINS. 1 GAREN. I DON'T SURVIVE. Do you at least have some good advice?
So Garen is OP now because your top laner is bad? What if he fed a Jax, what would you say then? What if he inted vs Maokai (LOL). Or a Wukong? Is wukong op now too? A lot of champs who snowball are 'disgusting'. MF is one of them. Sure is fun to get 1 shot by 1 good R from MF from 2 screens away.
Kelg (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Juice,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1mfh8MRd,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-14T05:36:12.807+0000) > > Imagine losing to predator garen top. Lol. > > If you are that low elo where Garen is a problem just ban him. Use your bans wisely. Garen, a zero skill/zero counterplay champ, has 52% win rate in masters. Guess they just need to climb higher then?
Oh no, 52% win rate? How absolutely busted. How dare this top laner have above 50% win rate? Do you realize Masters + is very small sample? And Garen's win rate in Masters has nothing to do with your division. Zero counterplay btw... How about kiting him? Building steraks? Understanding how to trade with him? 1 shotting him in a teamfight? Counterpicking him (there's like 60 champs that counter him on top lol!). Please, Garen is fine, just keep practicing
: This exists? No wonder people are buying potions well into the late game now. I wondered what that was all about.
It does, and it's one of the main reasons why it's so hard to punish late game hyper carries who are now dominating lane phase through superior sustain such as Fiora / Jax / Irelia etc etc
: Please lock IE behind one per person!
Lol. If they build 2x IE they are doing you a favor. And complaining about ARAM balance just lol
: Runes affect the way you play too. You wouldn't stay trading with an Urgot that just procked his conqueror. Here is the same, the rune is always useful on early, then it falls off hard. Again, it's like ignite, unless you wanna deny a lot of healing, ignite is almost useless after early.
Difference is conqueror is easy to play around, it's a PRIMARY rune (not secondary) , again don't compare secondary runes to keystones. Conqueror also requires a specific set up for it to work. And it falls off hard compared to what? 12 damage you'd get for killing 10 people? 100 hp you'd get from overgrowth? Please ... Rune is completely busted, the fact that you compare this unskilled rune to Ignite and Conqueror alone proves it.
: New Garen is actually aids
Imagine losing to predator garen top. Lol. If you are that low elo where Garen is a problem just ban him. Use your bans wisely.
: As a {{champion:78}} main, who'se main building always includes time warp tonic because is the best way to sustain, I can assure you that the answer is a little bit easier. When you go against someone with Time Warp Tonic and corrupting potion, your job is to play safe, is like facing an enemy with ignite, the first levels you gotta be careful. I say the best agressive answer is to constantly poke, and only all-in when you know they've taken all their 3 shots out of the tonic.
So you're saying this secondary useless rune is as important as summoner spell? I have to play around this SECONDARY rune as I would have to play against Ignite? Does this person have to play around my Bone plating and Overgrowth (which gives me 100 hp in late game) or around my Demolish? Maybe around the 12 AD i get for killing 10 people in game ? Time warp tonic + corrupting potion is exact same thing as the old red pot cheese from season 3, it gives you damage AND HP boost to secure any all in, save you from tower dives, negate ignite damage, and not to mention it gives sustain to champs who's only weakness is lack of sustain. Once they have taken 3 shots of tonic I have to go back too, since I will probably be lower HP from all the trading and them outsustaining me throughout the whole thing.
: Of all the things to complain about, you choose this? Sounds like you are mad about not knowing how it works and losing all-ins because you forgot about it.
Yeah excuse me for not complaining about Tryndamere, Yi, Garen and Amumu, like the rest of you, and actually complaining about legitimate issues that are plaguing this game since the runes reforged.
Xphineas (NA)
: Late game the rune is practically non-existant since most people get rid of any form of potion later into the game, so thats one weakness it has; its only used early game. While yes, I agree, the combo is quite disgusting Riot won't remove it until atleast pre-season and even then thats a stretch.
Oh no, what is this Jax / Malphite / Irelia / any other super hyper carry gonna do late game without 12 damage or 100 hp some other garbage runes would give them? Especially since they cheesed their way through lane phase with 2000 additional HP this rune provided during the game? The point is rune is poorly designed, it's toxic, it's cheesy, it cannot be played around, and it has too big of an impact during lane phase, especially close fights
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: >Champ is ridiculously easy, he deserves high win rate. That's how it goes. 53% win rate on the easiest champ in the game is completely fine. That's not how anything works at all. Otherwise, what's the point in playing hard champions, when you can do the same as or *better* on a champion that takes far less effort?
Better? Wtf are you even talking about lol With some of the "harder" champs you can easily get 60-70% win rate. With Garen you can peak out at 55% win rate because of his limitations.
: He has the win rate (based on plat+ elo) AND the pick rate AND you call him underpowered? Yes, 53%+ wr has been seen many times, but never on a champ that has the highest pick rate. You see, that combination clearly shows that he's overpowered, since you don't have to otp him, main him, you can literally just blind pick 1st time and have an easy time. I don't know why you call him squishy. Yes, he builds off-tank damage, but when I played against with Galio (heavy cc dmg burst), he barely took any damage and proceeded to silence and kill me in 3 seconds Edit: dude, you play him a ton, have a 3.3+ kda and went 17/5, 10/2, 14/6, 8/0 etc. etc. in some of your first 10 games. You have no right to say that he's "underpowered" cuz you clearly plan to not only main him, but absolute abuse him.
