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: We know from Awaken that she goes back to Noxus, it's even possible that she goes back there after Confessions of a Broken Blade, a story which happened years before the present.
With her rewritten lore it's more likely she will be dragged back to Noxus rather than her wanting to go back. Which would go against who she used to be
: Riven viewed the true Noxian way as honor and glory through power and combat. Proving ones skill and strength through hard work and determination was her way of life, and what she tried to share with her men. However the chemical bombing that Swain authorized Singed to perform on the battlefield was a total opposite of what she held as her core beliefs. Hence why she regrets her actions, in her new perspective the true honor and Noxian way is lost to a Noxus under Swain. A Noxus that sacrifices both her men and the enemy forces through chemical warfare is cowardly and vile to her. Consider that as well she lost all of her unit before her eyes, as well most likely in quite the ugly fashion and then you have the makings of some serious self hating and regret. I wouldn't say she regrets her service to Noxus, she clearly still loves her homeland, but at the same time she has some misgivings about it's current leadership and the part she unknowingly played into their power struggles. As well she's been living integrated with the Ionans for a while and has learned other ways to view life in her self imposed exile. I imagine that her world view has shifted quite a bit since then and could have affected her vision of "the ideal Noxus."
In the rewritten lore Swain seized power only after the Ionian war so Riven didn't even know him nor does she know about Noxus' current ideals
: Anyone played Divinity Original Sin 2? Sylas looks with the collar around his neck exactly like the mages in this game and they even work the same with blocking magic. Also Demacians are basically Magisters.
Sora Omo (NA)
: Is this cover ok?
It was copied from a game of thrones comic cover https://m.comixology.com/George-R-R-Martins-A-Game-Of-Thrones-The-Comic-Book-3/digital-comic/18102?ref=c2VyaWVzL3ZpZXcvbW9iaWxlL3NsaWRlckxpc3QvY29taXhvbG9neVVubGltaXRlZA
GreenLore (EUW)
: Seriously just read the story "Confessions of a broken blade" before you start jumping to conclusions. Riven wasn't holding the weapon when that happened. https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_GB/champion/riven/
I did read it and it showed Riven using a wind tecnique 0 times. The sword basically controlled itself and thats what made Yasuo recognize Riven as the possible murderer not Riven's skill or mastery of a rare technique
GreenLore (EUW)
: When Riven is asked about the death of Yasuos master her sword activates its power and thats described this way: > Then, all at once the power exploded in a burst of runic energy and splintered wood. A gust of wind knocked everyone who had been standing down to the floor. So yes the power of her sword creates wind and its actually a big role in that story.
Thanks for pointing that out. Its still strange though that Riven cant control her sword at all like shown in in-game interactions
GreenLore (EUW)
: Uhm actually there is a story where this is specifically brought up and it turns out that Rivens sword IS imbued with wind magic.
At which point does it say it's wind magic?
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: Riven's part in the Awaken cinematic doesn't make sense to me
Because Riot killed off Riven's desire to do anything with Noxus but since she's a Noxian champ they need to force her back to Noxus one way or another.
: Why are you not maining Riven already?
Because there are easier ways to win games
: Simply no. The current lore is not as bad as the old "lore".
The lore of ahri, shyvana, lee, yasuo, riven, karma, varus, renekton are all better in their original versions
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: Slightly off topic, I dont understand how or why Riven goes back to Noxus if this 'second-round' incursion is supposedly happening at the same time. The amount of hurdles and potentially numerous stories that would need to cover that. Unless of course, the whole thing is done in only one or two stories, which would make the entire ordeal feel rushed just to make one scene from a friggin promotional trailer canon. Riven either goes back to Noxus against her will. That means Noxians were deep into Ionia to find and recognize her, that means she wasn't killed on sight. That means for some unfathomable reason they bothered to ferry a deserter back to Valoran. She could have been fighting back with the Ionian's but if she was captured that means she was defeated, that begs the question once again why wasn't she killed on sight, or had a trial and execute her in Noxian occupied Ionia? Or Riven goes back to Noxus willingly. Would she even care about the second incursion? Clearly not if she happened to willingly leave Ionia. Anyway. Once again begging the question, how is a treasonous soldier not executed on sight. So maybe Riven has some _McGuffin_ that will give her immunity, what the heck this bargaining chip is beyond my comprehension. Whatever it may be, it could get an audience in the capital. Maybe this _McGuffin_ isn't enough to get her exactly where she wants to go, first she's tasked with surviving and beating (the Fleshing?) certain trials to re-prove her worth to the empire. That's the best I can conceive. Still raises a bazillion more question on this particular subject. I honestly find it weird and am definitely skeptical about how the writers would ever plan to deliver this promotional cinematic into canon. Let alone start to cover these scenarios exactly from the cinematic in the near future or otherwise way off into years to come.
