: > [{quoted}](name=EternalFrostFire,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=EbMn1r08,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2017-09-07T16:13:30.934+0000) > > Seriously :/ > > I know he has already had multiple chances -_-, but what I am saying is that the whole reason why I bothered to ask this question is because I know he can change really easily and that giving him one last chance would be enough. > > I'm just gonna repeat, put in bold and capital letters what I was implying just then and earlier many times so you actually notice it this time. _I KNOW HE HAS HAD MANY CHANCES ALREADY BUT BECAUSE I TALK TO HIM ALOT I ALSO KNOW THAT IF HE WERE GIVEN ONE FINAL CHANCE THEN HE WOULD CHANGE EASILY_ > > One last time just to make sure > _I KNOW HE HAS ALREADY HAD HIS SECOND CHANCE BUT WITH A THIRD HE CAN CHANGE WHICH IS WHY I BOTHERED ASKING_ hun the first couple bans ARE the warnings. a 14 day ban IS THE FINAL CHANCE. they even tell you that if you get another ban it is a perma ban. I'm sorry for your friend but he ignored/didn't take seriously his final warning. He can always make a new account...might be nice with all the preseason changes. and no more saying the one final chance stuff because like i said, he got a FINAL chance with the 14 DAY BAN. Why should YOUR friend get more chances then other people that are also struggling with life? answer is he shouldn't, I"m sorry if I sound mean but that's the policies and he got his chances as have many other users who have been banned for toxicity, no matter the reason. You're friend is no exception to the rule. if he wants to reform on a new account i say go for it
I didn't get any couple of bans I got one 14 day suspension , and then one titled game , i for permanently banned , no warnings, no chat bans , just a straight up permaban , i was level 5 honour before the suspension , isn't that supposed to make some difference.

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