Champ is ridiculously easy, he deserves high win rate. That's how it goes. 53% win rate on the easiest champ in the game is completely fine. My kda and scores over 10 games indicate very little, they were all flex games and I have a ton of experience on Garen as you can see in Season 8 I had 95% win rate with Garen over 17 games and a 10 k/d/a overall.
: Garen is blatantly the most overpowered/broken champ in the entire game
Countered by many champs with range His new build makes him squishy so CC him = insta dead Jax destroys him late game Fiora is a good counter Urgot counters him He has too many bad match ups, 53% win rate is nothing alarming, many champs have had 53%+ win rates for MONTHS and still do. Garen is still underpowered, he's just good at stomping low elo
: Sylas feels dead Totally dude, look how dead he is /s
: So at what point is malphite going to get a Nerf
Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: I searched for Yasuo weaknesses but I got an error 404 “not found” message.
Jamaree (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Blue Shift,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=J5Q7q6YX,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-10-11T06:56:23.707+0000) > > I'll just keep it simple and name a few of the most recent champions. Morderkaiser, Slow, immobile, range relatively short except for one ability. >Pantheon Couldn't tell you, haven't played him to know, though unless I have his passive wrong, he doesn't really do damage unless his passive is stack. >Kayle. One of the weakest, if not the weakest early game in the game until level 11.
I don't think you understand what counterplay means ...
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: > TP is a guaranteed back after getting fb'd / chunked down to low hp. Every summoner spell is a guaranteed something. Getting back after death is good, but not dying at all is better. > It has no downsides Like every other summoner spell. The downside of a summoner spell is that you don't have another one.
There is absolutely no reason to pick any other summoner spell besides teleport and flash. Flash is fine because it creates plays, teleport negates advantages gained through skillfull play
: > Teleport is mandatory on 6 people per game Its not. Unless you are in a pro game, and even then its only good because the "close" fights happen much less often so there is less use for ignite/heal/barrier > boring, uninteractive summoner spell Its not. As a tp user you have to be sure nobody can interrupt your tp and nobody can ambush you at target point. You also have to make sure you are not losing much on your own lane if you are tping to another one. It needs a bit more thought than "press a button to guarantee a kill" > bad players getting rewarded for dying and teleporting back They do not. They still gave you 300 gold, they just don't lose as much minions. A heal/barrier/cleance could probably save that player so he will neither give you a kill gold nor lose minions, and ignite could possibly turn the fight around so that you would be the one dead instead, and all this for 2x less cd.
TP is a guaranteed back after getting fb'd / chunked down to low hp. It has no downsides, it is always useful, it promotes safe play and it punishes good players who don't have to rely on it. TP is the best summoner spell in game for every role except jungle and support.
Zardo (NA)
: >I'm tired of bad players getting rewarded for dying and teleporting back gaining an advantage over me despite me killing them If they do nerf tp you're not going to be killing them as often since they'll have a combat summoner.
How does ignite stop someone from dying? What?
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: > [{quoted}](name=Juice,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NVILXYd6,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-10-10T00:30:41.919+0000) > > Masters + is extremely low sample size. > > A couple of good players trying Garen and counterpicking can skew the win rate hard. > > Garen is fine and with that build he gets 1 shot Bronze and Silver aren't, and he tends to dominate those games at the moment.
Riot can't balance the game around every division. It's just not possible. Use your bans wisely.
Telebro (NA)
: So what you're saying is: "I'm going to completely ignore statistical evidence currently displayed to me and assume the person bringing the very prevalent matter to light is just bad." Gotcha. Next.
Looking at "statistical evidence" won't make you better at the game. You are quoting his win rate in Masters while being nowhere near that division. How does it affect you again? Just keep practicing and getting better, you'll realize Garen's glaring weaknesses and how to exploit them.
Telebro (NA)
: Alright, then we can look at the current Platinum+ who has a 53.11% winrate on the first day of patch release, and rapidly rising. Combined, his average winrate is 54.11%, also rapidly rising. Secondly, I'm sorry, no. He doesnt get oneshot. Play the build and you can see how easy it is to survive with his W shield. 30% damage reduction is no joke. Platinum, he is considered S-tier. In Diamond and up, he's considered S+. All that needs to be pushed back is the AS scaling, that's all. Not a big deal.
Garen is underpowered still. If you are losing to Garen you just need to get better at the game, he is easy to kite, extremely squishy and has no CC. All he has is damage. Counterpicks like Darius, Jax, Teemo and Nasus can ruin his day.
Telebro (NA)
: "He isnt overtuned"
Masters + is extremely low sample size. A couple of good players trying Garen and counterpicking can skew the win rate hard. Garen is fine and with that build he gets 1 shot
: Does anyone else see champions and think "This doesnt belong in this game" ?