Thats why confessions of the broken blade should have never happened. Now you have riven, a deserter who hates noxus and starts her life again in ionia. She is somehow supposed to get back to noxus which doesnt make sense anymore with this new setup. If she goes back by herself then she betrays the ionian who forgave her, a mass murderer who cut down their children. They even accepted her as family. If she is found by noxus or extradited then her story is about 'how poor riven suffers as the bad noxus screws her over several times.' She should never have lost her motivation to make noxus better in order to make her story work
: Late to the Awaken party...
That's an intersting read but I disagree on one point. I dont think Riven and her unit were meant to be killed off willingly. It's rather they got into trouble and when Riven called to the other unit for help Emystan decided to sacrifice them seeing the bloody engament they got into. If Noxus really disregarded Riven's strength then why did she get the runic blade that is also the one thing she can thank her life for? If anything it's Emystan alone who betrayed Riven and in return Riven betrayed the empire
: > That said, I could easily see her getting the respect of Draven (and perhaps even the Trifarix) with her show of skill in the arena, and that perhaps they would be willing to hear anything she has to say to them. honestly i'd be ok with with this. I just always worry that Riven will just be changed and stop showing the best that Noxus has to offer as a nation, which is something i always liked about her story. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
She's already changed in that she wants nothing to do with Noxus whereas it was a core part of her character
: {{champion:92}} has been slightly changed lore-wise. She was an orphan raised in farmland doing hard work her entire childhood. She joined the military to get away from that poverty. Performed excellent coming from a background of manual labor so large weapons were easy for her. Her blade was a gift from the emperor of Noxus and ensorcelled by {{champion:7}} for excellent service. When her unit was betrayed in Ionia, she survived only because she shielded herself with her blade(explosion in the retcon instead of poison gas). In anger she hit her sword against the rocks until she broke it and went into exile in Ionia (that forgave her and accepted her). The only part of her lore that doesn't flesh out is the timeline between her studying with {{champion:157}}'s master and when he died (it doesn't fit between the two characters storylines). So all in all... She's used to fighting to the death, gladiators are showman first, fighters second... She doesn't care how it looks, only that it works. That means less wasted movements (actually gives her the edge).
The 3-part story with her and Yasuo tells you what happened to the master. Riven went to him to have her sword broken, somehow got into the temple unseen while Yasuo was away and the elder died while trying to break her sword because a random shard hit him in the neck.
: Skin Universe Lore in 2019: Alt Fantasy, Multiverse Theory, and You
I would like to see more developed skin lore ofc. Odyssey was such a nice event and imo these alt universes are often more interesting and better executed than the main canon
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: SPOILERS: My thoughts on Ashe: Warmother #1 of 4 and Glossary of Terms
It was truly amazing. Good job everyone who worked on it can't wait for the second issue
: 2018 Lore Tournament - 17th December: Confessions of a Broken Blade vs Art is Life
Broken blade moved the story forward and backward at the same time and failed to capture the yasuo riven thing, as well as the individual characters. The story is full of contradictions and questionable moves. Meanwhile art is life is a pretty good read and adds more to the character
: "Good" and "evil" are essentially meaningless concepts. Any character who wakes up and thinks "Muah-ha-ha-haaa, how can I be evil today?" is just badly written. (Apart from Veigar, obviously. He's a whole other level of yordle-meta!) No one is the villain of their own story. Everyone thinks they are the hero, and people who oppose them are misguided, or not as gifted. Not even Voidborn are "evil". They are amoral by our understanding/standard. Demacians are not "the good guys". Noxians are not "the bad guys".
Still, there is almost no Noxian story where we get to see them as heroes. They are portrayed as blood-thirsty people who make a weapon out of themselves for the empire but the righteousness of their cause is never shown. Every faction hates Noxus and Noxus only. Noxian champs are either powerful and influential figures or disillusioned warriors
Haze97 (EUW)
: Contrary to popular opinion, I think Katarina's story was the most linear and bland, and written in a hurry. I'd love to see her get a story where she isn't hardstuck trying to please her father, and actually plays the role of a master assassin who can make her own decisions.
