: i think a lot of these bans will be getting reversed someday when riot finally gives up on their little censorship experiment. its pretty obvious a lot of these people dont deserve their bans and are being punished by very unclear rules built around grey lines. and is it even working? i dont feel like it is. i bet if riot looked at chat from 100 random ranked games they would still find toxicity worthy of punishment in most of them.
Im preaty sure they dont give a single fuck about our banned accounts bro.
: I'm sorry, but if you support players getting permanently banned for being toxic you are a child. I agree with banning the accounts of people who int. That's it. You know how many times I've been called a F word or an N word in chat, and not cared. And people shouldn't care about words in chat. Being toxic is a way to relieve stress in game, and its a stressful game almost all of the time. You cannot justify a permanent ban because a player got mad at somebody who was playing sub par. If you watch any sport, when a key player messes up, the team suffers. Fans go crazy on that player who messed up. Does that player cry about it and complain online about "Oh No all these people are so mean whaaaa pls make it stop I'm so sorry waaahhhhh stop being so mean to me.....". Does the player block all those fans from his/her account on all forms of social media? Of course not, because he/she knows they messed up, he can't blame people for being mad because it was his/her fault. If you int in my game, I am going to call you an inter. Riot will tell you that is reportable because you are ruining the game experience for that player, yet that player has ruined that single game as a whole by playing poorly. There is a mute button for a reason, if you don't want to listen to a player, mute them, you can stop a player from being toxic by muting them. However, you cannot stop a player from playing like shit and ruining your game, until the very end where you report them and hope the machine sees it the same way. Verbally abusing players is a part of the game, and will always be part of the game, so banning players for that reason is honestly retarded sorry Riot but you are wrong for doing it.
Its just fact that riot just doesnt care bro. On my first banned account i spent more than 500 euros yet i got banned for calling kids garbage and useless while those kids keep feeding and throwing games.
Grokmir (NA)
: Banning people is a slippery slope and is dumb anyways. Now Riot could probably get better at detecting when people are inting, but you can't just ban someone for not being good at the game. They'll eventually drop ranks as long as they aren't getting continually boosted, but that's a different issue. And toxicity should always be punished. Even when its directed at bad players.
Chat bans, longer queues, queues with leavers like in hots, honor locks, ranked bans, all of those can be implemented BUT permabans are then most retarded thing this game has ever been through.
: Being a bad player isn't bannable. Confirmed trolling and intentional feeding is bannable. Being toxic and flaming over a game is also bannable. You can disable your chat key or choose to not press enter. Maybe demonstrate self control.
You must be one of those guys who go 0/10 and call it a bad day but actually their whole game history has a negative score , and then you report people if they call you ''BAD'' words.
: The current punishment system seems to have changed your behavior. Not flaming people is a improvement for the other 3/8 players that would have had to deal with you as well as the original offender. --------------- The proposed stacking chat restrictions was TRIED already. When people were unable to annoy/retaliate with chat, they chose, in a massive preponderance, to annoy people with gameplay trolling. (which is both much more difficult to detect, and has a greater negative impact on a game) ------------------------ Tribunal, as a whole, was incredibly inefficient, inconsistent, and slow. Different people judged each case, with attitude, attention and vindictiveness as variables. The IFS judges each reported game, and each account the exact same every time. The Tribunal was months behind in caseload, which both punished reformed players for actions they had forgotten long ago and allowed dedicated trolls to ruin many games before the Tribunal caught up with them. The IFS, while not "instant", still processes every report within approximately 15 minutes even under a load spike. ----------------- According to Riot, the number of people who reform after each stage of punishment gradually reduces. If someone isn't going to reform after the 3rd punishment, they're not going to reform at all. The data on recidivism isn't easily tracked externally, but Riot seems convinced that their current scheme balances giving people enough chances to reform with limiting the amount of damage an account can do. ----------------- There was a level 20 challenge, where permabanned people could apply for an unban by leveling a fresh account to 20 without getting any punishments. The story I heard was that Riot went through every application by hand, chose only those most likely to reform, and even then it was only 5% successful. -------------------- I signed a contract with Riot to behave according to their standards while accessing their servers. Breach of contract would be something that I have already agreed to be punished for, if it occurs. So, yes, I would want the same penalty applied to me.
I call permabans straight up dogshit. Riot doesn't give a single flying fuck about garbage players who make you go insane, but when it comes to bad words they act like a bunch of five year old who have never heard a curse before in their life. I play with trolls and feeders every game and they never get banned because people say they just had a bad day, but guess what, when i tell them to fuckk off my lane so they dont give anotger free kill i get banned. I remember when they had the 2000 + games chat ban, i reached diamond 3 on euw. Just give people chat restrictions and dont perma ban their fu king accounts.
VaultBoi (EUNE)
: well riot bots are just messed up
They are fucking retarded . nnot just messed up buddy.
Daynak (NA)
: Anyone see a 14 DAY worthy ban out of this chat?
Guess what bro , riot is so fucking butt hurt and easily offended , you get banned for saying anything conisdered by them ofensive , like we are fiucking 5 years old. Fuck this company man , feel bad for you and your acc .
: This company protects these 0/10 players because apparently, they are just having a bad game,... every single game, but if you dare speak out against them, then you are being "toxic" and deserve to be punished. Be prepared to be downvoted and attacked by hypocrites who love this witch-hunt system.
There you go. As i said , im talking about guys who have their entire match history with a negative score , even the games they have won. Riot doesnt give a single flying fuck about them . But if you tell them to fuckk off the game and stay afk so they dont feed , there is a nice ban for you
Xcion (NA)
: I'm pissed
Riot is just fuckinng butthurt and cant stand bad words , they only care about making money. If you are a garbage player , IT DOESNT MATTER , if you say some bad words , then there you go , there is a ban for you
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