: Why does Lee Sin Q still have significantly one of the highest base damages in the game?
Bcs he got like 5 buffs in a row, and they were mostly about Q or R, hope this hype over nightbringer even will end soon so they can finally properly nerf him and Ekko.
: I mean they are items that are used to cover up kit weaknesses. ADC's need BOTRK to kite, and katarina and akali need gunblade to have 1 shot burst. I see how they could be annoying.
> [{quoted}](name=LightswornLance,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=VQiYk3xh,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2019-12-23T02:37:33.308+0000) > > I mean they are items that are used to cover up kit weaknesses. Please don't put words "Akali" and "kit weaknesses" in the same sentence
: > [{quoted}](name=MarijaCarry,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=VQiYk3xh,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-12-22T23:09:36.756+0000) > > As long as they refuse to nerf/remove Gunblade, ap assassins will remain soloq nightmare to every other class. Not really. Warwick, Udyr, most top laners dump on AP assassins. A good Rakan/Xayah or Blitz/Caitlyn or Vayne is the same. The only AP assassin that has seen competitive play recently is Akali. Katarina hasn't seen competitive play for more than half of her lifetime in the game.
You are talking about competitive play but what was last time you saw Warwick or Udyr in competitive match? Be real, assassins are dominant Soloqueue picks, and Udyr (slightly easier for WW) nowadays can't catch anything unless you engage on him, how can you run down LB, Kata, Akali, Fizz, Ekko... their survivability is just insane and I am sick of them every game just because they are safe and can 100 to 0 you, fk assassins and burst in this game, we have past 2 years in the mark of assassin players, it's boring, change the meta already.
: > [{quoted}](name=MarijaCarry,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=XEq24Ero,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-12-22T02:21:29.274+0000) > > Will you hit rank 1 if they do so? If I cared about the "status" of rank 1 I would have just spammed Hecarim and maybe put in some duo Q in there (I wouldn't duo Q). I play to improve myself overall. I don't need the game to tell me my rating.
Fair point buddy actually, at least you have been there and I am just sitting here wondering what kind of feeling is that.
Pyrosan (NA)
: Two items I hate the most
As long as they refuse to nerf/remove Gunblade, ap assassins will remain soloq nightmare to every other class.
: > [{quoted}](name=LaterToTheRace,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ZcxAExbF,comment-id=0015,timestamp=2019-12-22T18:26:24.114+0000) > > It's because riot mindlessly buffs fighters, simple as that. > The fighter class has to be buffed HARD to allow them to assassinate targets in teamfights without being bursted down instantly. > Not to mention the average 0 mana costs in the class as well. > When riot nerfs fighters we'll actually see a better top lane. > > Marksmen are an issue too, but they have too much agency in the game right now as is, and that will not be addressed within the next two seasons. Look at Seth abilities and skills, enjoy tanky brusty assassin that coming for us.
> Look at Seth abilities and skills, enjoy tanky brusty assassin that coming for us. Literally everything in this game is more survivable than tanks.
: Fighting Morde every game sure sounds fun.
More like Yasuo top and Zed mid mirrors in every my Eune blind pick game
iTaLenTZ (EUW)
: Toplane has degenerated into an elaborated game of rock-paper-scissor that takes 15 minutes
Stop complaining, it has been like that since season 2. I mean, we have more than 140 characters rn, of course people will want to win and tilt enemy solo laner even more with counterpick. If you watch any smurfs streaming his low elo games, if he plays Darius into Vayne, they will find a way to win, you literally can change balance of some champions but can't change the fact that top lane is not only figthers/tanks home.
: Can we make Eve's W do damage to champions if fully charged please?
: It honestly doesn't even annoy me when someone puts "ggez"
: Girl Pretending To Be New
As an Akali player I need to tell you that you did something wrong that game, Garen can't get close to you, your kit directly counters all of his abilities, also I doubt she is girl. Probably someone pretending to be.
: Riot knows how to get rid of their players...
Did your mum bought you True Damage Yasuo?
: tbh... i dont understand tryndamere being ok as he currently is either. his R is essentially what the earlier rework of aatrox was. he gets to defy death while smacking down objectives and enemies for free. The cooldown is very short for what it is, too. much like Yi, you require a lot of chain CC to deal with Tryn which is difficult considering sanguine blade is now a thing.. so a tryn player can wait out 1-2 roots or stuns and then mow down all your squishies even faster during 1 R, then twirl away if he is in any danger afterwards. then he repeats that every 2 minutes until you lose the game because you literally can't group up anymore for objectives. The only thing that would make him fair is removing his ability to R while hard CCd. That or maybe putting a **much** longer cooldown on his dumbass ultimate this game is so imbalanced. champions like Fiora and Tryn take a whole team to kill but they still get insane damage and survivability. I don't get it tbh. A lot of those top lane champs get to be excellent in everything to gamebreaking degrees. People proudly call some of them "raid boss champs" like uhmm... ok? Why does 1 player on a team get to be "a raid boss"? Who needs that?? What do we have Baron and other runeterra creatures for when you could just put a gigantic Darius/Mordekaiser in the Baron pit instead lmfao. Not to mention riot doesn't even know what to do with top lane or support as roles. literally clueless company with only 1 goal: make more money . they could care less about fairness or truly engaging gameplay. This game makes me laugh the more I think about how idiotic the last few years' changes have been.