Let's hope she progresses to that point. We need strong-willed and interesting characters
: i hate that riven cant be ionian atm, its like we dont have the technology to bring her back to noxus in the future after another retelling of her story going back to noxus. This also pisses me off, annie cannot have her noxus affiliation/faction despite living in noxus but not associated with the noxian agenda while the jungle pips has the shurima affiliation even though they are not associated with the shurima empire/capital. So how do you pick champs in a faction? if the champ resides or born there or if a champ has heavy ties there or both? Why not make the jungles a faction already ( i even need the name of the jungles because its my fave faction and now i know that kumungu is just a province, it will not be the name of the jungle) neeko was a great opportunity to release it. For you what makes a faction?
I think faction means what champions consider to be their home, where they belong. The place for which they would fight for in war
: I grow increasingly worried that potentially great Du Couteau's and Noxus lore/story will be wasted
It would be awesome to get something on the family but riot's execution on these stories leave a lot to be desired. I don't want Kata or Talon retconned or changed up
: Epic story centering around one of key characters in lore as a whole, presenting him as not only a huge badass but also a magnificent and fearsome leader who strikes fear in his enemies and joy in his comrades **OR** Random crazy bushwoman doing random jungle things with an oversaturated "humans are bad lol" theme attached Yeah no this matchup is basically bulling
Terozu (NA)
: You're so focused on what Noxus is you forget to ask what it can be. Riven is asking what it can be.
Riven wants nothing to do with Noxus and stays in Ionia up until the time Noxus is reforged by Swain...
: That which was broken, must be reforged. But is Riven who was broken? Or the ideals she thought she served?
Riven is reforged by Ionia which show her a way to make up for the past and gave her time to heal. Noxus is reforged by Swain. Riven initiated none of these, wanted none of these making her a very passive character. Her quote 'what is broken can be reforged' has a meaning now as if she's observing the work of others but personally would no nothing
: Silly OP, don't you know that the weeb life is the best life? Noxus isn't anime enough, and given that the average Riven player owns at least seven body pillows and spends all their non-league time eating pocky and writing fanfiction... it's a natural fit for Riven to just embrace their lifestyle herself. She has finally understood what her players already know... that ~~japan~~ Ionia is superior to every other country in every way and one can only hope to echo it's greatness by mimicking it. Also it has NOTHING AT ALL to do with the fact that league is a huge deal in a China and Korea, I'm sure. That said, conspiracy theories aside... it does fit her story well to lose faith in her home after seeing their war crimes and embrace a humble life of trying to repay the country she formerly fought out of guilt. I don't actually have much beef with her story, just how obnoxiously anime-inspired the game is overall. I get that shit is popular but I've always preferred European-style fantasy over JRPG style and anime style fantasy. Personal preference. Either the Riot staff are catering hard to the asian market or they're just big time anime fans... but there is a LOT of it in league.
