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: *** because, im not a KDA player...i deserve to be chat restricted and im not allowed to respond to you? Seems legit. Edit: Im not saying that *if i wanted to, i can achive challanger easily* Im kind-of bad at the game, but im just saying that if you keep try-harding in ranks, you'll eventually meet people who've had enough and just give up, no matter the sittuation. And you yourself might become one of them. I do agree, im a hard-stuck gold-1 plat4 player. Yes, i do struggle in some games.
: You spent much of that match arguing and bickering with Vayne about your build, and there were a few disrespectful comments in there, too (example; "it fucking works, now shut ya mouth") Add to that the rallying for reports against Vayne, and this would probably be enough to result in a punishment, provided prior instances of negativity. Not enough to result in a punishment on its own, but seldom does anyone reach a chat restriction for only one game, even if that's all the recent evidence the IFS can dredge up.
I added an xd, thinking it would save it from not being that toxic, to be more understandable as a joke, due to the way the game was going. but i can see what you mean, thanks :)
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