Both champs you mentioned are dogshi*s, but Nasus is literally worse midgame, he can 1v2 any 2 champs in the game if he survives early.
: Man you gotta report people like that. Its one thing to try silly stuff or make a goofy pick (lord knows I used to main Duo top Shen/Sejuani with a friend. Dont laugh, it works!).... but if you aren't trying to win or be part of the team you should go play a different game.
Every game is winnable, their entire team might disconnect when leading 34/11 with 3 drakes and baron.
: Can Kled get some attention?
Yes he can get some attention with a nerf.
: Win to lose, lose to win
Boomer (OCE)
: No other champion in the game has an ability that both heals allies and does damage (both of which are fairly high numbers, BTW.) Let alone on a long range. AND she has TWO of them. I mean, I guess the ult is a shield....but it's still utility and damage at the same time, on the same ability.
> No other champion in the game has an ability that both heals allies and does damage Nami :D
: You clearly dont play tanks. I got a homework assignment for you. Play nothing but Sion and maokai In your next 50 games. Tell us all how it goes. Not only will you suffer in lane from not being able to tank anything, but you will only feel "tanky" for about 5 minutes in the mid-late game if you somehow manage to accrue a lead. Tanks are trash early game, early mid, and late game. You are at the complete mercy of your team in most match ups.
You know he will play full ad Sion or ap Maokai cause he is fraggy boy
: I just wanted to thank all those smurfs for completely ruining the game for me
Nowadays ever fed champions feels like played by smurf but believe me, meta is fuked, you have 17 kills early on or you lookin at black screen for the rest of the game
Antyss08 (EUNE)
: Why we have to pay 40$ to transfer between EU West and EU East in Europe Zone?
It's impossible due to rank reset, but I agree payment for transfer should be decreased or give it as a free transfer once a year.
: I don't think we need any more bans. {{champion:157}} is fine, {{champion:35}} seems fine too unless you fall for his giga trolly-ness and walk into a bush that clearly has 5 boxes in it and you die then complain, yeah I'll give you {{champion:235}} she's busted atm. {{champion:523}} is a little overtuned but nothing crazy, and dar dar binks is the ultimate low elo pubstomp, can't say anything more about him than git gud. {{champion:82}} might be a little strong but again just needs a tiny numbers adjustment.
I really doubt that if you have no problems playing vs these champs, whole community has no problem too, and yeah probably neither of them aren't problem for an assassin player this preseason and past few ones.
: I thought the same way at first; but senna needs that range to be able to trade properly against meta botlaners. her base hp is low, after nerfs now too, she would just get chunked out of lane and be useless, unable to complete the support item because of an inability to trade effectively. I wouldnt mind her auto range being lowered to 550 or something so it might be fairer to play against, since she gains range from passive anyway every 20 souls, and fairer to play against = less bans = i dont have to dodge 15 games per day.
Okay, let's get real for a second, so if meta changes, and Nautilus, Thresh and other playmaker supports will no longer be meta, that means, ardent cancer meta will appear again. ...Hm why would I already play Soraka to waste my hp/mana to heal my dude when I can play Senna who can stay even more behind to send her "skillshot" heal that deals damage, and heals herself. Even better ult than Soraka in most of the situations. people do not release that her R can be used just to tilt mid/toplaner who is recalling and/or make em lose all cs under tower. Why would you play other ardent supports in ardent meta if you can play the one who can carry with damage and range. I agree that she has a lot of counterplay in this meta due to insane damage, assassins being played every role and playmakers supports, but if meta shifts to ardent again, your main will probably be the most unhealthy support in game.
: > [{quoted}](name=MarijaCarry,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=FEzElj7E,comment-id=00120000,timestamp=2019-12-16T11:29:25.761+0000) > > "complex" champions tend to be broken so every avarage player can think "wow I am so good with this hard mechanical champion so I will main him and buy new skin for him" sadly 90% of the playerbase is this stupid... Lee, and zed are great examples of champs who consistantly get defended by people who claim they are OP "buut buut they have outplays, and flashy skills and and" nooo.. They are outragously over powered, and broken, and they require no skill to play... But because most of the playerbase thinks these champs actually require skill... GG...