Lol when I read the part in Riven's story where the old couple adopted her, the murderer of their son I wanted to rip out my hair. Also I couldn't believe Yasuo forgave her soooo soon after what he's been through. These parts and the trial for Riven do seem like anime plot devices. Oh and that Riven forgot all of her memories of the war...I don't know I would have preferred a self-conscious sttong Riven who bravely admits her mistakes
: To be quite honest it's apparent you understand the Noxus lore in a manner I could only hope, so while I may be looking from the outsiders perspective, you're looking from the shoes of a Noxian and these are valid points and I hope they are addressed when Riven's lore reaches that point. I can literally see {{champion:122}} asking {{champion:92}} these exact same questions. **** One thing I would say, regardless of {{champion:122}} I think she will end up back in Noxus' military because of {{champion:50}} and {{champion:7}}. Mainly Swain, because he is the type of character that surrounds himself with persons that would be equally dangerous enemies as they would be useful allies. Darius and Le Blanc are perfect examples, they are their to keep him in check, and potentially can steal power from him if he no longer lead the Noxian vision, Darius' story is written as though Swain beat him to the punch by killing Darkquill first. So Riven could return to Noxus, as a powerful warrior and a potential threat to Swain, should he end up going down the wrong path or should Le Blanc and the Black Rose become a force beyond his control. Swain has a quote I think summarizes Riven role in a future Noxus. {{champion:50}}:_ "All roads lead to Noxus, but all visions... to Demacia"._
It would be awesome if that happened but I can't see where Riven would get the motivation from to rise to be a defining or threatening figure. The horrors she witnessed in war could have ignited a need for revenge or at least make her want change in noxus. However it left her merely as broken and what comes after is years of labour in a peaceful society where she only hears rumours about noxus. As I see something really big has to change to make her want to go back
: I need to catch up on her lore. Last I remembered she wanted to make noxus better and had no plan so it was a dead end. I do know she has relations in Ionia and when I’m off from work tomorrow I’ll look it all up. But I’d love for her to stay Noxian by birth but be associated with Ionia. I want her story to have more than a dead end. Also, wasn’t Redeemed Riven supposed to be an AU Where’s shes demacian? PS post the picture you referenced please? :D
Her lore is not yet up to the part where she is about to return to noxus its just that rioters here teased that she will go back. But her story makes it seem very unlikely Here's the link to the picture https://twitter.com/leafologise/status/1070111217677688832?s=09
: > Disagree. > Riven still represents the best of what Noxus is and could be. Currently she is being tempered and reforged by Ionia. Ah, my sentiment exactly. Building up Ionian homes could teach her many things, as we know the Ionians live in tandem with nature, this could easily be turned into a plot point for her magic becoming more powerful, imo. **** Her sentence was to help every single person in that village, Yasuo was someone from that village affected by the invasion. My prediction is that after she's helped the townsfolk she will go in search of Yasuo to help him make amends with himself. Hence sending her on a journey across Ionia, meaning she still ends up wandering. She hated what Noxus was becoming and what it was making her, however,it's not about her magically wanting to be Noxus again. It's about her wanting to make Noxus a better place, that's what her old lore about and that's what ~~i think~~ it will be about when she decides to go back. Swain's version of Noxus is willing to make a monster of the empire, and this is where eventually characters like Riven will come to play, assuming she's back in Noxus by then. However, I understand the points made and yes, **currently** Riven does seem that way, but I think that's just a sign of the long journey ahead for her character.
Its not that i disagree i just cant see how its supposed to happen. In the rewritten lore rivens company was the only one who transported the chemical weapon. Since riven agreed to do so one could say she was a part of the problem. Its nice that she learns about peace in ionia but that has little use in a nation dependent on war. Riven herself also doesnt seem like someone who cares enough for the functioning of a nation. She joined the military to have a better life in other words for personal reasons. She didnt bother to understand how things in noxus really were, she just cared for glory and wanted to belong somewhere. When it all was stripped away she got a second chance in ionia which she was more than contempt with. Its hard to see her suddenly caring for noxus even if she matures and becomes more experienced. She would never be taken seriously given how she cut and ran. And from outside she will never understand noxus. Noxians on the other hand would never welcome her back without a good reason. She also has connection to only 1 noxian champ...
Atgo (EUW)
: I agree with almost all of your post. _However_ > [{quoted}](name=WAAARGHbobo,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=6JWHilrN,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-04-25T19:49:19.926+0000) > > Disagree. > > Riven still represents the best of what Noxus is and could be. Currently she is being _tempered_ and reforged by Ionia. Ugh, I still hate this comment.
That comment may have been true for old riven but the new one is heavily painted as someone who is done with noxus or fighting as such. She also doesnt really have noxian traits anymore nor a revolutionary desire many other noxians have. Without these she will never be the best of noxus. If riot wants to go down this way then they have to force this storyline in a very strange way
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: Revert riven's new lore. Her old lore made her character make sense. Her lore lore leaves her as a suicidal lunitic without a reason to live.
But but ionia clearly needed more story updates. And riven can be now reforged by ionia thats what i call an achievement /s
: With LolKing shutting down will there be a replacement for model viewer?
