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: Dear people stuck in 'Low' Elo: Here are three underappreciated reasons why you're not ranking up
When i first started playing my first rank was B3. I remained in bronze 1 year and after that i tried to improve myself and actually stop blameing my team for their bad plays.Started looking for champs that i am good with. Now i am Plat4 and i will prolly go for Diamond next season
: That’s why melee champions get kits that auto win once in melee with a ranged champion.
or at least they should
: Take exhaust and flash or play renekton . Point being is you need engages. I play Olaf shen or voli
What if i get first pick and i want to go illaoi , darius or something with low mobility?
Saezio (EUNE)
: You don't like ranged champs being playable into darius...( which is subjective, you just need to be ultra aggressive into them from level 2 and get jungler's attention early) then I am sure you also want darius nerfed because of the way he destroys 90% of the melee roster... Right?
it aint all about darius, he is just a good example of a champ with no mobility there are a lot more top laners that have low mobility and get poked on the lane like darius
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: Basically the game right now
thats exactly why i am going full tank darius still , 1 shot the adc with W+Q+R with 5 stacks
: You know Mobility is getting out of control when Riot has to give Annie an MS steriod.
: I can't wait to find out that you're in Platinum/Gold/Diamond. 80th percentile+ players can't be expected to know things like how basic game functions work right? It's just a bad game!
y, i am in gold on both , flex and solo and it isn't just a "bad game" because this happens like every 3 games or even more frequently the more u go towards low elo
Guzergus (EUW)
: >Starting with a Jungle item when playing jungle is basic game knowledge You do not ban people based on your perception on what is basic.
1 he is playing ranked 2 This basic element that is missing, along with other elements familiar to trolling should make the difference
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: Here is the problem with that specific idea: >Someone gets absolutely stomped in lane. They go Afk so the enemy doesn't get lp. Inagree it sucks, but a system doesn't exist yet that won't be abused. In Guild Wars 2 ranked PvP, if someone leaves the match; that team doesn't lose ranked points should they lose but the other team still gains. It sounds good, but youbfind yourself hoping someone leaves if your team isn't up to snuff. With the League community people may take it upon themselves to harass people into leaving. Guild Wars 2 also has one of the best PvP items in existence imo: >Vial of Salt. Description- It took a lot of tears to create this much salt
Lmao , you're right there, i didnt think about the fact that they can abuse this system Anyway i am a simple player that wants a solution , I think there are other people that work for Riot games and are payed to solve such problems, just as i said i dont care if the enemy teams wins LP or not , i dont care if the guy who left gets punished or not, i just get REALY frustrated when losing becouse of it and there isn't much i can do..
: Why should you gain LP if the opposing team happens to get either case? So the answer to my first question is no then? You don't actually have a feasible idea.
I dont think it is fair to win LP when the enemy team has an afk just like you said , i think it should work like the remake sistem, even if you win or lose no one gains or loses LP Maybe there are other ideas that could work but something realy needs to be done
: Do you have any ideas that are actually feasible? Afk there is a chance of tech issues, powerout, and etc. Bot currently possible to determine what is a valid d/c and is a rage quit. For inting, can you prove without a doubt that they 100% inted? Probably not in most cases. People get ahead and cocky then make mistakes. Repeating mistake to try and get back to previous state. People have bad games. Etc.
When my support actualy says he does not want to win and goes in the enemy turret spaming ctrl +4, i can tell they are inting ,they also spam "XDDDD" on the chat Also ik people might have internet problems so they have to disconect and thats ok but why do i have to lose LP becouse of that?
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