Actually with latest Lee Sin buffs 90% of league players realised that they don't need to do flashy ward hop jumps all over the map to throw fed Nasus into their team because his damage is so broken at the moment, and he even get's full lethality buffs this patch too, but who cares, he is more survivable than any tank in this game, and building black cleaver into full rank will make him still one-shot squishies.
: R.I.P Skarner
Did anyone clicked it?
: Your favorite champion and why!
Yasuo, cause he has best design ever, only true pro players like me can play it, low elo tries cause he's interesting but they realise they suck, but find it satisfying and ego boosting when they outplay 1v2 with they limited mobility.
: The complete and total lack of a matchmaking system due to borderline encouraged smurfs and the ever increasing amount of trolls and feeders due to there being no actual punishment for anything since you either just play on another account or make another account to circumvent the problem. The champion I most hate is Riot. Riot themselves. Because they don't give a shit about the game any more, -just- the money.
Every more than 2 dashes champ, also I don't really hate champs, I hate the meta.
: > [{quoted}](name=Its Yuu and Mi,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=nyvaABEt,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-12-16T03:55:34.731+0000) > > {{champion:157}} {{champion:246}} {{champion:39}} (rework) > > Basically the "Herpa durp i have infinite mobility and outplay your team by 100-0'ing them super fast with flashy outplays XD" U don't even get hit by them as a Yuumi player. Why u complain?
> U don't even get hit by them as a Yuumi player. Why u complain? Triggered Yasuo main?
Unker139 (NA)
: So I lock yasuo, them don't pick him and you don't get to ban him. It trades one troll for another.
The player who wanted to play Yasuo and you banned it is lose lose situation, he trolls in both cases.
: > [{quoted}](name=Drakath2002,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=JAhmK033,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-12-16T08:39:06.225+0000) > > with infinitely scaling runes like Gathering Storm, Dark Harvest, Eyeball collection and such, im sure we'ed be fine with longer "boring Matches" as opposed to this Black&White Screen simulator tank metas are still black and white screen simulator for squishies the only real overwhelming difference between the metas is the ability for tanks to cross ground and nail down targets effectively i'm not sure we've ever had a real sustain meta other than some of league's odder champ designs in earlier seasons, mostly b/c it's more clear who wins in sustain v sustain duals that people want to realize, it just ends up devolving into number checking, like dueling a mid-game nasus at least the current meta requires vision and placement in comparison to the sejuani meta where she would just walk up lane to initiate
> at least the current meta requires vision Yes, requires to be Soraka who is going with whole team to ward and suddenly you all see black screens due to 3/3 Rengar or Ekko and ward destroyed by Umbral Glave.
: yeah but, have you ever played in a tank meta
I'd fkin rather to fight 5 minutes streight tank vs tank than get bursted by Akali's one rotation with 2200 hp 150 armor 120mr.
: he'll be nerfed later. "complex" champions tend to be broken flat out so the average player can do well.
"complex" champions tend to be broken so every avarage player can think "wow I am so good with this hard mechanical champion so I will main him and buy new skin for him"
: What can we do to have an impact as the community?
> What could we possibly do to actually get through to Riot? Let's play every champ as full tank until riot decides to do something with that class, I would say let's not play assassins, but some people are too flashy these days so they think it's more skillfully to dodge an skillshot with your 0.3 sec dash than with pure right click.
86400 (NA)
: I don't want to join a game with a super lee sin player to get bullied for 15 mins. Nerf Lee.
Oh yeah, the "highest skill cap" champion who is buffed to heaven so every noob can solo carry games with him, Ekko and Kayn are frustrating too, but nothing can compare to him. I think I found my kryptonite in soloqueue
Jikker (NA)
: I don't want League of Tanks back either. That meta was obnoxious.
> I don't want League of Tanks back either. That meta was obnoxious. Yes, but remember that the strongest pick s6 were tank Ekko, tank Fizz, tank Akali just because of their overloaded kits + op tank items. They didn't deserved by their existence to be main charachters of their own anime every single game nowadays. Even if Fizz has 0/8 he will still one-shot squishy, if Mundo has 0/8 they will keep oneshoting him and that's my problem, I feel that I can't take a shit of assassins if they pwn me earlier on, no matter how many armor/mr I build, I can't outscale em in this meta. Games are more one-sided than ever.
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Mackz (NA)
: Not really, when you go against full tank malphite and do no damage, whats the counter play to that?
Stop crying dude, Malphite is literally designed to counter AD comps, and he is more viable as AP one-shot machine than tank which speaks a lot about this meta. I don't think that mages should abuse this new conqueror more than ad champions, but I guess riot will fix it soon.


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