3D lol mobile app though you can't see the movements champions do
: > [{quoted}](name=MyBackFlipFailed,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3Ec5wlIb,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-10-14T18:23:14.097+0000) > > The flaw with league is that riot decides that after you go on a winning spree you deserve to go on a losing spree. Look at random players win graphs > > Its always UP and DOWN your skill just does not go down if your playing in the same elo. I don't wholly agree with that particular statement, but I do agree that there are some major problems with the matchmaking system. MMR increases more quickly than you gain LP and rank up. While perhaps not 100% accurate, you can easily see this with any MMR estimation website. Winning about 6 games in a row pushes you 3 to 4 divisions higher MMR than your rank. Basically, your games are getting more difficult, which means you begin losing more (or at least have more chance of losing). This is what gives the appearance of what players argue about (forced 50% win rate), but that's simply not true. You have to remember that just because the rank of the players you get matched with isn't changing, doesn't mean their MMR's are all the same. Two players at the same rank can be two drastically different MMR's. Maybe it doesn't seem like it, but you ARE matched against better players the more you begin winning. The real issues with the system currently are bottom division players (Division V), who can't demote but don't belong to that division (Which is a problem because they are also ruining lower tier games), oddities (which mostly come from duo'ing) such as higher ranked players ending up in a lower MMR match, and then lastly placement matches putting players in Tiers where they do not belong (Silver II player who should have been placed at Bronze V). Two of these three problems appear to be getting some attention for next season, but I'm still concerned about how severely duo'ing between a Division I of one tier and Division V of the tier below affects matchmaking. I've seen Gold I players in Bronze matches, it's a pretty severe issue. If you are Gold I and duo with a Silver V at Bronze MMR, then you still get stuck in a Bronze match... The same goes for anywhere, and that creates a miserable time for everyone in that game.
I reached gold 4 then I went on a massive lose streak and demoted back to gold 5. I lost lane in a few games but in the majority I went even or won lane yet ended up losing because every single time bot, mid or jungle would go something like 1/10 in the first few minutes. The point is if my mmr is higher because of winning shouldn't I get better teammates with better opponents? All I see is a series of unwinnable games because suddenly every lane would go out of their minds feeding...this happened on my other account as well around the same elo.
: No, we'd absolutely intend to move the lore on... but it's kinda meaningless in one-offs. Also, when so many champions have hardly any lore at all.
Will there still be faction updates similar to the ones we had so far?
: I never said it was a bad decision to start lore again, at all, in fact it was a good idea! Too many things felt...off, didn't lend themselves easy to reworks and the like, having a flexible lore that can adapt to whatever they throw in to the game is good. I'll just miss players having any impact on the game, plus now Riot has done what all other game companies do, distance themselves from having in-game and in-universe lore being the same. That's the one thing that I'll miss most, something unique that they had and it felt great. And I'll agree with you on that, having little mini-stories about champs who would otherwise never interact was great.
I didnt mean to attack, sorry if it came off as that. I agree the initial lore was fine too and its never a good idea to throw something people liked completely out of the window. The new lore has more possibilities, true, but with the pace of riot's writers we wont get to see many big events any time soon. Also I feel the bio rewrites sometimes change character's motivations and personalities a bit too much that may alienate people even if the events in their lores are broadly the same. I have mixed feelings because on the one hand it would be awesome to get a progressing lore in an awesome world but on the other hand if the characters change too much it looses its essence
: They start writing novels xd
That wouldn't be terrible if done right
: I think a big question on peoples mind is this, what will happen to the League itself? And Summoners? Part of what drew me into this game was that the players were PART of the lore, that the game happened in it's own lore, explaining respawns, powers being reset, etc. Are you going to take the lore and say the game and the world are two separate things? Cause I don't think you should, League of Legends had a unique lore where the players mattered as they were part of it and it'd be a damn shame if you guys took player involvement out of it...
They already established that the game and the lore are separate. Since 2014 there is no istitute of war, no summoners, the game itself is not canon. Whether it was a good decision to start the lore again is your personal opinion. I think both lores had ups and downs and what I miss the most from the old one is the fact that any champion could interact with anyone.
: > [{quoted}](name=MS exceI,realm=EUNE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=EvxG0dR8,comment-id=000e0002,timestamp=2018-10-10T06:14:22.769+0000) > > The real answer I've been waiting for!!!! > > Seriously, do you think you will ever be satisfied with every single bio to the point you guys don't want to rewrite them? Is it an achievable goal? I'd defer to Skathlocke's answer there - he's far more involved than I am. I'd just be so happy to reach that milestone that baked goods would have to happen.
: We're not talking specifically about VGUs, but champions who WON'T otherwise get an update in the next year or so. Also, I'd question whether even some of the bios released in 2017 are of the appropriate writing quality that we can promise now. :-)
Then its truly a neverending cycle of bio updates
: I'll probably bring in cakes that day, I think.