Zoe is predictable, easy to dodge, just keep practicing
: Every time I see a thread complaining about shit like this, I always assume it's some Bronze 4 noob. I'm quite surprised to see Diamonds making these silly complaints. I guess what Master+ players say is true, Diamond is low elo.
: Why i play Noct top over Noct jungle.
Nocturne will go oom after 2 spell rotations Nocturne will be unable to freeze due to his passive Nocturne has no escapes Noc will get dominated by anything with range longer than his nose So yeah Noc will work in silver, but then again, everything works in silver
: What's the point of having Spellbinder and Spear of Shojin?
Hextech gunblade? Hextech GLP? Ravenous Hydra?
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mack9112 (NA)
: ***
100 points have been uploaded to your Social Status card
: Are stimulants considered cheating?
Yes absolutely. Riot often sends their experts to drug test players every couple of weeks.
: Haha you first picked a melee champion
Haha I'm getting gold and items for hitting you Haha I'm scaling better than you Haha
: After worlds riot have no excuse to not look at melee top laners
One of the problems is that runes work same way for melees and ranged champions, yet the game was never initially balanced around them. Ranged champs have such an easier way of proccing runes and a significant portion of power is now allocated to those runes during laning phase and beyond.
: Um i need a champ that is a jungler and is 4800 BE
Vi. She is sleeper OP, and really is easy to play. 54% win rate says a lot
Keiaga (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Juice,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nnRdjJEt,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-07T21:58:41.939+0000) > > I am a Renekton main and I refuse to build that item on him because in 50% of scenarios it will completely break my champ, and in other 50% of scenarios it will be completely useless. > That doesn't seem right. Spirit of Shojin works well on any champ that can use their ult at the beginning of the fight and weaves together a lot of autos with their skills. Renekton is definitely one of those champs so how is it "useless" half the time? And no, "not being able to get off auto attacks because the other champ runs away or uses CC" doesn't really count as Shojin being useless.
Because your job in teamfights is often to just 1 shot the most important person you can in the enemy team and then either get out or die dishing out as many aoes as you can in the next 3 secs which isn't enough time for Spear of Shojin to do anything. I would rather have Black Cleaver or Guardian Angel in at least 50% of the scenarios.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Juice,realm=EUNE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=ivATPcdG,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-07T20:12:30.194+0000) > > He gets turned on by seeing you bleed Still does not explain entire red glowing and healing.
: Decrease stun duration throughout the game if we are stuck with this burst meta
: What is Urgot's game plan?
Poke someone down while they try to cs, set up ganks with your Q E R, good 2v2 skrimisher, late game massive threat with his insane damage and conqueror perma healing
: Please explain what kind of magic Darius has
He gets turned on by seeing you bleed
: _Laughs in_ {{champion:23}} {{champion:86}} Kha can't do much into these guys :)
Lol what? He can chunk Tryn to 10% hp with Q + aa and then force him to use his ulti, which Kha can easily kite with his invisibility. Garen is a counter but then you're stuck with a Garen in your team
: Why Does No One Want To Play Jungle?
Too much pressure put on the biggest determining factor of the game If you win jungle you win game 95% of the times Just look at my last game , I went 12-2 on top, by looking at it you might think I played well but no, I managed to kill Hecarim after my Udyr dueled him in the jungle 1v1 and then I killed Cassio, she tped back on a minion while I had 10% hp but my Udyr looped around through her tower and we killed her making me 3-1 at 4th min, I just took over and dove Cassio under her tower from that point on. Now imagine if Hecarim actually ganked me and Udyr was just sitting in his jungle early ... Things would go way different. Jungle is Overpowered by nature and there is nothing Riot can do about it unless they revert jungle to Season 1 state
: Infested ball of stats, eh? Better just throw an even bigger ball of stats at her. {{champion:23}} There are some other melee tops who she definitely doesn't just auto win against {{champion:107}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:420}} And yeah, that 50.5% winrate is _massive_, no justifiable reason for any champ to have more than a 50.1% winrate.
She will kite Tryndamere as a melee champion. Rengar / Darius / Illaoi are all broken in their own ways. She will absolutely stomp over volibear at any point in the game Winrate has nothing to do with showcasing how broken something is. If you paid any attention to competitive LoL you'd see how broken she is WHILE her kit is designed around pubstomping and not actual pro play
Zardo (NA)
: Play around his cooldowns and play around your spikes and you'll do fine.
Yup, play around his level 1, level 2, level 3, level 4, level 5, level 6 and all the way to level 18 spikes and you'll be fine Also his 2 sec cooldown Q late game
: What's the counterplay to darius as a melee champ
Yup, absolutely broken. Don't engage him at all and pray your team carries you... I can't pick 90% of my fun champs just in case the enemy picks Darius and I will have no other option but to lose to him for 30 mins straight. At least other bullies like Renekton fall off hard in 1v1 and can be abused when their cooldowns are down / are set behind. Darius while 0-3 is still AHEAD of you if he manages to hit you 5 times, think about that. 2000 gold worth of items for FREE!
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