: Interesting idea, but in the lore neither Azir, nor Xerath have any magic powers before becoming Ascended. They're just 2 normal dudes with no real fighting ability.
Xerath had already knowledge about magic, and he was mage behind Azir's back also. It's the same with kassadin, there is pre-void kassadin skin altough he has teleport, orb and E.
Kadexe (NA)
: I think they'd be too unrecognizable. In-game, players still need to be able to look at Xerath and instantly know "yup, that's Xerath."
Honestly some champions are sometimes unrecognizable and Xerath would be made that way to be recognizable. Don't worry, skins don't come over night, but ideas yes. Thanks for feedback now i surely know it needs to be much more specific looking skin.
: I'd sure like to know what or who {{champion:266}} used to be, or at least they could give him a Pre-Darkin Ascended/God-Warrior skin.
HAven't read Aatrox already, i thought he was darkin all the time and he just went out of some hole haha
: It would just be some scrawny guys dressed in arab gear
Well Azir was Emperor with a armor with a crown ot it's head and Xerath was Azir's right hand so he was noble aslo, IMO. And in lore it's stated, that it was the biggest kind of kingdom in the whole Runettera, while Azir was in charge, so they were pretty richy
: IMO Prevoid Kass makes him a hot daddy so yes do make same thing for {{champion:101}} and {{champion:268}} also dont forget {{champion:58}} {{champion:75}}
I didn't want to take those two to pre-ascension since renekton would be absolutely unrecognizable, nasus would be somehow OK, but for start it's much more better to do some iconic characters and when people will like it then other pre-ascension skins, if you know what i mean.
: For azir perhaps. But for xer it would break his silhouette.. unless you had him floating around as a human with a cloak wrapped around him? I think xer has a lot of easy and good ideas they'd rather do first. Like cosmic (purple black with stars like other dark star), wraith (Some sort of ghostly idea like Senna E maybe)
Well Xerath is one of the shiniest characters in the whole league so I wouldnt want him to be dark star(atleast for now). Now i wanted to do something more like 'mortal'. All of his skins are those shiny and colourful things. And this cloak? Yes,nice idea! I didnt know how to do xerath to be recognizable in-game. Thanks for feedback btw
: While I love these concepts, I doubt they'd be used in the game for the sake of champion recognizability, since both of them would look almost entirely different. They could be shown, possibly, in other formats like comics, cinematics, Legends of Runeterra, etc.
Azir wouldnt be much more different, since he is one of the few champs that has staff and the only one to command soldiers. But Xerath, yes, he would be so different.
Kalikko (NA)
: Ryze also has a "pre" skin. . . .[human or young ryze. ](https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Ryze/Skins?file=Ryze_YoungSkin.jpg)
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: Can we get more emote slots?
honestly i have embed only this (y) - 'LIKE' thing and thats all i need. I press T whenever enemy makes bad play, teammate makes good play, when i fck up, when anybody fck up. I like it the way it is. Don't make things more complex if it's not needed to be. It's league of legends, not league of emotes
: Missed Opportunity for Santa Ornn IMO
That Would be EPIC I didnt even doubt you and i want the REINDEER ULT That snowman wasnt expected i think thats nice
Mirross (NA)
: Hextech Crafting and Loot Q&A
Can i send skin from hextech crafting to friends acc? Etc i got magnificient tf i dont like it but he wants it. So can i send it him?

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