The real answer I've been waiting for!!!! Seriously, do you think you will ever be satisfied with every single bio to the point you guys don't want to rewrite them? Is it an achievable goal?
: The plan would be to get all champions up to the same standard of lore/quality of writing for their bios, removing any unintentional clashes or contradictions (but not the intentional ones!) and then give everyone at least one story, i.e. a color story. Then we will start to update bios as new stories are told, and the arcs begin to develop properly. You can see this in Riven and Yasuo, both of whom had a bio update, then we told a significant story in 'Confessions of a Broken Blade' and a few more details were added to their bios to reflect that. The idea would be to keep adding content, and only rewrite if it starts to read like a bit of a mess. My dream is, once we get all champions to the same level... no more retcons. Only additions. But there are a lot of champions with old lore that feels inconsistent with the quality of what we are producing now. We are moving forward, but it's taking time! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Thanks for the reply! Out of curiosity do you have arcs already planned that are still a long way to come? Also to the confessions story; are Yasuo and Riven still rivals or that part is now completely finished?
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: wow...that sucks Gg tho just has too much potential wasted
In the old lore champions had short stories called reflection. Those described how and why the champs joined the league and gave a feel for the characters. These are not canon anymore but if you are interested i think most old characters like kat, cass, talon, riven, lee and the like had them
Zapzya (OCE)
: Not that I particularly like the direction Riven was taken, but an explanation as to why they would hold a trial for Riven and not Yasuo would be that there was some doubt as to whether or not Riven was guilty, whereas with Yasuo it seemed obvious and no one was doubtful. Honestly I would have much preferred it if Riven had actually killed the elder, but regretted it, rather than this whole "it was an accident" story. It just feels too convenient that it was an accident and she really should have had blood on her hands. Regardless, I think they can still make Riven an interesting character, if we ever get more progression.
You are right i think its just there was a comment from the judge in the story where she said to the peasents that they needed real evidence to judge.(when riven was brought in and they were raging about how yasuo killed the elder). I found that ironic given how they already condemned yasuo back then I agree that Riven should have killed the elder and later regret it with all the killings she has blindly done. That was the whole point of her character that she realised she was in the wrong and tried to find a way to mend things and follow her own path. She was presented as someone who would forge her own path but here she quite easily ended up chilling in ionia which is strange. I mean if she really feels ashamed and guilty how can she allow that old couple call her daughter? Shouldnt she keep them at a distance as she herself cant forgive herself? I feel riven was a complicated character who would have required several stories to solve but riot took a lazy way and deleted half her personality. She still may end up doing stuff but i dont think riot can bend her lore in a way that it wouldnt feel forced.
Blackii7 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=GreenLore,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=hTtxEaM4,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2018-10-03T23:57:40.617+0000) > > redemption and crimson elite were never canon in the first place,they are just alternate universe skins. > > Also what you are describing was always Rivens character arc. No, that's not how she always has been. ] There were a few lore updates, but the last one, was all about the terror of the battle and how she seeks to make Noxus great and pure (Strength is all that matters, and the glory of the battle) This riven is nothing but a nobody who is running away from reality, meanwhile the old riven was self-exiled and on a quest to change Noxus. I knew that Crimson elite was non-canon but Redemption suits the story too well to be left out. Riven's playstyle and champion doesn't suit her lore, as a riven, you usually go all in, a lot of the times, you don't play at a safe distance and attack from range, which is not expressed in her new lore. I wouldn't mind some mind-shattering memories and a lot of battle scar, but i do think that she lost a good amount of her character in the latest lore update. Now it is all "She is running away, Noxus will kill her, she is afraid of returning to Noxus, Ionia embraced her." And the whole "Shattering her sword caused the village's elder to die." Lame, just lame. Let alone the Yasuo encounter. It is unspeakable, it is not even the same champion.
Also it cheapens riven's story that she was forgiven so easily. The same court put a bounty on yasuo's head without giving him a chance to explain things yet they hold a trial and forgive riven because...reasons? She didnt even seem like she wanted to make up for her deeds as all she did was weeping and wanting to die. Riven doesnt reforge herself, its ionia that points her on her path which makes riven as a character useless and uniteresting. This is not the riven people came to love

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